Stiff Upper Lip, Everybody

October 6th, 2011 by Jane Heller

I was hoping that the lead pic for this post would be one of me spraying myself with champagne. Or, since the Yanks needed to come back and win in the ninth tonight, I contemplated a shot of Michael smushing pie in my face. Oh, well.

What a bizarre, stomach-churning, ultimately soul-crushing game, wasn’t it?

From Nova’s quick and rather mysterious exit… to the cavalcade of relievers that included CC… to the oddly silent bats… it was a game that kept me hoping but left me empty. Girardi made so many moves on the pitching side but none on the hitting side. Clearly, Tex, Swisher, Martin and A-Rod were struggling and yet there was no Montero? No Chavez? No Jones? We had a great bench this season, but he didn’t use any of them tonight. Strange.

So. The Tigers won and I congratulate them.

And I say goodbye to Gene Monahan for all the years he gave the Yankees and, very likely, to Jorge. What a series he had after his travails this season.

There will be plenty of time for more elaborate postmortems, but for now let’s remember the high notes of 2011, which for me included:

  1. Jeter’s 3000th.
  2. Mo’s 600th.
  3. The breakthrough of Nova.
  4. The MVP seasons of Granderson and Cano.
  5. The emergence of Robertson.
  6. The major league debut of Montero.
  7. The surprising performances of Colon and Garcia.
  8. Winning the Division.

It was a very good year for the New York Yankees – better than most expected – but they fell short. So be it.

The good part of losing? More hours in the day for other things. For example, tonight I went right from the final out to HBO’s Part II of the George Harrison documentary, having watched Part I last night. It took my mind off baseball and reminded me that I have other interests that I’ll now have time to pursue.

More to come after I’ve digested losing, which is never fun but is part of the deal of being a fan.


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40 Responses to “Stiff Upper Lip, Everybody”

  1. Leo says:

    The loss tonight was all on the offense. I really questioned all of Girardi’s bullpen moves (including using CC on short rest which would’ve taken him off the equation of starting in the ALCS, should the Yankees have moved on) but none of them blew up in his face so that’s something. I will not be able to sleep well tonight and that’s not just because the Yankees lost. Tonight just spelled the end of the baseball season and the start of a looooonggg offseason that drags and makes me yearn for baseball so much during those months. I guess football is there (go Giants) even though I’m a casual fan of it only. Same for basketball which may not even have a season due to that lockout. I wish Posada’s career ended on a better note but he provided us with some great memories that I will never forget. He is likely done and I wish him nothing but the best in his future. I really wish the fans had chanted his name knowing it was his final game but I can understand since they were in shock. But yeah, we did have a lot to be happy about and celebrate this year Jane. Everything that you mentioned was very special but most are not going to sink into most fans’ minds just yet since this loss is still fresh. And sorry Case and others who had ALCS tickets that did not get a chance to use them. All I can do now is sleep this off and hope we can do better next year.

  2. Sean K says:

    Wow. Where to start?

    Leaving the bases loaded twice… chipping away… getting *thisclose* to tying or taking the lead in the 7th… Jeter missing a go-ahead HR in the 8th by an agonizingly small margin… drama until the final pitch…

    Even though the Tigers won, this is the kind of game you love to see as a fan, with the season hanging in the balance. Not like the shameful end to [gulp] 2004 where the team didn’t bother showing up for Game 7. And it’s the kind of game that gives you ulcers and ages you a year watching it, mumbling under your breath as Girardi refuses to pinch hit for A-Rod or Tex [combined 5-for-36 in series], tensing up as the Yankees draw within a run, pounding the floor in frustration as Jeter’s fly ball comes up a RCH short. I had to shower afterwards because I was drenched in sweat.

    Well, time to breathe deeply and start looking forward to next year. And say goodbye to Jorge, who had a great series.

  3. John says:

    Anyone who defends A-Rod today should can it. Montero should have batted for A-Rod. He could have done no worse. The pitching moves really didn’t end up badly. The CC move cost the winning run but we left, actually A-Rod left, to many men on base.

    Now to my dilema. I have only Yankee gear to wear for next 3 days here in Maine. I did bring 1 Patriot shirt and hat so I can get into cognito at least one of the days. I didn’t bring my bullet proof vest though.

    These are the times that try mens souls!

    Mudville, Mudville, where for art thou Mudville, the mighty Casey, aka A-Rod, has struck out–again!

