Yup, Another Post About Eduardo

May 1st, 2012 by Jane Heller

Here’s the thing. I like Nunez. He seems like a good guy and he can hit and run the bases. It’s not his fault that the Yankees are trying to turn him into a sometime outfielder; they pulled the same trick with Ramiro Pena for awhile. But as anyone who saw tonight’s game will attest, he’s not good in left field – not even in an emergency.

Yes, I realize that the injuries to Gardner and Swisher have altered the landscape. I also realize that we need to carry a ton of pitchers on the roster. But isn’t there someone – anyone – in the system who has actual experience and expertise in the outfield? This is the New York Yankees we’re talking about, not some team from Oshkosh. (Not that I have anything against Oshkosh.) It’s not befitting a championship team to have an amateur out there.

Okay, I got that off my chest.

On to Phil Hughes. He was better. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but maybe it was an outing he can build on. Does he inspire confidence? Hardly. But he’s got the job for the moment so all we can do is hope for the best from him.

I thought Granderson’s homer would be the start of something big. I was wrong. It was the start of something small. We didn’t put runs on the board. While I thought A-Rod’s bunt was “interesting,” he doesn’t bat cleanup to bunt.

Needless to say, I hope we win tomorrow.



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27 Responses to “Yup, Another Post About Eduardo”

  1. Leo says:

    Hughes still doesn’t inspire any confidence in me. We’ve seen this act before. Just flashes of what could be something good meshed in between awfulness or mediocrity. I’m just counting down the days until Pettitte is ready to take over his rotation spot. I don’t expect him to be a savior (as nobody should) but all he has to be is better than Hughes. Too bad the Pineda injury brings a bit more urgency that we somewhat need to rely on him now when he was a nice luxury just a few months ago. Speaking of which, Pineda’s surgery was successful which was nice to hear. Too bad he won’t be able to contribute until next year. As for Scissorhands, I don’t like the fact that he’s learning to play the outfield on the go. I like in theory that they want him to be more versatile but I just won’t be able to stand if we lose games because of his errors. Gardner and Swish can’t come back soon enough. What the hell was Joe thinking having Martin of all people DH tonight? He’s such a black hole with the bat at the moment he only provides value if he catches.

  2. Leo says:

    Oh yes and the middle of the order slumping at once is just the worst possible timing. Perhaps a slight lineup change is in order shortly? How much longer can they really just wait for the turn around to happen? I’d say a couple more games of slumping and some experimenting is in order. It wouldn’t hurt.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Experimenting would be okay with me, Leo, but with the injuries to Gardner and Swisher, who is there to experiment with? Or would you just shuffle the order with the current lineup? I think the runs will come as the season goes along.

  4. Leo says:

    Oh yeah of course I meant that the experimenting be done when Swisher and Gardner return, Jane. As I said, at this point since it is still early, it really can’t hurt to give it a try. I have full confidence that they will turn it around eventually (Cano just seems to be having the worst luck right now). If the slumping is prolonged, then maybe some slight shuffling should be done. Only bright spot tonight was seeing Mitchell debut. Here’s hoping that he can contribute like Phelps has as I presume he will just slot into his role now that Phelps is in the rotation.

  5. Sean K says:

    In a word… ugh.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better…

  6. Audrey says:

    I thought this game was supposed to be their bad pitcher against our bad pitcher. Either their bad pitcher didn’t show up or our good hitters didn’t show up, take your pick.

  7. dj02 says:

    Didn’t watch after the first couple innings. Seemed like a downer of a game. The Yanks were getting killed and the Chicago Bulls all of a sudden stopped making shots. Ended up watching part of the Dodgers – Rockies game. Just hope our boys can pull out a win tonight for your birthday Jane! Happy B-day!!

  8. Melissa says:

    Maybe both Audrey!
    I thought Hughes looked a lot better. His whole demeanor was different. I am hoping this is the turning point and he can go on from here. I can’t fault him for those few runs. One bad pitch for a home run. The last bit, I would assume he was out of gas. He hasn’t pitched many innings lately.
    Poor Eduardo was put into a bad situation. Right now, our outfield is pretty scary. Jones and Ibanez don’t look all that much better than Nunez.

  9. Diane Anziano says:

    I really couldn’t take anything very positive out of yesterday’s game. Although Hughes was improved he still has not had a start without giving up at least one home run. When he left with 3 scored runs against him I was reminded of Andy Pettitte’s comment years ago that if a starter gives up 3 or less runs he deserves a win — I know that the 4th run went against him as well but Boone Logan was not as effective as he usually is. The new kid looked okay. But the bats have to wake up. We were up against a starter that we have experienced, something that for The Yankees is usually a positive. We’ve won most of the games we’ve played against him so I had hopes of scoring lots of runs. Cano really needs to wake up. The weather may not let them get the game in tonight — I don’t think they’d mind a day off. Anyway…GO YANKEES!!! I’m sorry I was so negative – I still see our boys as the best team in The AL East, regardless of what the current records show.

  10. Pinstripepride says:

    Happy birthday Jane! I hope Nova and the Yankees give you a blowout win as a present tonight.

