It’s Time For A Female GM

October 19th, 2011 by Jane Heller

I watched bits of tonight’s World Series opener while I was making dinner. It looked like a tight, well-played game for the most part and I congratulate the Cardinals on the win.

The piece of news that really grabbed my attention though was the story on and elsewhere that the Angels are interviewing Kim Ng for their GM position.


Ng was Cashman’s assistant GM before she went west to fill the same spot for the Dodgers and now works in Torre’s department in the Commissioner’s Office. She’s interviewed for GM jobs with plenty of teams and keeps getting passed over for a guy. Will she break the glass ceiling this time around?

I really hope the Angels aren’t just talking to her because she’s a woman and, therefore, they’d be fulfilling their obligation to interview minorities. Somebody someplace will step up and make her the first female GM so it might as well be the Angels.

Did anybody see ESPN’s E:60 special on Dwight Gooden tonight? I was all set to watch it but finding it on my stupid Cox cable lineup was harder than I imagined. Gooden tweeted that the show was on at 8 pm, as did ESPN’s web site, so I figured that meant eastern time; I turned on the show at 5pm my time. Nope. Not on. Okay, I thought. Maybe it’s 8 pm nationwide. Nope. Not on then either. I checked Cox’s web site and discovered it was on at 6pm here. Does that make any sense? Why advertise your original programming, ESPN, and then make it impossible for viewers to find it?

I did find a clip of the special. Oh, Doc. It’s one thing for those silly Red Sox pitchers to drink beer in the clubhouse, but did you really have to do cocaine during the Mets’ ticker tape parade?

At least he’s sober now and seems to have turned his life around.


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6 Responses to “It’s Time For A Female GM”

  1. Kristen says:

    I was certainly excited to read this article this morning. Ng sounds great and the front office has said they’re looking for someone new who hasn’t necessarily had a GM’s postion before, I assume to mold in their own image. So we’ll see. I definitely like her best of the names that have been bantered about so far.

  2. margaret says:

    I found the silver lining about the Yankees not being in the WS
    Small but…

    One doesn’t have to listen to Joe Buck’s mindless endless chatter.
    He could be used for a form of torture in war.
    I know I would admit to war crimes never committed to shut him up!
    Without the Yankees playing I could change the channel and I did.

    It may be only a very small consolation while I search for the positive but it’s something.

  3. Pinstripepride says:

    I hope Kim Ng doesn’t get the job. This is for purely selfish reasons. I heard she did a phenomenal job when she was with the Yankees. The Angels already give us plenty of problems. We don’t need them adding her to the mix. I want her to be a GM, but either in the NL or as an eventual replacement for Cashman.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Your guys also talked or are talking to a couple of our top scouting guys, Kristen, so you could end up with a Yankees plant in your organization one way or another. But since Ng has the best credentials, I can’t see how she’d get passed over again. We shall see.

    Yes, I changed the channel too, Peg. But since I wasn’t invested in the outcome of the game, I didn’t mind Buck and McCarver as much as I usually do. Odd but true. I kind of tuned them out, I guess. I did get a bit jealous when I heard the crowd cheering; I wanted them to be in the Bronx.

    That’s quite a compliment to Ng, Pinstripepride. But I think we can hold our own even if Ng does go to the competition. I’d rather she be GM for the Angels than the Red Sox. Think about that!

  5. Melissa says:

    I miss the Yankees!

    I have to say that one baseball thing I really regret is how Gooden and Strawberry were given millions of dollars and no support and let loose in the big city. Of course, they were the ones who made the choices to do what they did. Yet I think baseball smartened up and offers more mentoring for young guys now.
    I have long thought that if the two of them had come along in a different time, they would have been among the all time greats. What a shame.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Absolutely right, Melissa. Think about how both players made comebacks and how well they did for the Yankees – even after all the problems they had. They would have been truly great.