  4. Jessica says:

    Jane, soul-crushing is the perfect description of this game.  For a team that made history this year by hitting three grand slams in one game, it’s unbelievable that the Yankees managed to scratch out only two runs with so many opportunities.  There were moments which felt like we were on the brink of blowing the game wide open.  All I can say is that Leyland’s underwear tonight packed some powerful voodoo!  According to Michael Kay, Leyland didn’t change or wash his underwear during the Tigers’ twelve game winning streak and from the looks of it, he didn’t adjust his tactic for the ALDS.  Maybe next season Girardi should look into the idea! 

    I really need some closure so I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s comments and your postmortem analysis.  Like you said, it’s all a part of being a fan.  Take care and until next time!   

  5. Audrey says:

    I had a hard time getting up today but when I finally dragged myself from the bedroom my dog was there to greet me with her tail wagging hard, ready to drop to the floor for her morning tummy rub. It was a good way to start the day and a good reminder that life is good and sports is just a fun (or not-so-fun) sidelight. The sun is shining today and is going to all weekend, I have a couple of exciting trips coming up, the holidays are around the corner, everyone I love is healthy – really, it’s all good!

    That doesn’t mean there isn’t a little ache in my heart when I think about this post-season and especially last night. I keep going over the things I wish had been done differently, such as A-Rod being held at third when Posada singled. Why didn’t we make them make the perfect play there? And Jeter’s near-homerun – GAAHH! My seat cushions took a pounding then, trust me. And all those runners left on base – waaah!

    But it was an outstanding season for Yankees fans for all the reasons Jane mentioned. Best of all, we went farther than anyone thought we would (And, most importantly, farther than the Sox, whose fans can never bring up 2004 again). On a personal level, many wonderful things happened in Audrey’s Yankee Universe. I and various configurations of friends and family were able to attend three games, two of which we won and one of which was full of grand slams. Also, I got to meet our head Shefan and her husband at that game – what an honor and privilege! I just wish the rain hadn’t been so inhibiting to social interaction and I had stuck around to meet Yankeecase too. My son and I have bonded over our mutual love for the Yankees and Granderson, a new sports interest for him. And I have connected with a number of neighbors and acquaintances when we’ve discovered our mutual fandom. All in all, a succussful year!

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s comments on the game and the season. Perhaps the saddest thing about the end of the Yankees’ season is the change in my routine, which has been to open up to the Shefan page and sample of the wit and wisdom of my fellow Yankee fans. I will miss that daily communion but will check in regularly hoping to catch the occasional baseball gem.

    P.S. If series’ winners were determined by total runs the Yankees won 28-17. If only!

  6. margaret says:

    I don’t need to add more adjectives about my disappointment. I think everyone pretty much will do it for me. My biggest beef is with Girardi but I won’t go into that. The year is over and it is what it is.
    The interview with Jorge killed me. Just slayed me. I cried when he began to cry and he walked away from the interview because he couldn’t go on.
    “they” say he just got the hang of DH in the last month. That DH’ing is a learned position just like 2nd base etc. “They” say this was his last game in pinstripes and that someone will pick him up other than the Yankees. So many things about this game/loss and year that were close but no cigar.

    I had a very very bad day yesterday and the game kept my mind from dark thoughts….then that outcome and that interview. Oh brother!

    On a happier note Jane – you gal Jenna M. is on The Broads this morning on Sirius. :-)
    Ah, the world goes on.

  7. Andie says:

    I don’t think any of us could put it better. Your post sums up everything so well. Yes, it was a rather sad game, but look at everything we accomplished during the regular season! Jeter, Mo, Posada’s success at the end, and all the new, exciting players we have to look forward to. We did what no one said we could in the beginning.

    It was a tough loss, though, no doubt about it. I had the feeling all day that we’d win and almost took it like an insult when we didn’t! lol. My father always says, “If we lose, I’d rather lose at home.” And it is strangely comforting to know that all of the thousands of fans in the stadium felt exactly like we did – we’re not alone.

    As for the Tigers, I’ve always liked the Tigers. (They do show Leyland every 5 seconds!!!!!) They’re not one of those teams that make me sick to my stomach at the thought of losing to, like the Sox, Rays, or Angels. They played well, and I give them credit…we’ll see what happens.

    Well, Jane, thank you for another season of great posts, pictures, and humor. I love this blog and appreciate all your fans’ comments. They are especially great to read at times like this – knowing other people are suffering out there with me. It’s OK though. They’ll be back next year, and of course, so will we.

