Where Are The Yankees’ Pitchers? Right Here.

May 14th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Tonight felt like a bad dream. Yes, the Yankees beat the Orioles, but what in the world is happening to our pitchers? Are they made of glass?

First Nova, who’d been having a rocky outing even before he took a comebacker off his leg and then rolled his ankle, ended up with contusions and sprains. God knows how long he’ll be out.

Then Rapada, who didn’t last long in relief, had to be helped down the dugout stairs and left because of a viral infection. Swell.

And then, when Soriano came in to close instead of Robertson and I wondered why, I read on Twitter that D-Rob has been feeling soreness in his side/ribs and is going for an MRI.

This is crazy! We’ve already lost Joba and Mo (check out the song parody about him in the previous post if you haven’t already), not to mention Pineda, Campos, Feliciano and probably others I’m not thinking of right now. We went from having too much pitching to not having enough, and it’s scary.

On a positive note, we had offense from Tex tonight. Woohoo. I was worried about him playing in the rain down in Baltimore, given his bronchial problems, but he showed signs of life at the plate. So did A-Rod. I wasn’t wild about Jeter hitting into two double plays, which, combined with the two in yesterday’s game, means four GIDPs in two days. But you can’t have everything.


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7 Responses to “Where Are The Yankees’ Pitchers? Right Here.”

  1. Sean K says:

    I’d MUCH rather have lost the game and had Nova be unhurt.

    Well, hopefully the injuries aren’t too severe and we can get our pitching corps [minus Mo, of course] back shortly. Pineda’s out for the year too but he was never really IN the mix to begin with so psychologically it doesn’t feel like that big of a loss.

    And the Rangers won 3-0 ofver the Devils. So not EVERYTHING is doom and gloom.

  2. Audrey says:

    I didn’t listen to the game – my daughter and her friend had taken over the kitchen and I decided to read rather than move the radio. Last I heard the score was 5-3 Baltimore so I was a little afraid to come to the blog this morning. What a case of good news/bad news! Glad my boy Tex did his thing but my boys Nova and D-Rob hurt? Sob! Boo hiss!

  3. Diane Anziano says:

    The illnesses and injuries are starting to scare me a bit, but glad for the win. And The Rangers – we stopped watching after the second period when it was still 0 – 0 — for them to score 3 goals in the last period, and against one of the league’s star goalies (okay, the last one was an empty net, but still) — anyway, glad for two wins and the Yankees are a strong system – if they have to bring someone up or buy someone I’m sure they will.

    Joe Torre was on the CBS news this morning — they asked him who the greatest player he had ever worked with was. He asked “played with or coached?” – they said both and he said Derek Jeter was the greatest he ever coached – he was a leader since he was 21 and has the drive and power in his gut. Torre also said although he has been involved in many teams he will always consider himself a Yankee. I was surprised. GO YANKEES!!!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I don’t know about Nova coming back fast, Sean. His x-rays were negative for any big trouble, but sprains can take forever to heal. Phelps has been our backup (well, there’s Garcia too, but I don’t think he’s a viable option), so we still need a long man. And yay, Rangers! And then there’s Ibanez who got plunked. He’s been so vital to our offense and we need him not to have a lingering injury like Gardner.

    It was totally a case of good news/bad news, Audrey. Winning the game after coming from behind early – and in that crummy weather – was good. But to have two pitchers leave the game and then news of Robertson was very bad.

    You didn’t watch that third period, Diane????? It was nerve wracking for sure but so exciting. Interesting about Torre. Why was he was on TV this morning? Is it time for his foundation dinner? Anyhow, I’m sure the Dodgers were thrilled to hear he considers himself a Yankee. Haha. I guess he’s kissed and made up with Cashman and the others for real, although I’m sure A-Rod still nurses a grudge. I would.

  5. Bob Cerv says:

    Greetings from Down South. Thanx for beating the O’s again…keeps me unpopular at home, and in this case, I like that! However…given the scary Injury Pile-up of Yanks pitchers…maybe the Yanks and Nats can swing a deal soon that’ll help both teams. How so, and why?

    Over the weekend, the Nats lost their everyday catcher, Wilson Ramos, with a torn ACL. Likely gone for the year, or most of it. Their backup, Flores, is in now…but to give him a backup, they had to reach down into AA to get a promising young catcher, Leon. Last night, in Leon’s first MLB game ever (and starting), we was blocking the plate on a one-hop hrow home and got steamrolled by the Padres’ baserunner. His ankle went the wrong way, and he’s out for months, if not the season.

    The Nats could use a very serviceable guy, even if he can’t hit to the Mendoza Line…like, say, Cervelli. The Nats’ starting staff is so good right now that at the season’s start, they sent down a guy who was in their rotation for years, John Lannan. He’s a crafty lefty who throws all kinds of breaking balls and offspeed pitches, and who’d suffer with the lite-hitting Nats lineup, but not with the Sluggin’ Yanks. Neither team would lose anybody on their current roster in The Show. Whaddya think, GM Jane?

  6. Spaz says:

    I know you don’t want to hear it and I can’t prove it, but, in my heart of hearts I believe it is the curse of “Scary Larry”. Think of all the good pitching that got hurt under his care while in Chicago; Wood, Prior and Clement, those are just the ones that stick out. I am too young to be this gray.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Dave, I think you should give Cashman your suggestions. They sound good to me, although I’d be kind of sad to lose Cervelli. Still, pitching is pitching and we can never have enough. Mostly, I wish Banuelos could get a chance.

    If Scary Larry is cursing all the pitchers, Spaz, he’s got powers straight from a Stephen King novel. He can make pitchers jump on a trampoline and draw comebackers to their shins and trip on outfield grass. Pretty scary indeed!