What A Great Home Opener

April 13th, 2012 by Jane Heller

From the ceremonial first pitch (loved that Jorge ended up throwing it to his dad) to the bright blue skies in the Bronx (it’s been raining like crazy here), the stage was set for a great day and the Yankees obliged.

I was surprised to read before the game that A-Rod would be batting third and Cano fourth, but A-Rod was on fire (tying Griffey on the home run list), either making the statement that he deserves to go back to the cleanup spot or making Girardi look like a genius.

Swish was clutch again, getting things started, and the runs kept coming off Santana, who looked like he needed a nap. But the big story was this guy.

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images

What a turnaround from his start at the Trop. And I was worried about him handling the pressure at Yankee Stadium. Pffff. He sure showed me. Great, great job taking care of Pujols and the all the other little Angels.




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16 Responses to “What A Great Home Opener”

  1. Leo says:

    Nice quick game that ended with a Yankee win just the way I like it! After the dramatics of the road trip, a quick easy win with no dramatics was great. Kuroda was fantastic and that can’t be stressed enough. The Angels may not be the Red Sox but they’re still a potent offense now with Pujols and Morales and at a hitters park but he shut them down completely. It gave our bullpen some more rest which was needed after the extra inning affairs at Baltimore. The offense also looked good with notables from Swisher and A-Rod. A Yankee win and beautiful weather makes for a great day. Makes the rest of the day at work much easier.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I agree with every word, Leo.

  3. Barbara says:

    What fun. The angels always scare me so it was especially nice to see them neutralized. MLB.tv is such a great thing. It must have been so weird for posada. I hope kuroda can keep this up. It is clear his nerves didnt get I his way.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    They scare me too, Barbara, especially with Pujols, but Kuroda was masterful.

  5. Audrey says:

    Fantastic start to the home season – how we wished we were there! Can’t say enough good things about Kuroda’s performance and it was great to see Grandy and A-Rod getting back their long ball swings. Loved seeing Jorge – he looked good. I had tears in my eyes too, Jane.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Ah, the tears, Audrey. I stood there crying when Jorge was out there with little Jorge (who’s not so little anymore and looks so healthy), hugging everybody and throwing the ball to his father. His hair is a bit grayer but he’s so fit. Great moments.

  7. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans …

    Terrific game today …great pitching by Hiroki (against a really good hitting team too), Alex finally getting back on track and I’m hoping he stays there, Swish was just Swishalicious and seeing Jorgie throw out the first pitch to his Dad with his son standing nearby was priceless. Needless to say my eyes were filling up and it felt so surreal to see Jorgie standing on the pitcher’s mound in a regular shirt and not the pinstripes.
    He looked amazing tho’ …so tan and healthy. I only wish him and his family the very best and hope to see him again soon at the Stadium …maybe Old Timer’s Day.

    It was such a beautiful day at the Stadium…sun shining, grass so green, the Opening Day ceremonies, the smell of hotdogs and all the other goodies filling the air…it was GREAT TO BE BACK !!! Tomorrow I get to
    see my baseball buddies for our first Meetup of the year at Mickey Mantle’s. I missed them and it will be fun
    watching the game with them. We always do the first Meetup of the season at Mickey’s …a tradition. I’ll be at the games on Sunday and Monday too. Right now I’m 1-0 with win today and I hope I’ll be 3-0 by Tuesday.

    Thanks for posting the pic of my daughter, Kristyn and her new husband, Harlan….both huge Yankee fans. The wedding was so much fun. Everyone loved the Yankee theme which she did with elegance. The tables were numbered & named for their favorite players past and present with a double frame featuring each player’s number in pinstripes on one side and their picture on the other. She had pinstriped heart cookies as favors along with a donation to diabetes from each guest in honor of our Aunt & Uncle. They entered to “Enter Sandman” naturally and finished the night with “New York, New York”. We even had an outdoor ceremony because it was in the 70’s the day she was married …imagine that in the month of March. Everything went perfectly …it was a magnificent day. Her wedding is also going to be on TV sometime in June for the show “Four Weddings”. Here’s hoping she wins the trip…

    Anyway …now that all the big events in my life are over I hope I will be commenting on a regular basis. Fortunately I always had time to read even if I didn’t have time to comment and I thank all of Jane’s blog family for always starting my day off with a smile.

    Here’s to a great season and Championship #28 !!!!

    Go Yankees 2012 !!!