    Go Yankees

  8. dj says:

    The off-season depression will now commence…

  9. Ladyjane303 says:

    That picture is almost as ugly as last night’s game. So typical of our whole season – big RISP fail. How many pies did we see this year – what 2, 3? They fell behind, crept closer and then left us hanging in the 9th time and again. Aside from the obvious (no pinch-hitters, Joe?), nobody is talking about the fact that the difference in this game was a run that CC gave up – he wasn’t CC-like the last few weeks. Not gonna dwell on it – everyone has said what there is to say. Just a few more thoughts: Not the way we want to say goodbye to Geno. I didn’t cry until I heard Jorge on the post game interview – he was one of the true stand-outs in this series and can go (which he probably will) with his head held high. Should we worry about Nova’s arm tightness? The jerks on TBS mentioned “Tommy John” a couple of times.
    It’s been fun sharing this season with all of you. Yes, there were many things to be proud of as you listed above. But for now, let’s go Brewers!

  10. Melissa says:

    Sigh. Leo, you nailed it. My sadness is more due to the end of baseball season than anything. We’ll be watching English Premier League and European Champions League Football (soccer), but they are not as relaxing and special as baseball.

    Jane, you are right – let’s look back at the good of this season. We have the whole off season to dissect the flaws.

    I must say though that that game was almost a microcosm of the Yankee season. Jeter and Posada started out badly but got better; ARod, Tex, Martin and Swisher didn’t hit; Girardi had to cobble the pitching together and they left lots of men on base.

    The loss though, is really the fault of Jane, who I didn’t notice eating any lucky food, and Peggy, who did not cheer loud enough. ; – ) I did find myself in the late innings having to convince myself that nothing I said or did would influence the outcome of the game.

    When the season comes down to one game, teams win or lose due to talent and luck. Not to say the Tigers weren’t good, it’s just luck always plays a part in any sport.

    So I tip my hat to the Tigers and I’ll be rooting for them to go all the way. Detroit, and indeed the state of Michigan, could use a boost, and they are a talented team with a very good manager.

  11. James says:

    I have no words. All of you friends who commented before me said it all.
    I’m just proud to be a Yankee Fan!!!

  12. James says:

    I have nothing more to say, all of you friends who commented before said it all.
    I’m just proud to be a Yankee Fan, I’d love to see a Tigers – Brewers WS.

  13. yankeefansince1941 says:

    I’m beginning to think that during the off season we need to find two starting pitchers. We can live with C.C., Nova, and Hughes. A.J.? Maybe. I think we should also look for a THIRD BASEMAN. TV announcers have been blaming A-Rod’s sore thumb for his lack of power. I’m beginning to wonder if PED’s or the lack thereof are part of the answer. Besides, the thumb wouldn’t be the cause of his recent flurry of K’s. As I mentioned before, perhaps we should train Jesus Montero to play third. Heck, we have two fine catching prospects in the minors, Romine and Sanchez.
    Like my old Brooklyn dodger fan-friends used to say, “Wait ’til next year!”

  14. Ruth says:

    Hi Team She-Fan: There was a great Two and a Half Men Episode titled ‘Gorp. Fnark. Schmegle.’ Those are the words I’ve been muttering to myself for the last 10 hours or so. Yea, I fully realize we really didn’t have a great team (we know we weren’t World Series material), and we were lucky to get as far as we did, but it’s just so damn frustrating to see our big hitters go cold, once again (seems like it happens every year.) And to be so unenergetic in front of the home crowd….boggles the mind. But, yes, I believe the better team won.

    Have any of these questions been answered?: Why did Phil Hughes get such a short stint? He seemed to have some good stuff…..Who would have started Game 1 of the ALCS since CC pitched? Colon? Garcia? I know, it doesn’t matter…but I’m curious.

    I hope A-Rod dedicates the off-season to getting in the best shape of his life….I mean, we’re wedded to him for like the next 20 years….so it’s got to get better. I wasn’t a fan of him at his best, so I’m dreading many years of a declining A-Rod. I agree with you, Jane, Girardi should have pinch hit, at a minimum, for A-Rod. He wasn’t 100% and it was obvious. Starting him was the right thing to do, but I think we could all see after a couple ABs that he just couldn’t overcome his weaknesses.

    And thanks, thanks a lot, to Kim Jones, channeling her inner Barbara Walters, for making Jorge (and me) cry……HEARTBREAKING. He is a GREAT CHAMPION and a fighter…..I felt like he played like he wanted it, more than most of the team.

