Happy NOT Birthday To Me

May 2nd, 2012 by Jane Heller

Michael and I aren’t celebrating my birthday until Saturday night, so I was home tonight and saw most of the game. Losing the series to the O’s? Seriously? Where do I start with this rant?

With Chavez, I guess. It’s my fault he got hurt. I actually said, earlier in the day, “I’m so glad Chavez has been able to stay healthy.” Jinx. That’s what I am. I was upset when he had to leave the game because he’s been one of our best players lately and because our guys are dropping like flies.

Then there’s Nova. He wasn’t very Nova-esque.

But mostly I’m worried about the offense – or lack thereof. I know I’ve been saying, “They’ll come around. Everything’s fine.” And I do believe it’ll come around/be fine. But ever since that game in Texas when the hot bats were cooled off, there’s been a drought of runs, no matter who the opposing pitcher is.

Are they all in a stupor because the weather’s been cold? If so, how come the other team isn’t too cold to hit the ball?

Are they all suffering the creakiness of old age? I wouldn’t call Cano or Tex “old,” would you?

I never thought I’d see the day when not having Swisher’s bat in the lineup would make or break this team, but at the moment he’s sorely missed. Gardner too.

Slow starts are okay if a team gets hot eventually and goes on a tear, but slow starts put you in a big hole really fast. If I were the Yankees, I’d do everything humanly possible to take the series in KC.




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16 Responses to “Happy NOT Birthday To Me”

  1. Sean K says:

    Too early to worry. As I recall, just a few years ago NY started 21-29 and still made the playoffs…

    But tonight was for hockey. i could not tear my eyes away from the Rangers-Capitals game. After playing almost 2 full games, Rangers regain home ice with a thrilling 2-1 triple-overtime win. So they gave you a nice bitrthday present anyway, Jane.

    On to KC and let’s get the first one. If we lose a 3rd in a row I’ll break out Eating Out and watch it to make sure I keep my mood on an even keel. Nothing like a cute romantic comedy to restore your good humor.

  2. YankeeCase says:

    Grrr…. Not a good birthday present for you from our team… You may use an ‘Ack’ or two if you need to vent a little more, Jane.

    But take solace, Jane! It was a great day otherwise in sports! Jered Weaver with a no-hitter! Magic Johnson’s group officially takes over ownership of the Dodgers! The Giambino with the walk-off home run in Colorado against said Dodgers in a crazy final few innings (a game that included the biggest blown call you’ll ever see at first base!)! There were another two walk-off wins in MLB! Nunez didn’t play left field today! Bryce Harper gets his first hit at home!

    Oh, and the New York Rangers win in triple OT (the equivalent of a hockey doubleheader!) in Washington to go up 2-1 in the series! So cheer up, Jane!

    (Although sports did also lose ex-football great Junior Seau today. Sad news there…)

  3. Audrey says:

    I definitely share your concerns, Jane. Offensively, our guys are doing nothing. One run in the last two games against the Os, though their pitchers do have the best ERA in baseball right now, I believe. Still, we’re the mighty Yankees! And losing Chavez – very bad, especially since Swisher and Gardner are still not ready to come back. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with Chavez – he’s seems like a great guy and certainly is an important addition to our team. Starting pitching is looking scarier and scarier now that even my Nova has let us down. I try not to panic – it’s the Yankees, after all, and we always end up at the front of the line. But some year we won’t (a la 2007). I sure hope this is not one of those years.

  4. Ladyjane303 says:

    Yes, there’s a lot to fret about and hopefully we turn it around against KC. But I mainly want to wish you a happy (if belated) birthday and many, many more.

  5. Ruth says:

    I jinxed us, too, Jane, with my declaration the other day that we had a ‘superstar at third.’ Well, we still do, but now he’s gone, who knows for how long. I was really concerned about him! I had to watch the Baltimore feed, and Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne kept saying ‘his back is locked up, his back is spasming.’ I said, ‘no way, it looks like he’s about to puke!’ The what looked to be sudden-onset was very scary. I hope he can return soon. That guy is so cursed….whiplash from diving for a ball?? Sucks…..so does our offense! I don’t even recognize Robinson at the plate anymore…he seems confused and a shadow of his former self. I know we’ll eventually snap out of it, but it’s hard to watch. Today is must-see TV, since Phelps is getting the start near his hometown, with lots of family members in attendance. Hope he rises to the challenge and his teammates give him something I hope they can recall from their earlier greatness- RUN SUPPORT!! (I agree with you again YankeeCase – great day in sports yesterday, except for the passing of Junior -so very sad.)

  6. Diane Anziano says:

    Another dismal game – more offensively than defensively. I also stuck with The Rangers last night — 3 overtimes — wow. Obviously the goalies were amazing but other players were fantastic too. It was a hard hitting game but they were clean hits. The teams are lucky to be off now until Saturday. Wish I could say the same for our Yankees – I don’t know how/when they are going to wake up from this nightmare. I’m sure it will be soon…hopefully against KC as you say, Jane. GO YANKEES!!!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    The year you’re talking about was 2007, Sean K, and I followed the Yankees around the country to write my book about it. I know how badly they started and it was a miracle they made the playoffs. It can be done, sure, but why would any team want to be the wild card in this new configuration? Very exciting about the Rangers’ victory. Btw, I’ve never heard of any of the romantic comedies you keep mentioning. Or am I missing a joke?

    You’re right about all those other baseball story lines, YankeeCase. And great news about the Rangers. I can’t imagine how tense that game must have been. But I’m Yankees-centric so ACK! lol

    I think it’s a combination of the overall slumping and the injuries that’s got me worried, Audrey. The injuries to Swisher and Gardner won’t last long (I hope) and the pitching will probably be okay (Garcia did nice work in relief), but I just don’t want us to fall too far behind the pack.