  8. Freya says:

    Today was an exciting day. I was teary watching Posada. It was very touching seeing the three generations, and pitching to his father was the perfect choice.
    Peggy: Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. Thank you for sharing the details. It must have been quite a celebration. Let us know when it is going to be on TV. I will definitely watch it.

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Glad you’re on the case, Peggy, and will be there to cheer the boys on and represent us, both at the Stadium and at Mickey’s. And here’s hoping your daughter and her wedding will make the cut and be on the show.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    I guess a lot of us were teary today, Freya. The three generations of Posadas were a pleasure to see.

  11. Peggy says:

    She’s definitely on the show Jane. She had to sign a confidentiality agreement which states she can’t tell anyone the outcome till the show airs. She goes to the final two weddings in April then the four brides grade each of the weddings (naturally not their own). The one with the highest score in venue, food, gown and overall experience wins. If she wins it will be terrific but she loved her wedding and said that no matter what the outcome she wouldn’t have changed a thing.

    Go Yankees 2012 !!!

  12. Jane Heller says:

    Oh, I misunderstood about the wedding and the show, Peggy. I don’t watch reality TV so I’m clueless about the one you’re talking about. Very exciting.

  13. Terri says:

    Watched highlights from the Yanks game – looked like a beautiful day for baseball in the Bronx! I always love seeing any pitcher making Pujols look silly, Kuroda definitely did do that!!

  14. Melissa says:

    Peggy, be sure to let us know when the wedding will be on TV. How exciting!

    As for the game, it was so perfect – from the weather to the ceremonies to the game. Jeter looked so at home and the Yankees looked like a different team.

    Anyone remember in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” when Mrs. Santa keeps urging Santa to eat? Finally, at the end, he gains weight and she says “Now THAT’S my Santa!” That’s what this game felt like. “Now THAT’s my Yankees!”

  15. Jane Heller says:

    It did look like a beautiful day in the Bronx, Terri. I was jealous because it was so gloomy here in CA. And yes, Kuroda did handle Pujols with seeming ease. Maybe having pitched to him in the NL worked in his favor.

    I have to admit, Melissa, I didn’t think of Santa yesterday. Haha. But I do understand what you mean about the Yanks being the Yanks. I hope they stay Yanks-like!

  16. YankeeCase says:

    Yesterday was one of the better Opening Days I’ve experienced weather-wise. Of course the wind made things a bit chilly in section 310, but I haven’t missed Opening Day since 2007! (ok, not an impressive streak, but it will be one year.)

    That Swisher shot looked scary… Like it could’ve been caught from my perspective. The Stadium went ape-poop when it fell! I did miss A-Rod’s home run though because I had to find an outlet to charge my phone. But I missed Granderson’s home run to take the lead last year against the Tigers and they ended up winning that game, so I felt good about how the day would end.

    When I came back to my seat after A-Rod’s bomb, I mentioned to the woman next to me how I missed Grandy’s blast last year too. She said, “Maybe you should never get up to go get something to eat.” (because I came back with some hot dogs as well as a semi-charged phone) I told her, “No, maybe I should!”

    It became apparent by the seventh inning that Kuroda was pitching a hell of a game. In the eighth inning I told my same seat neighbor that he might actually go for the shutout, if Girardi lets him. When the eighth was done, some in the crowd started giving him an ovation, possibly knowing Girardi wouldn’t let him continue. I saw Robertson and Phelps warming up the last few innings, so it seemed like it was going to happen. I surprised to see Kuroda come back out, but I think he deserved to try for a quick inning to get that shutout. And then first guy up…

    Anyway, it was really cool to get that win and go up over .500 for the first time this season (and then back to .500 with a Saturday loss…). The highlight of the day, besides the game of course, was probably one of the new in between innings games that was played on the jumbo screen. It was a “Guess the Voice” kind of deals. Three different voices, in some variation, said, “Hey, I’m Nick Swisher!” The point being to guess which was the real Nick Swisher. After it was revealed that the first one was Nick Swisher, in a funny little video, we got to see who the imitators were. We saw Brett Gardner do his best Swish imitiation, “Hey, it’s Nick!” in a gruff voice. And the best was Derek Jeter doing a whole, “Yo, I’m Nick Swisher!!” with flailing arms, Swish attitude, and everything! I’ve never heard 50,000 people laugh that hard! I wish I would’ve recorded it!!

    So…. 5-1 on Opening Day for me. 1-0 on the season, with another game on Sunday!