    I am a huge overall baseball fan, so the season continues for me. Frankly I’m tired and secretly relieved to no longer have a ‘horse in the race.’ Just too stressful. I look forward to enjoying Verlander’s next start, hopefully seeing the Cardinals upend the Phillies, etc etc. Life goes on, I guess.

    This is my first post-season with this community, so I look forward to the off-season tidbits you can get us riled up about, Jane!

    Sorry for the long post….will miss talking and venting with you guys on a daily basis. Goodbye for now.

  15. Jeff says:

    Sounds like you have the right perspective, Jane. It was an odd game. Ironically, the Tigers turned it on when they had to and the Yanks didn’t. Just remember, things could always be worse. You could be the Orioles. Or the Astros. Or the RED SOX! LOL.

  16. jane says:

    No one at work has mentioned anything about the game yet. I’m sure they just don’t want to hear about it, because I’m certain they know the outcome of last night. I’m am wearing a black shirt–the veil creeps my patients out so I don’t wear it! I clicked the remote immediately after the final out, not wanting to relive any of the game or listen to more TBS bias. I would like to see Jorge’s interview–if anyone could post a link, it would be greatly appreciated. He is a true champion, fiesty, gritty, humble–there aren’t enough words. I would hope to see his return but will not hold my breath. To have the end of the “official” season and more dismantling of the Core Four is more than I can bear right now. But as Audrey has said, it is a game and there is more to life–my family and friends are also well, the sun is shining here and my 15 yr old still has 2 more fall baseball games to play! I too will remember all the positives already mentioned about this year and will root for the Cards and D-backs tonight. I like the Phillies but would love to see someone else take the NL just to proove all the preseason hype wrong–it’s not all about the Red Sox and Phils. Take pride in a season well done Yankees Fans and here’s looking toward a productive off-season and great 2012!

  17. Terri says:

    That was a nail-biter of a game, guys! In the end, the Tigers simply seemed to want it more — or had the better chemistry, or something like that. I’m actually rooting for the Rangers now that my Red Sox are out of it, but the Tigers/Rangers ALCS should be very very interesting.

    Sorry it ended in such a disappointing, nail-biting and ultimately underwhelming fashion, Yankee Universe.

    Next year, let’s hope for a Boston/New York ALCS (The way God intended ;) ) if both of the teams can get their heads on straight!

  18. Bob Cerv says:

    What gracious losers all of you are. I mean that politely and respectfully, not in a sarcastic way.

    Before every critical game in any sport, I look for omens. And usually find one. Or more.
    Yesterday’s terrible, horrible omen was all too obvious. I could NOT connect to this blog. My computer let me connect to “Mainly Jane” every time, but locked me out of this one. It was the Lockout of Certain Doom.

    The game was over before it started. In the very first inning. Two runs was a CHASM. For 7 innings?!?

    Just like “jane,” I turn off the TV instantly when the last out is made. I don’t watch ANY interviews or ANY summaries. I avoid ALL sports on TV like the black plague for days…because that’s what it is right now.

    I could care less who wins the pennant or the World Series. The season’s over. Gratefully, we leave for a week-long trip to Florida and a wedding during WS week, and the bride is a big Red Sox fan (!…ah…some satisfaction…) so I don’t have to pretend to care.

    Yes, I am a VERY sore loser. Especially when it’s a bitter unforgettable loss like this. Be glad you don’t have me around you. I will sign off now before saying something worse and regrettable. My apologies…

  19. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, that’s the hardest part, Leo – the fact that our season ended and there will be no baseball for us until February, which, by the way, comes very quickly. Only a few months away and we’ll all be full of hope and promise once again, plus there’s always a busy off-season for the Yankees. Who knows what deals will be made. I don’t follow football or other sports, so for me that was it. I’m not interested in watching the other series except in a casual way.

    LOL that you had to shower your sweat off, Sean. I had the opposite reaction: chills! It was a very frustrating game to watch and I think we all did a lot of teeth gnashing and muttering. But, as they say, it is what it is.

    I’m not going to defend A-Rod, John, except to say he was not 100% and it seems silly to put all the blame on him. He played a very good third base. Tex didn’t hit either and he played a very good first base. Jeter had a big error in the other game but struck out in key situations last night. Swisher and Martin were AWOL at the plate last night. Even Cano came up with men on and didn’t deliver. Plenty of blame to go around. I do agree, as I wrote in the post, that Girardi was strangely not aggressive in pinch hitting for guys.

