WS Game 7: Congrats, Cardinals

October 28th, 2011 by Jane Heller

This one didn’t have much drama compared to last night’s game – how could it? – but big hat tip to the Cardinals for coming back from the dead yet again.

(Hey, it’s almost Halloween. Might as well post a creepy pic.)

When the Rangers jumped out to the early lead, I figured they were determined not to let another championship slip through their fingers. But the Cardinals came right back and never let up. And that was basically that. They were improbable contenders and now they’re improbable winners, not unlike the Giants were last year. They played with a lot of heart and, while not always perfect in their execution, they scored runs when they needed to.

I’m sad that baseball is officially done, although I won’t miss Buck/McCarver saying over and over: “This could be the last time we see Albert Pujols wear a Cardinals uniform.” We had a joke in my house. I kept saying to Michael: “This could be the last time we see Albert Pujols eat sunflower seeds in a Cardinals uniform” and “This could be the last time we see Albert Pujols sit in the dugout in a Cardinals uniform.” (You get the picture.)

Now we can move on to Yankees business. First up: CC.

Happy Almost Halloween.


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13 Responses to “WS Game 7: Congrats, Cardinals”

  1. Leo says:

    AHHHHH!!!! My eyes!!! Burn that picture Jane!!

    As for the Cardinals, I just knew the game wouldn’t be as intense as last night but regardless, I followed this game as closely as last night especially knowing it was going to be the final baseball game in quite awhile. So it was a very bittersweet feeling watching it. This World Series was one of the best non Yankee series in recent memory. We have alot to reflect about this baseball season. After that memorable Wild Card Wednesday, it’s as if the excitement and intensity never wore off. Watching the Yankees lose did suck but as a baseball fan, what more could you ask for? Now time to wait out this loong offseason hopefully keeping myself busy with work and my attempts to go back to school and life in general to hopefully keep my mind off baseball and make the time pass faster until spring training.

    Oh yeah and it was very nice seeing Freese win the MVP (and deservedly so) and Berkman, after a long MLB career, get his first WS title.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    HAHA, Leo. You really think CC would want to go to the Red Sox? And vice versa? Not happening. Yes, very nice seeing Freese get the MVP nod and for Berkman to win a ring. I only wish the “Puma” had played better in his limited role with the Yanks.

  3. Ruth says:

    OMG, what a Fall Classic. I loved every minute, errors and all. As I said to anyone who would listen tonight, what baseball-playing kid in the world wouldn’t give to be David Freese some day? What a performance by that guy. You just never know who will ‘bring it’ to the Series….I love it when it’s not an A-Rod or a Pujols, but a Brosius, a Tino, a Boone…or in this case, a Freese. Awesome stuff!

    But the real question is: Should the Atlanta Braves get rings, too? LOL! Just kidding, I love the Braves.

  4. barbara says:

    that picture is a horrible way to start the day. you usually make us smile instead of hurting our heads.
    so now that the too late games are over, it’s time to compile a better team for next year.

  5. Melissa says:

    The last picture was more frightening than the first.

    These Cardinals really can fight back.

    Nice ceremonies after the game. They allowed the families and fans who were there to be part of it.

    We are supposed to get over 6 inches of snow here today, maybe a lot more. WHAT!?!?!? It doesn’t feel at all like baseball weather, which makes the end of the season okay, though I am still sad.

  6. Leo says:

    Nah I know CC isn’t going to go to the Red Sox. Just the sight of him in the uniform frightens me. Anyway, yes now we can get back to business and talk about the Yankees now that the World Series is over. I’ve read that the Yanks already have a contract extension ready for him before he even opts out. I still believe he’ll opt out just to hear what other teams have to offer him. But ultimately he’ll be back with us. The Yankees will offer him the most money but I just don’t want them to go too crazy with the years. He’s been our ace but he’s inevitably going to decline as he gets older. Hopefully by the time that happens, we’ll have one of our kids (Banuelos? Betances?) ready to lead the rotation or get somebody else (Felix? Pipe dream I know).

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Michael said the same thing about kids wishing they could grow up and be Freese, Ruth. What a series for him. And I agree about the lesser stars ending up being the heroes; it’s always interesting to see who shines. Funny about the Braves. Somebody on Twitter last night wrote, “Ron Washington should be the Cardinals MVP.” Ouch.

    Barbara, lighten up! You of all people know that CC is not going to the Red Sox. Not only would they not want to be saddled with an expensive, long-term contract for him because of his age and the fact that he doesn’t pitch that well at Fenway, but why would he want to go to there? He had enough trouble deciding to move to New York with his family.

    I heard about the snow, Melissa. I called my mother yesterday to see if she was prepared and she was not happy about the weather. Too early for the white stuff but the perfect end to the baseball season, I guess.

    I agree about the number of years for CC, Leo. They should pay him but not go long with the contract. The other one I’m watching is Swisher. I really am not interested in signing Beltran so I hope Boras doesn’t persuade Cashman it’s a good idea.

  8. John says:

    Thats a scary costume on CC!

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I guess I should have posted a little caption with the pic, John, that said, “Trick or treat!”

  10. Jeff says:



    I’ve been having a Benigni moment since that last out, going around screaming “I WANNA MAKE LOVE TO EVERYBODY!”

    I’m sad the season is over too… but, you know just as recently as 2009, this offseason is gonna be SWEET!

    And I’ll still be coming back to the She-Fan page!

  11. Jane Heller says:

    HAHA, Jeff. I can feel your excitement and picture you going around like Benigni kissing everybody. Good to know you won’t forget us little people over here in Yankeeville. Congratulations.

  12. margaret says:

    Just returned this evening from a very long & very cold 4 days up north with family.
    That wasn’t bad enough huh Jane?
    I come to your blog and somehow my screen scrolled down to the photo of CC first and I freaked out.
    What did I miss while dealing with dysfunctial family members for pete’s sake? I actually gasped out loud.
    Which made my husband ask from other room, “Are you okay?”
    I went back up to the top of the page and read quickly.

    Don’t do that again please.
    We don’t need to put that out in the universe.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Peg, glad you survived the family visit. Now chill about CC! The Yankees offered him a new contract today. They’ll figure it out. Stop worrying and have a happy Halloween!