The Broom Is Back – In A Good Way

April 11th, 2012 by Jane Heller

This time it was the Yankees who did the sweeping. (Thank you, O’s.)

But, of course, it wasn’t easy – or quick. Instead, tonight was the second loooong nail biter in a row that featured a faltering starter, an offensive comeback, superb relief work, a hitting hero and a brilliant job by our one-and-only closer.

It also featured more bad umpiring (Eduardo Scissorhands looked safe at first to me, for example).

What to make of CC these days? He does seem to have his April slumps and maybe his first couple of outings are just that: April doldrums. I sure hope so.

I questioned a few of Girardi’s moves (what else is new), but they turned out okay so I’ll shut up.

Soriano finally got into a game and after a hairy situation threw absolute gas to end the inning. But the surprise was Boone Logan. I never expect him to be any good and he was tonight.

I have to give the prize to Swisher though. His homer allowed me to breathe, so here’s to him.

P.S. Friend of the Blog Peggy has surfaced following her daughter’s wedding, and she sent along some lovely photos, including this one of the bride and groom cutting their Yankee pinstriped cake. Health and happiness to them.



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17 Responses to “The Broom Is Back – In A Good Way”

  1. Leo says:

    All things considered, with how off the starting pitching and the offense has been on this road trip, I think we should be thankful that we ended up at .500. Nova was the only one who had a great start while the offense, especially the middle order, hasn’t clicked yet. I hope being at home and this off day will get these guys going while they’re in their comfort zone.

  2. SBlue says:

    Congrats to the Yanks on the sweep and the lovely couple. The guy in the background of that photo looks like he has an eyepatch.

    Bullpen still great. Offense is better this time but RISPfail still exists. Still waiting on A-Rod.

    All that aside, can’t wait for Opening Day on Friday. The return of Posada.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I agree, Leo. Coming home at .500 is great, all things considered. Looking forward to Friday night.

    The RISP fail loomed large again, SBlue. So frustrating. When there’s a guy on third, somebody has to get him in to score. And yes, A-Rod needs to get going. The first pitch ceremony with Posada should be a tear jerker.

  4. Sean K says:

    I’m happy about the sweep.

    BUT… can we *please* stop doing things the hard way? These extra inning games are playing hell with my nervss.

    Well, finally home. Hopefully they can win a game 10-2 for once and spare us all the drama. Althought I suppose I should be happy with any win though.

    Well, now I can take a day off and celebrate a good sweep.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    I would love a 10-2 game, Sean K. When the Yankees score 10 runs, I’m a happy girl (provided the other team doesn’t score 11).

  6. Sean K says:

    Given that the Angels are next, i doubt NY will win any of the games 10-2. I’ll be happy if we just win them, period. But miracles have happened before, and if NY does blow Anaheim out 0of the water in one of the games i’ll be ecstatic.

    i’ve been feeling particularly stressed lately [and not just because of the extra 4 innings of baseball the last 2 days], so I broke out my copy of But I’m A Cheerleader and watched it. There’s nothing like a goofy romantic comedy to de-stress you. I recommend that therapy to anyone who’s stressing.

  7. Barbara says:

    Extra innings are past my bed time so I anxiously check the score each morning and now am gleeful. I also would have been gleeful with a cake like that but being married to a red sox fan, my cake had a little Yankee car and a little red sox car but somehow the marriage still works. We must get better starting pitching and get In runners in scoring position to beat the up coming scary teams.

  8. Audrey says:

    We went to see “The Hunger Games” last night and came home in the sixth inning with the score 3-4. So glad there was still plenty of baseball left to watch. That was a bomb off Swisher’s bat! I agree about Nunez, though, Jane – he was safe and the score should have been 7-4 in the end. Nice to see Mo looking sharp and, yeah, Boone Logan looked really good!

    Peggy, thanks for sharing your daughter’s wedding pic. Love, love, love that pinstripe cake! I’ll have to try something like that on a smaller scale for the next birthday around here.

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I’m not looking forward to this current Angels team either, Sean K. There’s so much hype about Pujols and their scary pitchers, but you never know. If our guys play up to their ability, we’ll be fine. I’ve never heard of the rom com you mentioned. Will have to check it out, since that’s my genre.

    Aw, you had cars of the two teams on your wedding cake, Barbara? That’s kind of sweet. No wonder your marriage is such a success in spite of your divided loyalties.