    Maybe they should all not change/wash their underwear, Jessica. HAHAHA. On the other hand, I like my Yankees clean and well groomed, so probably not. The offense did go cold this postseason, and we’ve seen it happen before. It’s part luck; this team drove in a ton of runs during the regular season. But good pitching beats good hitting every time. Also, this team has never been one for moving runners over and getting them in. They hit homers but sometimes that’s not enough.

    I had an ache in my heart too when I woke up this morning, Audrey. I slept fine but then when I got up I said, “Oh. The Yankees lost last night.” And it was like a kick in the gut. But I love your list of good things that came of the 2011 season. Very cheerful.

    Thanks for telling me about Jenna, Peg. Her new book is just out and she was on the Today show on Monday. She looked great and they showed her husband and kids too. Very cool. Sorry about your bad day yesterday, made worse by last night. I hope Rick had the martinis handy.

    I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the blog, Andie. Yes, we are always here for you so you’re definitely not alone! We celebrate together and we gripe together and now we grieve together. And there’s always something to write about in Yankeeville, so this blog will keep chugging along even during the off-season.

    Yes, off-season depression, DJ. The days get shorter and the nights get longer and all the rest. But as I said above, there will be the GM meetings and the trades and signings and lots of news, I’m sure. And February will bring our boys back to TV so there really are only a few months to get through. Chin up.

    Big RISP fail, ladyjane. But it’s been that way all season without all the come-from-behind victories we’d seen in other years. Not much pie, in other words. CC wasn’t his usual ace-like self throughout; he had many chances to win #20, for example, and couldn’t. But the people on twitter saying the Yankees should let him walk were driving me nuts. Such an overreaction, in my opinion. Tommy John surgery for Nova? How dumb. This was the first we’d heard of any tightness and suddenly he has to go under the knife? I won’t miss those hysterics, I can tell you that.

    HAHA, Melissa. I did eat lucky food. It just wasn’t so lucky. And Michael had pulled out his Bernie Williams jersey and it was lucky….until it wasn’t. Sigh. Yes, the Motor City could use a boost, so maybe this is the Tigers’ year. I’d say they have their hands full though with the Rangers and then the NL team (I’m guessing Phillies), but we’ll see. It would be nice for Detroit to have something to cheer about. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Hugs to you, James. We’re proud to be Yankee fans along with you.

    I’m sure Cashman (if he’s still our GM) will go after starting pitching this off-season, yankeefansince1941. There won’t be any Colon or Garcia this time around, as good a job as those two did. And we have a good defensive third baseman in Laird. It’s certainly possible that PED’s have played a part in A-Rod’s injuries, but he’s under contract and not going anywhere so they’ll have to keep patching him up and sending him out there. And yes, there’s always next year and it’ll be here fast. You’ll see.

    Hi, Ruth. I wondered why Hughes’ outing was so short and was shocked when Logan came in so early in the game. But all Girardi’s pitching moves worked out, except for CC, I guess. But seriously, would we rather have seen him or Cory Wade/Luis Ayala? My biggest beef in the pinch hitting department was Montero for Martin in the eighth (I think it was the eighth). At least we’d still have a catcher in the game. But we could have seen Chavez for A-Rod too. A head scratcher. I do think A-Rod will work hard to get in shape. It’s tough to get timing back when you’ve been out for so long. I didn’t watch any of the postgame stuff last night, including Jorge’s interview. Just didn’t want to see any of it, which is why I went straight to HBO.

    Right, Jeff. It could have been a lot worse. Good luck to your Cardinals today. And how about Ventura being named the new White Sox manager. Interesting.

    Peg has the link for the Jorge interview, Jane. I don’t expect to see Jorge back, so the Core Four is now down to Two. Sad, but all eras come to an end. We have so many kids with bright futures, and I look forward to seeing them flourish – or to plucking new Grandersons from other teams. Now that was a great trade and hopefully Cashman can pull more of those.

    Thanks for stopping by, Terri. I read that Francona is taking McCarver’s place in the booth for a couple of the FOX games, so that should be nice for Red Sox fans. Here’s to next season and another dogfight in the AL East.

    As I posted, Dave, the blog was having technical problems so you weren’t alone in not being able to get on. I couldn’t either. Great that you’re off to Florida so you can put all this behind you (or block it out – whichever).

