Eduardo Scissorhands Didn’t Make An Error!

April 30th, 2012 by Jane Heller

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I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

The truth is Nunez handled his outfield duties without incident, and I have to give him props for that…for now. I’d just really like to have both Gardner and Swisher back out there.

Meanwhile, the Yankees played a crisp game tonight against the red-hot O’s with a heartening performance by Kuroda, saving the bullpen. I only watched the game intermittently (I’ve got a work deadline this week, so my observations will be spotty), but I did see that great play at the plate with Martin flipping to Kuroda. (I have no evidence to back this up, but I think pitchers from the NL have better defensive skills than those in the AL.)

I love that Chavez is doing well in his limited role, and am so glad Cashman brought him back for the bench/DH role.

What else? Tell me what I missed….




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12 Responses to “Eduardo Scissorhands Didn’t Make An Error!”

  1. Sean K says:

    That was hesrtwarming because it was the type of game we’re going to need to win in the playoffs to do some damage. We can’t just outslug everyone in October. Anyway, Kuroda was himself, and just like he’s used to he got virtually no offensive support. This is exactly what he needed to do last year to get wins. I think he’s the real deal.

    BTW, I was reading an old baseball book this afternoon while waiting for my car’s oil change to be completed and came across two delightful pieces of Yankee-related trivia. Perhaps your audience will like a crack at them? I’ll post the answers tomorrow afternoon.

    Trivia #1: The great Babe Ruth hit his final 3 HR’s [712, 713 and 714] all in the same game. Including that one, how many 3-HR games did he have in his magnificent career? [Incidentally, he never clouted 4 in a single game.]

    Trivia #2: Who was the first Yankee ever to come to the plate in the original Yankee Stadium [in a regular-season game]? Ruth himself did not bat leadoff, so The Babe did not inaugurate the batter’s box for the Yankees in the house he built.

    Let’s keep it going and win again tomorrow!

  2. YankeeCase says:

    Nunez in left was funny/scary! But once he learns how to take routes on fly balls, maybe he’ll actually be a better outfielder than infielder… Hmmm?

    We may have to start calling Kuroda ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. He’s either really good, or kinda bad. Although he was a hard luck loser his last time out, so with two very good outings in a row hopefully he’s actually starting to come around and will just be Dr. Kuroda the rest of the way. (i don’t know if that works, but i’m going with it anyway)

    Don’t know if you saw this Jane, but that couple who kept that ball in Texas is actually demanding that Michael Kay apologize for all the criticism they’ve received because of what he started. I can’t believe they’re serious!

    What’s worse are the comments on that page! I can’t believe what I’ve read! People are going on about how they shouldn’t give in to the crying kid, otherwise they’d spoil him. And why make fun of that couple when they’re just enjoying a ballgame. Check this out :

    This game had special meaning to the couple, the ball made it that much more special. I would not want some one else give in to my kids just because they were crying. The only thing that does is create a spoiled kid that will grow in to an adult with an entitlement attitude.

    If I get a ball it goes home to MY kid. I don’t care if another kid is next to me. If the kids was supposed to get the ball then yes, I wouldn’t take it away. But that ball was just thrown up in the stands.

    Society is slowly creating a culture of lazy, irresponsible wussies who blame everybody and everything else for their downfalls. Sickening!

    I saw the Today Show interview, and there were people who said, “Hey the parents said the couple offered”. I’m sure its true, but it was probably after a few minutes of the kid bawling his eyes out. We saw the first thirty-odd seconds or so play out on TV!

    Anyway, what gets me is that everyone’s attacking the kid, but I bet if that couple were wearing Yankee garb there’d be hellfire up and down the board about how Yankee fans are the worst! How we stole the ball from a little kid! Ack!

    Ok, venting complete…

  3. Audrey says:

    You hit the highlights, Jane, of which there were blessedly few. Everyone just seems to get down to business and grind out a short and sweet game (sweet because the Yankees won that pitching contest). On the radio they were daying that The Yankees want to keep Eduardo Scissorshands in for his bat and long-term they are seeing him more in the outfield than the infield. Certainly it make sense to have Eric Chavez in the infield whenever possible since he has a golden glove and gives us some sweet offense. He’s got a cute butt, too, so there something else for the ladies:). On my way over to the Yankees webpage to watch that Martin-Kuroda play at the plate

  4. Jane Heller says:

    You’re right about Kuroda having to pitch with little run support when he was with the Dodgers, Sean K. So maybe last night’s game was right in his wheelhouse. I’m not big on trivia questions, but thanks for posting those. I’ll bet someone will guess the answers.

