Houdini Gets The Save

May 8th, 2012 by Jane Heller

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t yell at the TV in the top of the ninth: “I don’t want Robertson! I want Mo!” But I sat back and hoped D-Rob would earn his new job – and he did. Still, if he’s planning to load the bases every time he pitches, it’s going to be a very long season.

Soriano scares me even more. That wild pitch could have been tragic, allowing the Rays to inch closer. But he was victimized by some questionable ball/strike calls, if you ask me. (Does anybody else find Jim Joyce’s loud voice incredibly annoying?)

Big night for Ibanez with the two homers, and I never thought I’d be saying that.

And – wait for it – Nunez didn’t make an error in left field. Joy!

Nova pitched as if he had visions of Pettitte swiping his spot in the rotation. Well, maybe not, but he was really good, whatever his motivation.

Not to place too much emphasis on one win, but I think tonight was an important one. Notching Game 1 of any series is significant, but doing it against Shields and the red-hot Rays was especially nice.


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12 Responses to “Houdini Gets The Save”

  1. Sean K says:

    If this is what Robertson does every time there’s a save situation my nerves will be shot by July. Well, at least we got the win. It would have been even worse if the Rays had actually come back and won in the 9th.

    Nova has been IMO our best pitcher this year [no disrespect to C.C., but I calls ’em like I sees ’em.]

    Best line ever [happened before any of us were born — Old Hoss Radbourn was the pitcher]: A batter [my source doesn’t say who] asks the umpire about a call the ump had just made. The ump says, “Son, I call ’em like I see ’em.” The batter replies. “I know that, but I’d prefer that you call ’em like they happen, not like you see ’em.” [Yes, he was tossed for that.]

  2. YankeeCase says:

    Good win, but here’s what I think about our guy Houdini… He’s going to eventually learn how to channel that bases loaded focus for when he actually enters the game in the ninth inning! We’ve all seen over the years how he’s able to get out of jams (even those he creates himself). If Girardi does keep him as the closer going forward, I think he’ll eventually treat the ninth inning as a bases loaded situation. We all love this kid for it, so we know he’s got the stuff, otherwise we (and the NY media) wouldn’t call him ‘Houdini’! It’ll take a while for it all to sink in, but I think he’ll get there soon enough. Hopefully there are many more saves to come for Mariano Rivera’s understudy! (I’m also very curious as to what this ‘complication’ is that everyone’s talking about. Mariano will supposedly address that issue tomorrow.)

    A few little side notes… Had the ball not hit the foul pole, that second IbaƱez home run would’ve landed just a few rows back of where some of my friends were sitting. The game I passed up to go to work… Should’ve just called out sick to witness the first save of the season for D-Rob.

    But… Happy side note! (I was wishing and hoping this would happen…) I bought tickets for myself and a friend a few weeks back and it turns out the game we’ll be going to will be the game that Andy Pettitte makes his return! I’ll be there this Sunday, May 13th, cheering “AN-DY PETT-ITTE!”

  3. Barbara says:

    That made me very nervous. Usually mo made saves a lot calmer. Nova was great. I would like a more diverse offense but the homers were great. Soriano I don’t trust. I usually feel calm with d rob because I know how he will get out of it but that’s made me very nervous. But yeah we beat the rays and he got save number 1 of the year!
    Yes I too remarked on the annoyingly loud ump.
    That is so great that you get to see Andy, yankeecase. I’d love to although my dad keeps saying he hasn’t shown he can pitch. I think he’ll be great. At least I hope so.
    I love winning game 1 of a series. Ok I just love the days the Yankees win more than the others.

  4. Diane Anziano says:

    Although I know he’s called Houdini for a very obvious reason, I never get nervous when he gets into a tense situation because I know he’ll get out of it. Still, I wish it was Mariano, too. There was a report that the doctor thinks its something more serious but there were no details yet. I don’t know if “no details” is an automatic bad thing but I hope we’re updated as soon as possible. We handed The Rays’ pitcher his first loss of the season…that’s a good thing. And our bats woke up just enough for a “W”. I’ll take it. Now, as a Mother’s Day gift to us all, Andy starts on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate today to get a game in but its not looking good right now. GO YANKEES!!!

  5. Audrey says:

    I love D-Rob but could do without the drama! On the other hand, all those dramatic homeruns were tons of fun. Hope YankeeCase is right about Houdini settling into his role and not needing to create his own situations in order to get that adreniline rush. Don’t think I can take a whole season of ninth innings like last nights!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    I disagree about Nova versus CC, Sean. It was great to see Nova have a strong game last night, but he’s been inconsistent. CC hasn’t been as sharp as usual until recently, but he always gets off to a late start and even when he doesn’t have his best stuff he gives us innings. There’s no question for me which of them is our ace.

    I hope you’re right about Robertson’s tendency to get into trouble and then get out of it, YankeeCase – as in, I hope he’ll stop doing that! Did you see that one of the beat writers said instead of “Enter Sandman,” his song should be “Enter Strandman?” I’m curious about Mo’s “complication” too, but Cashman wouldn’t take the bait and answer that question. He just said the knee was fixable and the “we’d have the player back.” LOL. “The player.” Cashman talks as if Mo is some kid just up from Triple A. Very excited for you that you’ll be at Sunday’s game!