  20. barbara says:

    that game was painful to watch. i didn’t wake up happy to have time for the rest of my life. i woke up missing baseball and then i nearly cried in spin class when they played empire state of mind. i will be fine but now i feel like i have tons of work and no yankee respite for a long time. i know it wouldn’t have made sense but i couldn’t help but wonder what the game would have looked like if montero had played instead of martin who seemed to make the most critical outs. in time i will hopefully look back and find joy–really i didn’t expect to win the division with the sox loaded and the rotation we had–but for now it feels like such a abrupt, sad, yuck ending. i am mourning at least for today

  21. Jane Heller says:

    I felt the same way you did, Barbara – that nobody (including me at times) expected to win the division and that was great, but it does feel like an abrupt ending. I’m sure the players feel the same way. I do have to wonder why we get to the playoffs so many times and end up being bounced in the first round. Usually, it’s about pitching, and we do need to make adjustments in our rotation. But for the Yankees, it’s been about the offense. Strange.

  22. Jane Heller says:

    Yikes, Jeff. What a convoluted story. I had no clue the White Sox were that interesting. LOL.

  23. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & fellow Baseball Fans…

    Nice post Jane…but …I could have done without that picture …LOL.

    Barbara …if you think it was painful to watch …it was dreadful being there. Such high hopes each time we loaded the bases. So many opportunites went to the wayside.

    Melissa …I cheered as long and loud as I could …guess they just didn’t hear me… :o(.

    Audrey …it did help coming home and finding my sweet little DJ waiting for me. Her snuggling helped take
    away some of saddness I felt after the game.

    Sorry John …I disagree with you about Alex …he was not the only culprit as far as the offense was concerned. Swisher and Martin….those two want to hit a homer every time they come to bat. Tex looked homer happy too. Many seem to want to play hero instead of just going for the basehit. The game started out with feeling butterflies but by the end it felt like I had bats flying in my stomach. I really had high hopes for the ninth inning but it wasn’t to be. I had no qualms about the pitching once I learned why Nova was taken out of the game (at first I was scratching my head along with everyone else). I wished Joe didn’t use CC (and not because he gave up a run) just because I wanted him to start the lst game of the ALCS if we made it. I also would have liked to see the baby bomber come up to the plate at least once in the game. I understand that he wanted to keep Martin in for defense tho’ (I still think Martin is an asset because of his play behind the plate…even with his lack of hitting). The change I would have made at some point if I could would have been Jones for Swisher. How much worse could it have been and maybe a fresh batter would have been just the right thing. You have to give props to the Tigers …they played hard, played tough and won it. Congrats to the Tigers & Jim Leyland (always liked him).

    As for the fans giving a final cheer for Posada…maybe it would have felt like we were conceding the game at that point. I think everyone was hoping this wasn’t the final time we would see Jorgie. There were plenty of Hip Hips going on around the Stadium when he was at bat. It just didn’t feel like it was going to be the end. Unlike Paul who made it known it would be his final time at the Stadium and fans knew it was since they were returning to Arizona for the last games…Jorgie hasn’t officially stated he’s done. Even last night it seems like he didn’t want to concede to that but I’m sure he felt it in his heart …the sadness and the red eyes just killed me when I watched some of the post game. I believe that Jorgie was the strongman to Jeter as far leadership in the clubhouse. His presence will be missed.

    Now it’s 3 1/2 months before the season starts again. The way time is flying it really isn’t that far off. I don’t follow other sports so I will take the opportunity to catch up on all my DVR’d shows, reading books, visiting friends and all the other things I put off to watch my beloved Yanks. Just think how lucky we all are …we could be Met fans …haha. My mantra as always is …WIN OR LOSE …I’LL ALWAYS LOVE MY YANKS !!!

    Go Yankees 2012

    P.S. ..I don’t have time to proof read …so ..any mistakes please forgive me.

  24. John says:

    FYI, New Yankee Spring Training package e-mail came today. Tickets being sold already! Appears the Steinbrenners are putting the past in the past quickly.

  25. Christiaan says:

    The truth is the loss tonight was all my Public Speaking teacher’s fault. You see, after the Verlander game that the Tigers won, I wore a Yankees shirt every day. The day after they lost. The day AJ won. The off day. It seemed to be good luck. Then came game 5. I could not wear a Yankees shirt because we had a speech. When we have speeches, we are required to dress up. :( Did I mention he is a Red Sox fan, who used to be a Yankees fan?!

  26. Sean K says:

    I had to shower my sweat off because it seems like the whole game I was in motion — either pounding the floor in frustration, pacing nervously, jumping up and down grumbling at the TV screen, or banging my head against the wall. Dramatic game 5’s or game 7’s have that effect on me and I’m very glad no one else was there to see me, they would have thought I was a lunatic!

    Well, on to next year. I guess I’ll root for Detroit, if NY can’t be the champions it’s not so bad if they lose to the team that becomes the champion.

