That Was More Like It

April 9th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Jeter was very Jeterian with his four hits, setting the tone for a tidy win over the O’s.

Big hand for Nova, who may have been the worst pitcher at spring training but has been the ace of the staff so far. If he keeps throwing like he did tonight, he’ll slide into the #2 spot and give Kuroda a shove down the ladder.

Andruw Jones belted one out. He’ll never inspire confidence in the outfield at this stage of his career, but he’s still got the power swing.

What was up with using Mo in the non-save situation? Did he really need the work? Or was he brought in to nail down the win? Either way, he got the job done but didn’t look comfortable doing it. If Gardner hadn’t caught that shot to end the game….Well, I won’t go there. I’m just saying that Mo isn’t Mo-ish yet.

I don’t get the YES postgame show, but there seems to have been a tiff between Martin and Andino over tipping pitches in the ninth inning. I don’t know how you “tip” Mo’s pitches – they’re all cutters – but there was definitely some yammering going on between the two. Will it carry over into tomorrow night’s game?

Photo: AP/Winslow Townson

Oh, wait. Wrong team.



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7 Responses to “That Was More Like It”

  1. Emma says:

    Andruw Jones hit one out? Really? Well good for him. Always nice to come to your blog and see a pic of Jeter or Mo for that matter. I can’t sleep Jane! Is Opening Day Eve! 14 hours till Dodgers Opening Day at Dodger Stadium but they will let us go in 3 hours before. Thank God! -Emma

  2. Sean K says:

    Hey, a win!

    Boston won too, but you can’t have *everything*.

    The world isn’t perfect because of 1 win, but it’s always nice to get the first one. Now a win tomorrow would be good too. Keep the momentum going and get a series win at worst.

    That extension Jeter got? It’s games like this one — 4-for-4 when the Yankees needed a win badly — that it was given to him for. He’s not *quite* the same player he was 10 years ago, but he’s still The Captain. He may go 0-for-5 in a meaningless game in mid-August but he always seems to perform well when he’s needed most. I’m about the same age he is and I’ve always loved watching him play. I know the Yankees have had even greater heroes in the past — Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Ford, Yogi — but *I* wasn’t alive to see those men play. Of the Yankees *I* have seen with my own eyes play in a live game, Jeter is IMO the greatest ever and for sure my all-time favorite.

    On to tomorrow! Hope for a 2-game winning streak.

  3. Audrey says:

    I slept better last than I have since Friday night. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go get a hundred more!

    I can’t watch or even listen to the game tonight – have to go to Boston to get my daughter from the airport. They really should time these international flights better. I’ll hurl curses at Fenway as I pass – it’s the least I can do.

  4. Bob Cerv says:

    Glad they finally won one.

    Locally, on the radio, a writer/pundit named Thom Loverro had the following predictions about 2012:
    The National League is wide open. By contrast, the AL is loaded.
    The Red Sox are in real trouble already, with no proven healthy closer.
    The Rays are really, REALLY good. They will win the AL East.
    The Yankees? They’ll probably scrape by and barely snag the last wild card. One will definitely go to the AL West — Rangers and Angels both to make it — and the Tigers are also virtual locks.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Have a great time at Dodger Stadium, Emma. I know there will be a new spirit of optimism with the new ownership and the festivities should be even more festive than usual. Enjoy.

    I agree that Jeter is one of those rare clutch players, Sean K. He always seems to step it up when the situation calls for it. The game when he got his 3,000th hit and did it in grand style is the perfect example. No, he’s not the same athlete he was in his prime, but I love how he still hustles down the line. And some of those hits yesterday were hard liners; good to see some power there.

    The Yankees really should check with you before scheduling games, Audrey. They need all of us to be free to watch! I slept better too, by the way.

    That “pundit” isn’t exactly insightful, Dave. Anybody who’s watched a baseball game could have made those predictions, although the part about the Yankees scraping by with the wild card is debatable.

  6. Kathleen says:

    Hi Jane!
    Glad to sign in for the season. Finally, the Yankees had a good game! I just got back home from New York City. Saw lots of Mets jerseys [guess they should enjoy it while it lasts! ;) ]. I was very pleased by Nova, and of course Jeter. The real season has begun. Bring on Andy!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Hey, Kathleen. Good to see you here. I’m excited about the progress Pettitte is making and hope we have him back soon.