Hip Hip Farewell

January 24th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Well, we knew after the last game of the 2011 season that Jorge would be emotional…


And while he got through the beginning of his press conference at Yankee Stadium today without choking up, he did shed a tear (as did I) when he spoke about his parents.

A few random thoughts as I watched the proceedings:

  1. I’ll miss Jorge a lot, obviously. He’ll always be a True Yankee. Even Jason Varitek said so. (Check out boston.com. I don’t have the link handy.)
  2. Mrs. Munson was the essence of grace and dignity, and I loved her speech.
  3. I was glad the Steinbrenners showed up.
  4. Jeter looked like he’d been hit by a truck; I thought he’d cry for sure.
  5. Mo was dapper in one of those Italian suits he wears in the magazine ads.
  6. Where was Andy?
  7. I couldn’t believe one of the writers asked if Jorge would be making a comeback. LOL.
  8. They really should have done the presser with subtitles for those of us who don’t speak/understand Spanish.
  9. There’s no way not to cry during the retirement announcement of a great Yankee. No way at all.




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24 Responses to “Hip Hip Farewell”

  1. Leo says:

    Such a bittersweet feeling during the conference. This is never easy watching players that we grew up watching retire but that’s life. He had an incredible career and I will forever be grateful that he was a career Yankee giving myself and many other Yankee fans so many memories over the years that the YES network highlighted (His double off of Pedro in the 2003 ALCS, his catching Wells’ perfect game, 1st homer at New Yankee Stadium, among others). His passion and hard work ethic was always evident and that’s what I love and that he was one great role model for all, particularly Latinos. I wish him nothing but the best in life and hope to see him in future Old Timers Games with Andy and inevitably Jeter and Mo when their time is up as well, which is closer than we would all like but I’ll dwell on that when the time comes. His family has been very selfless through his career and nothing but supportive so now they deservedly get to enjoy his company. Congrats Jorge and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping to see him inducted in the Hall of Fame in the future or at the very least, get serious consideration.

  2. Ruth says:

    tears….tears….tears…thank you Jorge for being such a classy champion!

  3. Ladyjane303 says:

    Classy, moving speech. I confess to a few tears. I was touched that Willie Randolph and CC were there, too.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, very bittersweet, Leo. Like Andy, Jorge confessed to not knowing what he was going to do next except spend time – especially the summer – with his family. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him coaching down the road.

    Tears here too, Ruth.

    I agree about Willie and CC, Ladyjane. Which is why I wondered about Andy. Maybe it was too soon for him? Or maybe he was deer hunting!

  5. Paul says:

    I still feel the paths of the tears on my face. :'( Seeing his wet eyes and emotion, and all the sadness related to it, just broke my heart.
    I just hope Jorge will have a wonderful time with his family now, and I really hope we’ll see him around more than we see Andy.
    Btw, his family is so adorable!! I wish I’d have such adorable kids some day!

    I just remembered that the first time I went to Yankee Stadium I got, as a gift of the day, Jorge’s bobble-head.

    I love you Jorge, thanks for everything.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Jorge’s kids are adorable, Paul. I hadn’t seen much of his daughter but she’s so cute and both were very well behaved. (It can’t be easy sitting there listening to grownups talk.)

  7. margaret says:

    Rick and I watched it together – both crying….he looked over at me and said, “Hey there’s no crying in baseball!” That defused the situation a bit.

    I loved seeing the players that showed up too. CC looked thinner didn’t you think?
    I wish I had gotten to see it all. MLB network stopped after the initial questions and yankees.com did as well.
    I don’t get the yes network so I didn’t see everything.

    To me there was a core of 5 – I always add my man Bernie in there. One by one they are leaving me.
    But boy oh boy have I enjoyed their talents!

  8. Jane Heller says:

    I hear you on the core group, Peg. I don’t even want to think about the last two leaving us, so I won’t! I’m just focusing on the pleasures they’ve brought us – and the fact that Prince Fielder got a boatload of money today from the Tigers. The AL League just got tougher.

  9. jane says:

    Boy did I laugh at your quotable post, Peg–my fav from that flick and so appropriate. I have to admit, I watched at work (it’s good to be the boss!) and tears were shed here also. I have always liked Jorge for the fire she shows, whether it’s when he’s happy or angry. What a class act, in all that he had displayed on and off the field. Even though I’ve been a Yankee fan all my life and it really started with my crush on Bucky Dent and the championship crews from ’77 and ’78, it was in my adulthood after high school and into college that I really got focused on them. Those were the early ’90s and rebuilding years preceeding the glorious championship runs that followed. Now to see the changing of the guard, each time there is a notable retirement, I get the same knot in my throat and pit in my stomach. I can imagine how those fans from the 50s and 60s felt. But what a run it was and only good things to look forward to for the future. Hip hip Jorge–the very best to you and your family. Thanks for the memories!

  10. new yawk lover says:

    On no team in sports history has it been more difficult to distinguish ones self as a memorable star player than The Yankees, and Posada got it done in a big way. I’m glad he took the path he did, including the step he took today. Well and classily done, Jorge.

  11. Jane Heller says:

    I think we all get a knot in the pit of our stomachs when these guys retire, Jane. No matter when we became fans, it’s tough to see them hang it up. Glad you were able to watch the press conference today. Yes, it’s good to be the boss!

    You’re so right, NYL. On a franchise that’s full of big names, Posada was able to create his own stardom because of his many years of performing at such a high level.