    Thanks, Ladyjane!

    Cano does seem confused at the plate, Ruth. He’s all off kilter and needs double time with Kevin Long. Today’s an off-day though. You probably meant tomorrow. :) P.S. I must have just had a brain cramp! Of course they play tonight. Sigh.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    At least you had the thrill of the Rangers game, Diane. Our Yankees didn’t provide much entertainment, birthday or otherwise.

  9. Bob Cerv says:

    With all due respect to your husband Michael, Sean K, YankeeCase, and the natural New York-centric basis of the blog…here is another view:

    The wrong New York team won last night. And the wrong New York team lost.

    Trying to enjoy a rare evening at home ALONE, trying to watch 3 sports events at once, it was clear that at least one (and probably all three) would end badly. Yanks were the first to fold, and most painfully. But with nobody home, at least I could vent my spleen in an empty house.

    The 3-OT playoff hockey game is only “thrilling” when you win. You won. I didn’t. We stayed up, too. We are used to losing, but it’s not any more fun. Once when even the arena people mistakenly made sounds for an Ovechkin goal that wasn’t, in the first OT, I knew it would end badly; and of course, it did.

    With Everything New York being FORGETTABLE (no, not memorable — including the Clemens-Pettitte Shuffle), and the awful news about Seau, his poor mother begging God to take her instead…oh no no), what was there on this night that was redeeming? No, not some Angel no-hitter; whoopdee-do.

    Only one sliver of joy. The Nationals are slumping; lost 5 in a row. But ohmigod, Bryce Harper is the REAL Deal. He hit two doubles that would have been HRs in New York or Boston, but Nats Park has a high scoreboard in RF and RCF (like Baltimore) that kept them in the park. The kid is SO fast. He ran like a young deer to 1b on an IF dribbler…the pitcher couldn’t react nearly fast enough. He turned the wrong way on a deep fly to center and still made a tumbling catch of the ball with his bare hand in FRONT of his glove when the ball hooked away. He scored from 2B on a one-hop shot off the second baseman’s glove…the throw home beat him, the catcher had the ball…but with his slide, he dislodged the ball with his HANDS on impact…legal and good old-fashioned hard-nosed play. In the 9th inning, he smoked a 2B off the wall and was the tying run when Desmond hit the game-winning, 2-out, 2-run HR. Oh, and did you know that Harper’s IDOL is Mickey Mantle? So an otherwise awful evening was redeemed; thanks, kid.

  10. Sean K says:

    Jane, those rom-com’s are real. They’re just somewhat obscure. I happen to like movies that aren’t mainstream. Eating Out is actually a series of movies, they’ve made I think 3 sequels to the original now.

    Anyway, hope the offense gets it together. It’s never good when the baseball team and hockey team play on the same day and the Rangers score more than the Yankees do.

  11. Jane Heller says:

    Sorry about your Caps, Dave. But you’re in NY-team territory, so your loss is everybody else’s gain. At least you’ve got the Nats and their big star. I love that his idol is Mantle.

    Thanks for the heads up about the rom coms, Sean. Always up for learning about movies I may have missed.

  12. Sean K says:

    You’re welcome, Jane. LOGO has a good selection of off-the-beaten-path movies [documentaries, romantic comedies, dramas such as Dare and Loving Annabelle…] and I always try to scan through their listings to see if I’ve missed anything good. Then I rent them through NetFlix or buy them on Amazon.

    Let’s hope our offense wakes up against the Royals…

  13. Sean K says:

    You’re welcome, Jane. :)

    I always try to remember check the TV listings for LOGO every week for good movies [that’s how I found out that Dare, Latter Days and Loving Annabelle, just to name 3, existed.] Then I rent them from Netflix or buy them from Amazon.

    Hope the Yanks’ offense awakens from its torpor against the Royals.

  14. Sean K says:

    Sorry aboutt he double post. When I checked back, my first one wasn’t visible so I thought it had gotten lost.

  15. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane …

    I’m sorry you didn’t get a win on your bday.. :( . Of all the days for my lucky charm cousin the Met fan not to come through. This is his first of a few games he will be going to this season so I’m hoping he’s not turning from a lucky charm into a curse for the Yankees otherwise I’ll have to take back my tickets…haha. It wasn’t a very nice night at the Stadium last night …cold and dreary but as Jane said …both teams had to play in the same weather. I was definitely hoping for a fast game but in the Yankees favor. Oh well …I’m 3-2. I guess it could be worse 0-5. It’s still way too early to worry but it would be nice to see the middle of the order start acting like the middle of the order. How weird it was with Chavez …he didn’t even swing or get hit and he goes limping out of the game. Thank goodness for twitter where I was able to find out what happened while at the game. Hope he’s back in no time.

    I’m not a big hockey fan (even though I worked at MSG for 9 years) but YAY for the NY Rangers with that big win last night. Those guys must have been exhausted with three overtimes. Here’s to winning the series. Go Rangers !!

    Speaking of go …I’m outta here …time to go home and HOPEFULLY watch a Yankee win tonight. Good Luck to David Phelps on his first major league start …GOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!! (Maybe they will get you a belated birthday win Jane)

    Go Yankees 2012 !!!

  16. Jane Heller says:

    Double posts are always a problem for some reason, Sean K. I think WordPress has a lag time between submitting and appearing.

    Even those of us watching the game on TV couldn’t figure out what was going on with Chavez last night, Peggy. So weird. But yes, thanks to Twitter, all was made clear. Still, he must have hit the ground harder than it looked to have that kind of injury. Really hoping Phelps shines in front of all his family and friends (and for a belated birthday present for me).