How Very Grandish!

April 19th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Photo: Tim Farrell/The Star-Ledger

I bet you guys thought I’d lead with a dig at Eduardo Scissorhands. Fooled ya. (I’ll get to him in a sec.)

Tonight’s game was all about Curtis Granderson and his three homers and five-for-five performance. He said after the game that he’d been working with Kevin Long earlier in the day. I sure wish Long could sprinkle his magic dust on Russell Martin. Anyhow, every time I see Grandy with that quick, line-drive swing that carries the ball into the seats I say out loud, “We won that trade, didn’t we.” Nothing against Austin Jackson, but wow.

Now, about Mr. Scissorhands. I did praise him the other night and he does have a nice offensive game, along with being fast on the bases. BUT he can’t keep making those idiotic throws! I mean come on. Could he put in more time with Mick Kelleher? Could he see a shrink? Something?

I love the way Hughes recovered from the error. He deserved the win. He was better tonight, just not great. Maybe this one will be a confidence builder and he’ll have a nice run from here on. Or not. Who knows.

Other favorite moments?

Soriano’s little skip off the mound after that last strikeout.

Robertson’s effectiveness without the usual Houdini drama.

Mo needing like three minutes to take care of business in the ninth. I laughed when Leiter and Kay worried that he might be rusty. Mo Rivera does not get rusty – ever.

On to Fenway.





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12 Responses to “How Very Grandish!”

  1. Sean K says:

    We needed all three of those homers.

    I’ll take the win. Now for games that always ratchet up my emotional intensity. Any win is nice but a game against Boston is always *particularly* sweet. Conversely, a loss is *particularly* galling.

    Think 2 of 3, guys. We win the series at Fenway, it’s a good thing. If we should happen to win the first 2 games, definitely get greedy though! A sweep would be even better.

    On to Boston! And hopefully this win generates some positive momentum.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    We did need those three homers, Sean K. That game got a little too close for comfort. I don’t project out in terms of winning or losing series at Fenway or anywhere else. I take them one game at a time.

  3. YankeeCase says:

    Who’s the only person that can protect Nunez from Jane’s wrath tonight? Oh, the Grandy man can!!!

    He does it with home runs,
    And did it three times,
    And made the world feel good!

    Oh, the Grandy man can!!!

    Yeah, Austin who?! Power, defense, speed… The only thing we could possibly ask of Curtis is to get average to about .300 for the entire season. He’s definitely a fan favorite, and an important part of the lineup.

    And speaking of defense… Who here doesn’t think that Nunez would do well with Larry Bowa lighting a fire under his as-? Well you know… It worked for Robinson Cano, didn’t it?

    And Jane, Houdini did do it again. He gave up that lead-off double to Valencia who has the speed to score on a single from second. Luckily this was cake for him. He was like, “Lead-off double? Pssh! I get out of bases loaded jams with no outs on the regular!”

    Hopefully Hughes will get some confidence from this start. He used his fastball more to get himself out of bad situations that his other pitches caused. The Yankees need him to be the guy he was in the first half of 2010. We’ll worry about Pettitte and Pineda when the time comes, but if the All-Star version of Phil Hughes were to show up along with CC and Super Nova, the Yankee wins will start piling up…

  4. Jane Heller says:

    HAHAHA, YankeeCase. I love your “cover” of Sterling’s song. Yes, maybe Bowa could stop Nunez from being an error machine, but since he’s not available we need another solution. Nunez will be at third, short or second more than I’d like, given how Girardi is into resting guys. They’re even talking about using him in the outfield while Gardner’s on the DL. *shudder* You’re right about Houdini, but it wasn’t his usual bases loaded situation, which was good for my blood pressure.

  5. YankeeCase says:

    Lol, I feel your shudder from here, Jane!

  6. christy says:

    Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy . . . Lemme think. . .

  7. Audrey says:

    It seems like Phil Hughes has had to battle a lot of bad luck in his games but since that is part of the sport (and life) he has to bounce back from it. Seems like he did fairly well last night.

    Thank goodness for the internet and video! I couldn’t watch the game last night (still don’t have MLB-TV) but within minutes Grandy’s homeruns were up for my viewing pleasure! How fun and how great for Granderson, who had definitely gotten off to a slow start. Now if we could light some offensive fire under A-Rod and Cano we might start to take off. This weekend would be a good time for that to happen.

    Thanks to NESN, we get to watch today’s ceremonies and game at Fenway. I understand the players will be wearing uniforms like those worn in 1912 – funstuff. I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Ladyjane303 says:

    Exciting game to be at. Grandy was great. Already 4-for-4 and he runs out that infield squiggler for another base hit – brilliant. Tex finally off the HR scheid. Cano? Well, he was hitting the ball very well, and I think he’s due for a BIG breakout very soon. Jeter as solid as they come. I would love for D-Rob to have a 1-2-3 inning, but he’s still pretty great. And how great to see Mo – a K, a broken bat and a pop-up – classic, just classic. Hughes looked better, but still has a way to go. Christy – your post says it all. Nunee was scary in the field but very good with the bat – what do you do? New scoreboard feature in between innings had us in hysterics: multiple Yankees imitating Swisher. The star for me was Derek – sooo funny, but then he DID host SNL once. On to Boston – hoping for a good series.

  9. Leo says:

    Granderson was incredible and like many others at the stadium, I was roaring and cheering for him to make history by getting a fourth homer at his last bat. Too bad it didn’t happen but he still had a great night and helped the team. They weren’t meaningless home runs either. Martin is really struggling and needs to be rested more often. I know it’s early but he can’t pull the majority of the workload all on his own. He has a nice OBP so he hasnt been a total black hole by taking his walks but he needs to get more hits to supplement that. Hughes did better although it wasn’t a great outing by any means. Scissorhands certainly didn’t help him in the beginning though. Teixeira was overshadowed by Grandy’s night but he also helped with his 2 run homer. On to Boston and here’s hoping that everyone in the middle order contributes at the same time, the starters give us length, and the bullpen continues to dominate.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    LOL, Christy. For all we know, Cashman’s getting ready to send Hughes to Kennedyland.

    You’re looking forward to the ceremonies at Fenway today, Audrey? Well, that’s a different perspective. Personally, I’m not thrilled that our boys have to wear costumes and participate. I just want them to win the game!

    Oooh, lucky you, Ladyjane. That must have been a good day to see in person. Your summary nailed it all. I wish I could have seen the scoreboard feature with the players imitating Swisher. Maybe they’ll show it on the YES web site at some point? (Hope hope)

    Glad you and Ladyjane mentioned Tex, Leo. He’s been doing more lately than hitting long fly balls, which is great to see. Now I’d like to see Cano start mashing and showing everybody what a superstar he is.

  11. Audrey says:

    Oh, I’m not going to watch the ceremonies – I couldn’t care less about Fenway Park and its existance. But I think it will be fun to watch the guys play in the old-fashioned uniforms. I’ve been watching Downton Abbey recently so I guess I’m in an early 1900s frame of mind! According to John and Suzyn, the Yankee players are very excited about the whole thing.

  12. Jane Heller says:

    I’m glad the players are excited, Audrey. I’ll try to get in the spirit and stop being a grouch about it!