In Memory Of This

June 10th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Photo: Tom Farrell/The Star Ledger

I felt nostalgic (as well as ecstatic) when Russell Martin hit his walkoff homer today. The Yankees haven’t had a walkoff in a long time, and I missed AJ sneaking out of the dugout with a towel full of the white stuff. Oh well. I guess the tradition officially ended with his departure.

This game had it all, didn’t it? It gave us the sweep of the Mets but also demonstrated a more varied offense than we’ve seen. Yes, there were homers but a hit parade too. Very satisfying.

Andy’s barehanded grab of the comebacker? Not very satisfying. He said it was just instinct to reach for the ball, but shouldn’t it be instinct not to reach for it too? After all these years? Knowing it’s the dumb thing to do? Apparently, the hand is swollen but not serious. Still, will he be fine for his next start? Kuroda said his foot was fine, but who knows if he’ll be OK for his next outing.

Soriano’s blown save? Not very satisfying. But the guy’s been great before today and closers blow saves, so I’ll give him a pass. Besides, he’s been used a lot lately. Maybe he was tired.

Mostly, I was just happy for Martin. To hit two homers, one a game-winner, after all his struggles this season was sweet. Felicitations, Monsieur.

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4 Responses to “In Memory Of This”

  1. Sean K says:

    I’ll take a sweep over the Mets anytime.

    The only thing better than a sweep of the Mets is a sweep of the Red Sux. But the Nationals did us a solid by doing just that! Yay!

    And we’re tied for first again [I only use the loss column, you can make up wins but not losses.] Life is good.

  2. Audrey says:

    What a great weekend of baseball it has been! I am so happy for Martin – after struggling the first few weeks of the season he is really starting to bring it offensively. It was a fun game to watch, even with the drama at the end. Maybe especially with the drama. Even Janers every day would become boring after a while – games like this keep things interesting.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Sweeps are excellent, Sean. It would be okay with me if we won all 162 games.

    I’m happy for Martin too, Audrey. But for me the dramas are only fun when they have happy endings, which is why I love Janers – they’re practically a guaranteed happy ending!

  4. Bob Cerv says:

    What a baseball weekend, indeed. OHHH, Yess!!
    Went into the weekend hoping (A) that Our Yanks could get at least 2 outa 3, thereby winning City Honors while keeping the Mets away from the Nats, and (B) that Our Nats (well, D.C.’s) would NOT get swept and have a respectable showing up in The Hub, hopefully helping the Yanks out.

    As we now know, it was a Dream Weekend…Harper had 3 hits in his FIRST game at Fenway. Only guys to do that were Al Kaline and Harper’s Hero, Mickey Mantle. Bryce said that just to stand in the same batter’s box where Ted Williams stood was awesome. Oh, does he get it. I got chills when I heard that…

    Won’t belabor Friday & Saturday — surely you’ve documented it well. We were just getting home from a weekend at Va. Beach, and all we got to see Friday was “YOOK” take a called 3rd strike with the bases juiced in the 7th against Stras (that’s Strasburg 2U). Yook got tossed as we all SCREAMED with joy…

    Okay, so fast forward to Sunday. It’s ALREADY a great weekend. Both the Yanks AND the Nats have done their job, winning their series, each team helping the other with their wins (how GREAT is THAT?!?!). So you’re cool with it, saying today’s games are “gravy games”…i.e., don’t expect victory, but 2-outa-3 is in the bag, and sweeping would be “gravy.”
    As the afternoon passed, and we flip-flopped back & forth between stations, well, it looked pretty grim. The Nats were doing nothing against Lester (after the 1st inning), and the Yanks nothing at all. Oh well. No gravy for you! That’s alright, mama…any way you do…let’s pack up and go to ma-in-law’s for dinner.
    Somehow, by the time we were ready, that 2-1 deficit in Boston was tied up 3-3…and the 3-0 deficit in Noo Yawk was 4-4. Say wha? The Yanks went AHEAD, and then got tied up again? Doncha just loove baseball…! When we tuned back in, it was first & third for the Mets, one out — while at the same time, it’s runner on 1st for the Sawx, one out. No further damage anywhere…thankyou very much!
    As we drive down to Bethesda, Harper is FINALLY put into the Nats game. One at-bat, 9th inning…and he draws a walk. Just wouldn’t bite on Aceves’ breaking stuff. On the radio, it’s two outs, two strikes…then Bernadina drills one into the RF corner, and you just KNOW Harper WILL NOT STOP. Seeing the replays, the Sawx HAD to be worried about his speed…fumbled the relay, FORGET IT. He’s home!
    By the time we get to the TV in Bethesda, they tell us “it’s tied up in the Bronx…no…it’s just ended…a Russell Martin HR.” Sorry to miss it, but WOW what fun you musta had! We got to see Pedroia take a called second strike, and Bobby V freak out and get tossed, and then Clippard fans Pedroia, ballgame. It’s hard to EVER remember a weekend that was this good…at least, in early June…!!