  12. Barbara says:

    I just watched the video clips and it was lovely. Diane Munson was so moving. I hate that the core four is down to two. I guess we should all offer to go out to eat with jeter since he said he doesn’t know who he will go eat with now.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, let’s all offer to hang out with Jeter now that his buddy won’t be around, Barbara. I love that idea. And I agree about Diane Munson. What a classy lady she is.

  14. YankeeCase says:

    Well… I’m not going to even mention tearing up a bit watching this. *Ahem* Fighting through it…

    Jane, you asked about what he said in Spanish. The first time around he named his mother, father, and sister and thanked them for their support throughout his career. And he said he loved them very much. As he finished his speech he said : “Finally to all Latinos and my fellow Puerto Ricans, my friends and family, I love you very much. I carry you in my heart and I am thankful for all the support throughout my career. I end on this note, with humility, like my mother said, “I leave now and I hope you are proud of me.'”

    I’m not going to go into all about what Posada’s career means to me, only because I’d just go on and on and write about three pages worth of stuff. I will say this though, he was the first Yankee whose whole career I was able to follow from beginning to end. There was a time I didn’t want anything to do with baseball, after having spend most of my childhood cheering on the Yankees with my dad. But that’s a whole separate story. I missed Bernie’s first few years. I don’t remember Andy being called up, and then we missed out three years in Houston. (I still hoped he did well, but it’s not the same as watching him in pinstripes.) Jeter and Mariano are still around for now. So it’s very sad to see one of my favorite players, and one whose whole career I’ve witnessed is now done playing. I’ve watched his dream come true all these years. And one of the things I love about baseball is watching how players come up and make an impact on the team, to see how they’ve progressed from year to year. So it’s been especially great to watch the back up with the big bat became the everyday catcher and one of the leaders of this team over the years.

    I did say I wasn’t going to write much, right? I’ll stop now… After I say that Jorge Posada without a doubt belongs in the Hall of Fame, because I know that’s a question that will undoubtedly be asked over and over again over the next few years. A resounding “Hell yes!!!” is my answer to that question. Forget about the five rings for a moment. There are only 13 catchers in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The list of players and their stats are in the link below. Posada’s career numbers all fall within this list of 13 players. While he doesn’t top the rankings in any one stat, he doesn’t fall short or come in last in any of those categories. I think it’s a silly question…

    I’m glad to have watched Posada in pinstripes all these years. I’m glad to have cheered him on with over exuberant cries of, “Hip-hip, Jorge!” I’m glad to say this guy was a true Yankee, should have his number retired one day, and is a great addition to the line of legendary Yankee catchers : Bill Dickey, Yogi Berra, Elston Howard, Thurman Munson, and now #20, Jorge Posada.


  15. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment, YankeeCase – and for being our Spanish translator. The only word I understood from the press conference was “mucho.” LOL. I think I need Rosetta Stone.

  16. Bob Cerv says:

    Adios, Jorge. You were a Great Yankee. And it’s always wonderful to see a player spend his entire long and lustrous career with one team, no matter which and where.

    I can add nothing better to the excellent comments here. Sadly, my views on Jorge were tainted (if not poisoned) by a local friend who’s a lifelong Yankee fan but very negative, and was VERY critical of Posada’s catching, esp. in his later years. No need to ever go there again; forgive me for even mentioning that.

    As a geezer-fan of the Yanks back to 1960, let me end by saying that I wish that all the great, career-long (or virtually so) Yankees of the past had been given a day, or a special conference moment like this. Can’t recall any such thing for Moose, Clete, Bobby, Kubek, Blanchard…and so many many others. Just glad to see that Jorge got his day in the sun. Vaya Con Dios, Senor…y muchas gracias…

  17. Jeff says:

    Gotta admit, I was sad too. Hard to believe it’s been this long. I think Posada is a HOF’er and we’ll be seeing him again soon (though, not in 5 years as I think the writers are gonna ponder over this one a while). Great career. Great guy. I wish him all the best.

  18. Jane Heller says:

    I think you’re right, Jeff. Jorge has a shot at the HOF but not right away. He’ll have to twist in the wind for awhile.

  19. John says:

    Did anyone happen to see the HGTV makeover of Michael Kay’s apartment last night? He and his beautiful wife had a living room and dining room makeover.

    He is one of my favorites and his wife is a real lovely person. He often talks to Paul O’Neil about his wife and his apartment on the air.

    They redid his “man cave” and if you heard and saw the half hearted “yea I like it” he repeated several times it truly read “ball game over, I lose”.

    Hope someone else saw it , it was a break from the Meacum Auctions and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

  20. Jane Heller says:

    I didn’t see it, John. But I hope Kay’s wife will now turn her attention to his eating habits and get him to like soup and condiments.

  21. Nadine says:

    I watched it too. For me it was in the afternoon, so I was back from work already. And yes, I did cry too. It was so emotional. And I was happy Jorge translated most of the spanish stuff. ;)
    So now we’re down from the core four to the key three to the dynamic duo. ;)
    But I really hope that Jorge will still be around somehow.

  22. Jane Heller says:

    Hey, Nadine. Good to hear from you. Glad you were able to see Jorge’s official goodbye. It sounds like he’ll take time to enjoy his family and figure out what’s next, but I also think that since he retired a Yankee he’ll have a place in the organization at some point. Hope so anyway.

  23. Barbara says:

    Ok baseball is not too far away, I just did my annual writing every game time and opponent in my work appointment book. The little things that make life better!

  24. Jane Heller says:

    You’re better than I am, Barbara. I haven’t paid much attention to the schedule yet. One of these days I’ll get serious about the fact that baseball is just around the corner!