  27. barbara says:

    peggy– i was thinking how painful it must have been to be there. i could barely stand it at home.

    i just got into my car after work and had that wave of sadness thinking i can’t drive home to the game for so long. i will miss my daily companion.

    is it to soon to start wishing we sign more starting pitching?

  28. Jane Heller says:

    Great wrap-up, Peggy. I know all too well what it’s like to be at a Game 5 like last night’s and there’s a feeling of helplessness. Must have been hard for you. And I agree with you 100% about the game and the players. It’s not fair to put it all on A-Rod when the others you mentioned didn’t get the runs home either. Jones for Swisher would have made sense, but oh well. Turn the page.

  29. Jane Heller says:

    Nice to think about spring training, John. There really is a “next year.”

  30. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, let’s blame the loss on that teacher, Christiaan! Lol.

  31. Jane Heller says:

    You should have shot video of yourself during the game, Sean. It would have been a You Tube hit. Haha. But don’t feel bad. The rest of us were acting like lunatics too.

  32. Jane Heller says:

    Barbara, I know just what you mean. A friend called earlier to make a dinner date for next week and I had to pause, thinking there might be a game that night and I’d have to say no. But then I remembered. Sigh. No, it’s not too early to think about pitching. I’ve already started…

  33. YankeeCase says:

    I guess there isn’t much to say, Jane…

    The better team doesn’t always win, the team that plays better does. Not to ever take anything away from the Tigers. They do have a good team. While their starting pitching may be slightly better, our offense was better and our bullpen was on par with theirs, if not better. In the end, their pitching just managed to keep our offense at bay. There were so many opportunities last night to take advantage and come through. Going after A-Rod or Tex or Swish isn’t really fair. This is the playoffs and the pitching is that much better. This isn’t all an accident. Should we blame the wind for keeping Jeter’s home run bid in at the edge of the fence in the eighth inning? Should we blame A-Rod for losing the series because he didn’t hit a home run to tie the game at the end? Hey, it’s baseball. You can’t will yourself to a win. You can’t just outmuscle the other team. This is why they play the games, because you can’t script this stuff.

    Sure A-Rod, Tex, and Swish didn’t come up as big as we’d all want. But they weren’t complete o’fers. They did manage to still get some hits, drive in some runs, and get their walks. The blame doesn’t go on them, and it’s really unfair for anyone to do so. If it were Posada or Gardner that were struggling, people would say they haven’t done much lately anyway. The Tigers’ pitching did what they had to do.

    And you can’t blame Girardi, he used the bullpen as perfectly as possible. I would love to have seen Nova go longer, but apparently he got hurt. I would love to have seen Hughes go longer, but Girardi wanted to go to Logan. I don’t think we needed CC, but had he not given up the run and we come out on top, everyone would say it was a masterstroke of genius. In the end though, it was our two best pitchers that cost us the game, the series, and the season. But who would you rather have out there? Detroit’s pitching was better when it had to be…

    Can’t say I hate Detroit, although I was rooting against them in 2006. Their fans just seemed to have this air about them and it just rubbed me the wrong way. Looks like they’re more appreciative of their team this year. For a few weeks now, I’ve had the feeling that the Brewers were going to make it to the World Series, so I’ll root for them. Of course they have to win today against the Diamondbacks… I think they can beat the Phillies, as odd as that may sound! I was looking forward to a Yankees-Brewers World Series, but we’ll see who makes it now. I think maybe the Rangers, but who knows? That’s why they play the games…

    In the end it was a great year for the Yankees. Any other year and we could only consider this a very good year. But let’s not forget that we were ‘underdogs’ to make the postseason. Boston was the prohibited favorite for the AL Pennant and run away with the AL East. Our pitching was suspect and there were no major additions to our offense. Who’s our fifth starter? What will Colon and Garcia bring? Will they last the entire season? When will we go after a big name pitcher? Will Nova step up? Will we see good AJ, or bad AJ? What would Posada bring in his new DH role? What was Martin going to be like? When will Girardi drop Jeter from the top of the order? Would Cano regress?

    Most of those questions were answered in a resoundingly positive manner. We took our division back and shut the naysayers up. We had the best AL record. We had a great offense. We had a great pitching staff (for the most part, *ahem* AJ…). We had a great bullpen. We were tops in home runs, but weren’t too far off in stolen bases either. Cano was our most consistent hitter, Granderson stepped up in all aspects of his game (although a higher average and fewer strikeouts would be appreciated…), and Nova looks like he’ll become a star. And then there’s Robertson showing he’s a force to be reckoned with. And Gardner looks like he’ll be earning a Gold Glove.