    It would make sense for Nunez to develop into a good outfielder, YankeeCase, because he has such a strong arm. I’ll just be hiding under my couch while he learns on the job. LOL. I know what you mean about Kuroda. I sure do like the version that showed up last night, As for this whole crying baby brouhaha, yes, I’ve read and seen everything that’s been going on and I can’t believe how people are using the scenario to make a broader statement about society. (Or that the couple wants an apology from Michael Kay.) I wish everybody would channel all their passion into things that really matter in this world. Sigh.

    I love Chavez, Audrey, butt and all. :) It does make sense to use him as much as possible. He’s got a great glove and can hit!

  5. Ruth says:

    I think we all should be thinking of a new nickname for Nuni, based on his acrobatic play last night. I haven’t seen today’s lineup…hope he’s in LF makes the game even more interesting. Although I don’t have high hopes for the Yanks (sorry to be blunt), I can envision the perfect storm, where some of the veterans, like Chavez, stay healthy and relive some of the glory of their past, and the season comes together better than expected. You know how some of the great championship teams are made of non-household names, like a guy named Brosious. I just love that Chavez is on our team. I think he’s a class act and a true superstar at third. He and A-Rod sharing that spot is going to work out nicely. Just gotta keep everyone healthy!!

  6. Raúl says:

    You missed Robertson! And, of course, Mo.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Keeping everyone healthy is key, Ruth. We got off to a bad start in that department with Joba and Pineda, but let’s hope Swisher’s injury isn’t a nagging one and that the others stay in good shape. It’s a looong season.

    Actually, I didn’t miss either of them, Raul. They were both their magnificent selves.

  8. Bob Cerv says:

    Boyoboy, just the kind of day I like to post something. So MUCH to talk about!

    Yes, ’twas great to get the opener against Those Pesky O’s, esp. with a well-PITCHED game from Kuroda…and our boyz beat one of their hottest starters. Saw that guy’s first start for Bal’mer — he had a perfect game until the 7th, so he can pitch. Nice to know that Eduardo’s in the OF now…less chances to screw up, I should think, and more room to get into position…

    The Great Cryin’ Baby Debate. What a pain. Totally agree that it they’d been YANKEE fans, well then the Entire Nation would be down on them. Don’t wanna hear that reverse-spin about entitlement…if those folks wanted to have a REALLY “special day,” they coulda GIVEN something and SHARED their joy. Ever hear about those concepts, O Ye Self-Centered Ones??

    The Quiz. Well, I can clearly add some stuff to Question One. Babe’s last 3 taters came in 1935 as a member of the Boston Braves, in old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. But how MANY 3-HR games? I don’t know…ten? As for Question Two, well, who WAS the Yanks’ leadoff hitter back then…Red Rolfe? Tony Lazzeri? What I do recall is that when they finally put uniform numbers on their backs, the Yanks first gave out numbers to correspond with the everyday players’ spot in the batting order…which is why Ruth was #3, and Gehrig was #4. So, here’ s my answer: the guy wearing #1 was the first batter!!

  9. Diane Anziano says:

    Good game, even if our bats are still dozing. Man, Robertson was lethal. You’re going to have to sedate me when Mariano does retire, but Robertson will fit right into the slot.

    By the way, did anyone see the story about Cashman taking his son down to enjoy the roll call with The Bleacher Creatures last week? He got into a costume but Bald Vinny knew he was coming and after the top of the 1st, when he planned to leave, others recognized him and he posed for lots of pictures. That must have been fun.

    Eduardo Scissorhands…now THAT’S a good one.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    I knew you’ve have some ideas about Sean’s trivia questions, Dave. You’re a wealth of info!

    You’re going to have to sedate me too, Diane. Or maybe commit me. LOL. I did see that story about Cashman’s son and Bald Vinny. Very nice for the kid, especially with all he must be going through with his parents’ divorce, etc. You like my nickname for Nunez? I’ve been using it for awhile but hope he’ll force me to stop because of his error-less play.

  11. Sean K says:


    #1 — Amazingly, The Babe only had 2 3-HR games in his career — including the one where he hit his last 3. [His final home run went OVER the back wall of Forbes Field. The pitcher who hung the curve he mashed, Guy Bush, said of it, “I’ve never seen a ball hit so hard before or since. It’s probably still going.”]

    #2 — Lawton “Whitey” Witt.

  12. Sean K says:

    Now I’m in thinking-about-the Babe mode…

    Two quotes related to his 60-HR season. After blasting #60 [a ball he tucked just inside the fair pole off Tom Zachary, though Zachary didn’t think so — he insisted to hsi dying day it was a foul ball] Babe spoke to the press and said, “Sixty! Let’s see some other son of a bitch beat that.” [And while he was alive, no one did.]

    20 years later, Babe was dying of throat cancer and could barely talk. But he encountered Tom Zachary at some social function and without preamble, croaked out, “You crooked-armed son of a bitch, are you *still* claiming that ball was foul?”