WS Game 5: Talk About A Momentum Change

October 24th, 2011 by Jane Heller

I thought the Cardinals had this game won, despite the setting. But once the score was tied, it was a matter of time before the Rangers did what they had to do.

As I watched Napoli, both offensively and defensively, I kept wondering if the Angels had trader’s remorse.

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Why would you get rid of this guy? And for Vernon Wells? Maybe he’s not the best catcher in the majors, although he’s been more than decent in the postseason. He’s a professional hitter and always has been. I’d take him.

Moving on to the Yankees, does anyone have any interest in Roy Oswalt? I do. Sort of. I’d rather have C.J. Wilson but even he doesn’t thrill me. Mostly, I just want the CC business settled. Could we please have news about the opt-out already?


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11 Responses to “WS Game 5: Talk About A Momentum Change”

  1. Jeff says:

    I think CJ Wilson is gonna end up like AJ Burnett. Overpaid and a crapshoot in the second half of his career. That was a tough loss indeed, but if any team can come back and steal the WS away, it’s the Redbirds.

  2. Ruth says:

    Last night was a must-win for the Rangers, in my mind, and they came through. The Redbirds surely blew it…Texas was making a lot of mistakes and was working hard to give the game away….but I think they can rebound at home. Napoli is a gem, Jane, and I was surprised when the Angels let him go. But how ’bout those impersonations by Derek Holland? (Harry Carey, Arnold Schwarzenegger (too lazy to look up the correct spelling)). He was funny! He definitely has a future….oh, wait, he’s only 25 years old….damn, these ‘kids’ are just so talented and have it all, don’t they?! I’m hoping for a Game 7 on Thursday…but of course the Cards have to win Game 6 first, but I think they will.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I think you’re right about Wilson, Jeff, although he could have gotten the win last night. His post-season record will probably scare teams off. Yes, a tough loss for your boys but they put A LOT of men on base and left them there.

    Texas did make a lot of mistakes, Ruth, and the Cardinals didn’t take advantage. It reminded me of a certain team from the Bronx and their bad RISP stats in 2011. Holland’s impersonations were funny and they made Buck lighten up, which to me is a Herculean feat. A Game 7 would be sweet – anything to keep baseball from going away until February.

  4. Ruth says:

    Jane, I insist you watch with both eyes (not one on dinner), if there is a Game 7. I hope we get one…exciting (because my team is not in it, and therefore I can handle it). I’ve been meaning to ask you why you dislike Buck (and probably McCarver) so much (and it’s not just you…seems most people in our ‘group’ don’t like him/them). I’m beginning to wonder what is wrong with me (okay, I lie when I say I’m ‘beginning’ to wonder…been wondering my whole life, actually) that I actually like Buck and McCarver. Every game I listen and think ‘what is it that people don’t like about them?’ and I can’t ever really come up with anything substantial. Sure, McCarver doesn’t know how many letters are in certain words – and there are lots of other examples for him like that, but I don’t see the problem with Buck. I like him..although I don’t know WHAT he was thinking trying to do a talk show….stay in the booth, Joe. Just curious, Jane… you know you’re stuck with me whether we agree on Buck or not.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    I’m glad to hear Buck has at least one fan, Ruth. LOL. I can’t speak for others, but here are my reasons for not liking him (and that’s putting it gently). His voice is a monotone; he drones and takes all the excitement and energy out of a game. His play-by-play is generic; he has no particular expression or phrase or use of words that’s specific to him the way the great broadcasters do. He seems to enjoy dredging up the more sensational or controversial aspects of the game and/or players, even if we’ve heard the same stories over and over again. He doesn’t like the Yankees much from what I can tell; when he’s doing one of our games he sounds like he’s at a funeral if we’re winning. Is that substantial enough?

  6. Ruth says:

    Jane, interesting to hear your review of Buck. I can see what you’re saying. I guess he doesn’t have any ‘trademark’ phrases or inflection, but to me just the sound of his voice over all these years is his trademark for me. Since it’s not annoying to me, I guess it’s comforting to have ‘been with’ this guy for so many years. But, yes, just being used to someone’s voice doesn’t make them special. Are there any National Broadcasters you like (not sure ‘National Broadcasters’ is the right term)? I always think it’s tougher for the National guys to be pleasing to us fans who watch on a daily basis, because we’re used to our home guys, like Michael Kay, who give us more specific information about our team, and they would repeat less things because they know they are getting more ‘repeat fans,’ whereas the National guys are generally catering to a more wide-ranging audience (the ‘casual’ fan who watches only the ‘game of the week’ on FOX), so their information is going to be more general and inevitably repetitive to the hard-core fan of a particular team. Does this make any sense? So it would be interesting to see if any of the ‘National’ announcers are pleasing to you.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, there’s a big difference in coverage, Ruth, between the home announcers and the national guys who parachute in just for a game here and there. But Vin Scully isn’t a national announcer and he’s the cream of the crop. True talent in the booth is hard to find.

  8. Yank33ss says:

    Hello again Jane. I might become a regular poster. LOL. I’m afraid I have agree with Ruth about Buck. Over the years I associate his voice with october baseball and I quite like him. I also don’t get the anti-Yankee feeling from him that I get from mccarver. At worst I find him impartial which is a good thing for a national broadcaster. As far as his lack of gimmicky calls, I really like it. In fact, the reason I detest (greatly) sterling is because of his silly calls and repetitive statements (besides his terrible miscalls). Btw, which old time great broadcaster had a bunch signature calls? I am not too versed on famous guys but the one that comes to mind, vin scully, has none (unless I’m much mistaken).

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Yay, Yank33ss. Glad to have you aboard again. I’d love it if you became a regular. Buck must have his admirers like you and Ruth or he wouldn’t have been on the air for as long as he has. I just don’t happen to agree. I guess I prefer “characters” in baseball, gimmicky calls included. Which old time broadcaster had signature calls? Do the names Mel Allen and Phil Rizzuto ring a bell????

  10. Ruth says:

    Well, I just think the local guys are more easy to like. Michael Kay and the gang are great, and I really like our Baltimore Orioles guy, Gary Thorne. I think these guys must be contractually required to be less interesting on the National level. Case in point: I was intrigued to hear Don Orsello call the Tampa Bay/Texas ALDS for TBS. Just two days earlier he called the game where the Red Sox had their hearts ripped out/season ended by the Orioles, allowing Tampa Bay to get into the playoffs, but you would never have known it by listening to him. I would even bet many of the casual fans/people who just watch baseball during the playoffs didn’t even know he is the Red Sox announcer. I know he can’t be biased and talk Red Sox during a Rays/Ranger game, but I thought he had so much to offer by seeing so much of the Rays during the regular season, but he didn’t seem to bring much of that insight to the broadcast. Oh well. Interesting.

    So, no World Series tonight, so we delay the ending of the season a little longer….

  11. Jane Heller says:

    I like Gary Thorne, Ruth. Don Orsillo too. They have good broadcasting voices and do a great job of calling games without too much bias.