    There’s so many more positives than negatives to be taken away from this season. It was great to meet you, Jane. It was great reading all our friends’ comments here once again all season, and experiencing all the highs and lows together. Hopefully next year I have a better personal live-at-the-game record than 5-4. And hopefully our Yankees have a much happier conclusion to their season. One drenched in champagne…

    It all begins again in Tampa on April 6, 2012… See you all at the Stadium April 13, 2012!

  34. Jane Heller says:

    “I guess there isn’t much to say, Jane.” That’s how you began your comment and then proceeded to say quite a lot, YankeeCase! I’d expect nothing less from you! Thanks for the summary. Yes, many positives to take away from the season, including meeting the famous YankeeCase live and in person. But I beg to differ on when “it all begins,” because I think it’ll begin very soon. There is CC’s opt-out to deal with and Cashman’s contract and who knows what else. I don’t think this team will stand pat, as good as they were in winning the division. Should be an interesting off-season as always.

  35. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the eye witness account Peggy, and the funny sweat soaked image Sean!

    As always, Eddie (yankeecase) you did a great job of summing things up. But don’t forget, ARod played hurt, then didn’t play at all. And Jeter was hurt as well. Chavez and Nunez stepped in and did a great job and Cano seemed to just raise his game to a new level.

    Just watched the end of the Dbacks/Brewers game. Wow! That was exciting. It was great to see such an exciting game with no pressure involved – no sweating that game Sean!

    (Jane, we tuned into the game after watching part I of the George Harrison documentary on demand. Thanks for reminding me it was on. Will I ever get tired of the Beatles? I don’t thinks so!)

  36. Drew says:

    I had a good feeling about this game before it started, but after those 2 runs scored it became harder to watch. I thought our pitching did a great job of keeping us in the game, but the offense didn’t do their part. I watched every single pitch of the game hoping that someone would create some momentum. I even prayed for the bats to wake up. Like some of you guys did, I flipped the channel the moment the last out was made. Wasn’t in the mood to watch the Tigers celebrate. My birthday is on the 8th and I was counting on the yankees to make the ALCS. Wasn’t meant to be.

  37. YankeeCase says:

    Haha! Jane, that literally was all I was going to say! And then a few more words all of a sudden becomes a three page essay! But trust me, there’s always so much more going on in my mind that I don’t write about… Yes, there is CC’s opt out clause, which he will trigger. But there’s no doubt he’ll be back. It’s all about the money. As many of the crazies like to say on sports radio out here, CC’s got the Yanks over a barrel. They can’t afford to be left without an ace.

    Yeah, people forget he was hurt and didn’t have the same power, Melissa. It was great to see Jeter back to what we know Jeter is, and shut all the haters up. Notice how no one is talking about he’s the problem anymore, right? Cano was the most consistent hitter all season, and may keep that number 3 spot. The bench was great too! (and yeah! what a great brewers/d-backs game!)

    Wow, as someone just mentioned on TBS, the Phillies swept the Braves to knock them out of the Wild Card and allowing the Cardinals in, just to have those same Cardinals take them out! So there goes that Phillies/Red Sox World Series everyone saw coming, huh? lol! What another great game! This may actually turn out to be the year of the underdog comeback!! A crazy last month of the season, a crazy last day, a crazy first round, with three of the series going to the absolute last at-bat! As a baseball fan you really can’t ask for anything more! (other than our Yanks being in there and going all the way… :( )

  38. Jane Heller says:

    So glad you got to see the George Harrison doc, Melissa. I hope you’ll watch Part II because it’s way better than Part I, although I did love all the Beatles stuff in the first one. No, I’ll never get tired of seeing them. I was one of those screaming girls they kept showing!

    Aw, sorry there won’t be Yankees baseball on your birthday, Drew. Last night was very disappointing. The pitching was there, in spite of Nova’s injury, but the bats just weren’t up to it. Now it’s on to next year.

    The Phillies’ inability to score a single run tonight, YankeeCase, is a perfect example of how hard it is to mount an effective offense in the postseason. That team was loaded with talent, just like the Yankees, but in the end it was the team with momentum that won. Hard to believe anybody can beat Halladay, who is still my favorite pitcher currently in the game and the one I’ve always coveted for our Yanks, but kudos to the Cardinals (and Brewers). This postseason is looking a lot like last year when the underdog took home the rings.