  11. Ruth says:

    It’s yoru birthday, Jane? Today? Happy Birthday! Any special plans? I am watching the replay of the game right now…I started watching DVR copy last night, but screwed up and flipped to the live broadcast, saw it was 1-7 and said ‘forget it….’ But now I have to see what Jane is talking about with Nuni…oh boy. I predict a big win tonight, behind Nova, as a birthday gift to Jane. xoxo!

  12. Jane Heller says:

    Hopefully, Sean K….

    Their bad pitcher was due for a win, Audrey. Plus our hitters were bad. A double whammy.

    Thanks, DJ. A win would be sweet after last night, which was kind of a downer, as you said. Not tragic, just blah.

    Exactly my point about the outfield right now, Melissa. In the past we’ve had subs that were at least good defensively, even if they weren’t much on offense. But with this trio it’s the other way around. I don’t agree about Hughes though. While it was one bad pitch here and there that did him in and it’s true about not pitching that deep into a game before, his pitches were up and around the middle of the plate and I thought his demeanor, especially after the first homer, looked defeatist.

    It’s supposed to rain there tonight, Diane? Bummer. I was really hoping we’d win the rubber match and get back in a positive mode. But I guess you’re right and the off day would be welcomed by the players.

    Thanks, Pinstripepride. Much appreciated.

    It would be a nice gift, Ruth, but from what Diane says they may not play. I’ll cross my fingers that the weather will brighten up in the Bronx. xxoo to you too.

  13. Diane Anziano says:

    Oh Jane – I can’t believe I forgot it was your birthday. Happy Day to you. I guess this is the karma that brought me back here at this time. Yankee Stadium’s turf adapts well to rain so they may get the game in -hope so, especially for your birthday. Nova and a win – that’s better than a cake and candles!!!

  14. Audrey says:

    Happy Birthday, Jane. Here’s hoping for a game and a win!

  15. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks, Diane and Audrey. A win tonight would be extra sweet!

  16. Bob Cerv says:

    Indeed…a W on your b-day would me Most Welcome, Miz J!

    Here’s hoping you have a Great Day regardless. Yeah, gotta admit — I wasn’t expecting anything from “Boom Boom” Hughes, and thus wasn’t disappointed (well…maybe a little). But the lineup. Sheesh. The only two MLB teams that I can REALLY watch are the Yanks and the Nats, who BTW have been hitting like Gnats all season, and again last nite. Ug-lee. ESPN pointed out that the top 3 in the Yanks’ order went 7-for-12, while the REST OF THE TEAM went oh-fer. If the G-nats got 7 hits from 3 batters, there might be a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. So…mis’ry sure loves company in beisbol these daze…

    And as for Eduardo…can’t HE be the DH? Or is that too logical? If the Yanks really need a good-fielding (but light-hitting) left fielder, they should call the G-nats. Most of ’em can field; however, their combined batting average up till last week was .093 — which is why they called up Bryce Harper way early. The Gnats would likely LOOVE a good-hitting, questionable-fielding OF’er (or IF’er) right now; whatcha think?

  17. Peggy says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE !!!!! I’ll be at the game tonight and I hope the Yankees get those 10 runs for you (hoping the birds don’t get 11 ..haha). If not the 10 runs I hope they at least get the WIN !!! The good news is that my Met fan cousin is going with me so that almost guarantees a win… :) . So far I’m 3-1 on the season hoping by the end of your bday it will be 4-1.

    In June I’m going to see the Yanks play the Nats on Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t seen their new park yet and am looking forward to it (I saw the UGLY RFK Stadium which made Shea look good…haha). We will tour a Smithsonian each day before the game and I have reservations for the Monuments by Moonlight Tour for Saturday night. Can’t wait !!!

    Have the best day ever Jane …ENJOY !!!

  18. Peggy says:

    Oops ..I forgot …GO YANKEES 2012 !!! LOL

  19. Leo says:

    Happy Birthday Jane. Hope you have a special day with your loved ones.

  20. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks, Dave. On the Nunez/DH question, that wouldn’t work as we already have guys for that spot. But maybe the Nats would like to trade for him and give the Yanks Strasburg? HAHA.

    Good news that you’ll be at the game tonight, Peggy. Can you get them to put up a scoreboard Happy Birthday for me? (Not that I’d be able to see it, but at least you would!)

    Thanks, Leo!

  21. Freya says:

    Happy Birthday Jane. The Yankees are going to win for you tonight.

  22. Melissa says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Jane!!!! Hope you have a great day.

  23. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks, Freya and Melissa!

  24. Sean K says:

    Didn’t know it was your B-day, Jane. Sorry this post is late, but happy birthday!

  25. YankeeCase says:

    Wow, Happy Birthday Jane!! Odd, I happen to know a few people whose birthday is today, including a possible future Mrs. YankeeCase!

    Nice! Enjoy, Jane!! :D

  26. Barbara says:

    Happy birthday. Sorry the Yankees aren’t helping to make today joyous. I always want the Yankees to win to day before, for a good newspaper, and the day of, and I fear you will get neither. I say they owe you a world series

  27. Jane Heller says:

    Not to worry, Sean K. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Very cool that the future (possibly) Mrs. YankeeCase has a May 2nd birthday! She must be an amazing person. LOL

    Nope, the Yanks aren’t giving me a very nice gift so far, Barbara, but I’ll be happy with a delayed one in October/November.