    Did you like Hunger Games, Audrey? I wrote about it on the Mainly Jane blog a while back.

  10. Sue says:

    The Yankee cake is pretty cool – am I safe in assuming that both bride and groom are Yankee fans?

    Hopefully your nerves are settling down now that your team is getting back on track. :-)

  11. Audrey says:

    Hi Jane – I did read your blog about The Hunger Games and agree with much of what you said. The world Suzanne Collins created is phenomenal and the characters are fun. I have two young adult daughters who diescovered the series and they and I love strong heroines like Katniss. I did read the first two books of the series last summer but have yet to read the final book of the series – I have a bad habit of doing that, I never read the last Twilight books either.

    Yes, there was a lot of running through the woods and I did think it dragged a bit in parts but overall I enjoyed it. My daughters have both seen in twice and liked that the movie stuck pretty closely to the book and transferred that world to the screen very effectively. Even my 24-year-old son, who went with us last night, liked it though he is a Katniss/Peta fan while the girls are Katniss/Gale partisans.

    Speaking of my son, he has turned into quite a Yankee fan. You may remember that last year he began his conversion process with a Granderson shirt. Now he is full-fledged, watching the games every night and going to the Stadium whenever he has a chance (he’s been living in Brooklyn so he’s buys cheap tickets at the last minute). At least one of my family members is beginning to approach my level of obsession!

  12. Sean K says:

    Barbara, if Carville and Matalin can make it work so can you and your husband! None of us are perfect but if his only major character flaw is being a Red Sox fan and he treats you well in other respects, everything will be fine. I wish you luck!

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, Sue. As the daughter and son-in-law of Peggy, the super Yankee fan, it’s safe to say that both bride and groom are Yankee fans. As for my nerves, it depends on the score of each game. :)

    Good job converting your son, Audrey! I love that he’s into going to the games and immersing himself in the pinstriped culture. I’m with the girls on Hunger Games; I’m a Katniss/Gale partisan.

  14. YankeeCase says:

    What an awesome cake!! :D Wonder if there was a wedding walk-off pie too??

    I’m glad the Yanks are coming home with a chance to go above .500 for the first time this season. That series showed that early on these guys aren’t going to just mail it in. The one decent start all six games was Nova’s. And with hits being taken from us with the shift in Tampa, a few blown calls here and there, the rare Mariano miscue, the come from behind efforts in Baltimore, the lack of scoring with RISP, the lack of any kind of hitting from our big bats, it really is something that this team starts off at home with an even record.

    The bullpen was the star the last three games. Boone Logan and Phelps especially. Phelps just has nasty stuff! The two seamer moves like Big Bart’s from last year. He looks like he can be a huge weapon for us. We’ll just have to see how he adjusts when the league catches up to him. Logan saved us the last game, without a doubt. Wade looked good in his appearance, even though he scares me, starting late last year. Rapada is what he is, but is needed. We all know pitching is so big in this game, so if these guys can pitch like that out of the bullpen, the Yankees should be looking good all season. Notice I didn’t even mention Soriano, Robertson, or Rivera!

    Looking forward to Opening Day tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing Jorge Posada and hearing the thunderous ovation and cascading calls of “Hip! Hip! JORGE!” at the ceremonial first pitch. Looking forward to another great season!

    (does that qualify as my first Yankee rant of the season? :P)

  15. Jane Heller says:

    That wasn’t a rant, YankeeCase. It was a state of the union address. LOL. Are you going to Opening Day tomorrow? If so, have a great time.

  16. Emma says:

    Happy Opening Day Jane! and to all the Yankee fans here! In a way is good to have your Openind Day later, that way you celebrate two. Dodgers swept the Pirates. We miss Vin Scully but is better that he stays home with how cold has been lately. Is raining here in LA so is better for him to wait till Sunday or next homestand. Have not seen Magic at dodger Stadium but maybe Sunday on Jackie Robinson Day. I saw him in San Diego. Check my pictures from Opening Day in SD including one of …yuck McCourt with his GF. In that picture, she looks like she is oogling Matt Kemp.

    Audrey, Once I start a books series, I can’t stop until I read all of them. So many books to read so little time. I am glad that the LA Times book festival falls on a weekend when the Dodgers are on the raod. Love those festivals.

  17. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks for the Opening Day wishes, Emma. I’m watching the game right now. It’s so miserable here with the rain and cold, but it looks gorgeous in NY. Will check out your pix and hope Vin feels better soon.