    I’m afraid I agree with your dad about Pettitte, Barbara. I love that we’ll have him back and maybe his lack of success in the minors was all about getting his innings and regaining his strength, not the line scores, but I’m just not letting myself expect much. If he’s great, then it’ll be icing on the cake and I’ll be thrilled to be wrong.

    I wish they’d tell us about Mo’s situation too, Diane. I hate that his agent dropped that bomb and then we don’t get any explanation. But as I wrote above, Cashman says it’s fixable whatever it is. What I’ve never understood is why it’s always the Mets doctor that operates on everybody, whether it’s their knee or their arm. Don’t the Yankees have a surgeon that’s capable? Bummer about the weather report out there, but I hope they get the game in.

    I don’t love the Robertson adventures either, Audrey. They remind me of John Wettteland when he was our closer. He wasn’t one-two-three either. I miss MO!

  7. Bob Cerv says:

    …but at least D-Rob Houdini DID get the last out, and the save. We have to be ready for the night (and hopefully that’s SINGULAR) when it won’t happen. According to legend (fact?), Houdini was killed by a punch in the gut (on a challenge…burst his appendix, or so the story goes…?). That’s all too symbolic of what can go wrong in our sport, and how we feel when it does…

    …like last nite’s Nats game. Fell behind 3-2, bottom of the 8th. Oh damn. Top of 9th, a leadoff hit, then a CLUTCH 2-run tater. OK! Gonna steal it back! Just hand it to the young’n’wild closer. Oops. Gets two outs, but in the process, he manages to wild-pitch the tying run from 1B to 3B on two straight 55-ft. curveballs…then grooves a first-pitch fastball to Rod Barajas (remember him?), batting .133 for the Pirates with no HRs…until now. Ballgame.

    So we’ve had enuf of this. Can’t take it every damn night. My spouse & I have decided to just check the scores while watching something (ANYTHING) else, between TV commercials, for the time being. Can’t see most Yankee games anyway, don’t want to watch ANY more D.C. sports. Y’all always keep me posted about the good stuff. The YANKEES’ good stuff, that is…

  8. Guido says:

    I must admit I was a bit nervous with D-Rob as he loaded up the bases in the 9th… (Like Gerardi said afterward, he’s used to PUTTING him into bases-loaded situations… not watching Dave put HIMSELF in them!!) Anyway, all’s well, that ends well!
    And I was soooo glad that Raul was able to “beat” Joe Madden’s shift last night!!! Best way to do that is to park the ball in the stands… TWICE! (Man, he has hit some MAMMOTH shots this year!!) Did anybody catch the “tidbit” from he announcers on how many runs they estimate the Rays have cumulatively “saved” by having some sort of ”infield shift” on with various hitters on various teams??? Pretty alarming— Really makes me wonder why Teixeira hasn’t tried to change his stance… just a little, to compensate… or alter his swing just a fraction. When they show the infield with that GAPING wide hole through the left side on TV, it has to be so enticing!!!

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Dave, just a suggestion but why don’t you spring for the Extra Innings cable package? Then you’ll be able to see whichever games you want. I know you have anti-Yankee fans in the family but you could always sneak off to a special room….

    Ugh, that shift is so annoying, Guido. You’re right about beating it by hitting homers. And A-Rod’s shot to center that had Upton tripping over himself was fun. But yes, it would behoove Tex and others to learn how to avoid the dreaded shift.

  10. Ruth says:

    I am wondering, too, about the shift and Tex. Can someone knowledgable in baseball explain it to me? I just can’t believe a professional baseball player, a switch-hitter no less, cannot hit the ball the other way?? How can that be? He literally cannot do it?? That just seems incredible to me, and you’d think it would be something he would work to overcome. Head-scratcher. It’s like the guy in Major League who would crush every ball until they threw him a curve, then he couldn’t hit it. Just seems weird at the professional level. But GREAT WIN last night…I screwed up and checked something on Facebook while watching my recorded version of the game, and I saw “yankees win….” If I hadn’t seen that, that game would have been very stressful. A little too close for comfort, but I’ll take it!

  11. Spaz says:

    Jane, I would agree, taht it will be a long season if David “High Socks” does that every night. Jim Joyce is very annoying. About the balls and strikes, I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I have seen in both leagues go for/against all teams this year. Not sure why that is. Maybe the umpires are lobbying for the use of the “K” zone to call balls and strikes. In my opinion, Soriano has not earned 1% of the money he got when he came to the Yanks. Everytime they call him out of the bullpen I change the channel. Ibanez is doing much better than I expected, and I don’t think he is doing that great, should tell you what I thought of him before they signed him. Nunie makes you go hmmmm. So talented, but seems to lose concentration at times. Fell in love with Nova when he made his first start against the Red Sox and didn’t back down from those fools.

  12. Jane Heller says:

    I’m not a baseball expert, Ruth, but I guess hitters have different types of swings. If you’re a pull hitter, you’ll have trouble trying to go the other way. I don’t know why it’s something that can’t be taught or coached. A definite head-scratcher.

    I know a lot of people are down on Soriano, Spaz, but I’m willing to give him time to show what he can do. He was injured last year, plus it was his first in NY. And he hasn’t pitched all that much this season yet. He did such a great job with the Rays that I have to believe he’ll help us too.