And We Live Another Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 4th, 2011 by Jane Heller

That’s right. The Yankees are not dead yet – not by a long shot. Tonight was my anniversary, and Michael and I passed up a chance to go out and celebrate so we could stay home and watch the game. And what a happy anniversary it was.

Wow. So much applause to pass around.

#1. AJ

That first inning gave me a heart attack and if it weren’t for Granderson’s amazing catch I don’t know where we’d be. But whatever Larry Rothschild said during the next half inning, AJ came back out and pitched like a champ for the most part. He’ll always be a guy who walks a tightrope, but he gave us what we needed and I applaud him.

#2. Granderson

In addition to that first catch, how about the one in the sixth where he got the wind knocked out of him? It was absolutely insane. And his double wasn’t too shabby either. Big hand for the Grandy Man.

#3. The Offense

I got my 10 runs. Need I say more? Of course I need to. Not only did the bats chase Porcello but they came bursting to life in the eighth inning. I love homers to death, but there’s nothing more fun than seeing single after single after single (with a few walks and hit batsmen mixed in). A-Rod, Tex and Swisher finally showed up at the plate and my guess is the floodgates have now been opened, particularly in A-Rod’s case. Good work, guys. And congrats to Montero for his first postseason hit.

#4. The Pen

I got nervous when I saw Cory Wade warming early in AJ’s outing. I said out loud, “No! Why? Who’s next? Ayala?” But Soriano came on instead and, thanks to Granderson’s catch in the sixth, he pitched great. So did Hughes and Logan (loved the strikeouts).

#5. Mother Nature

She didn’t rain. And she’d better not pull anything on Thursday night.

So, so happy our season isn’t over – an understatement.


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24 Responses to “And We Live Another Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    See? Just had to have faith in AJ…

    …..and having Granderson behind him didn’t hurt either!

    AJ was awesome, and although I might’ve let him stay one more out, you really can’t argue with Girardi there, even if Granderson didn’t make that catch. We’ve seen a really decent AJ the last month of the season. Now, not lights out of course, but consistent and somewhat reliable. Most of the season we were just waiting for him to unravel and blow the game. But we’ve seen this act he put on tonight before. Get saved in the first inning and then hold it down until the offense gives us the lead and then the bullpen goes to work. So when Grandy made that catch to end the first, I felt like he really saved the game, and the season! Of course we still had work to do, but getting into a 3-0 hole early would’ve been disastrous. I loved how his teammates all patted AJ on the back before he left the mound. Hopefully we get to see more of this AJ through the rest of the playoffs and into next year. Maybe Rothschild really did fix AJ (what the hell took him so long?!). Can you imagine having the AJ who used to kill us for an entire season, along with CC and Nova?

    Now it all comes down to the rookie, Nova. I feel like he should have another great game on Thursday. He has such a bulldog attitude out there! The only thing I worry about is that this will be his second go at the same team, five days after he just faced them. I can’t recall a similar situation in the regular season for him. But he’s great about being aggressive and working that slider as his out pitch, and he’s grown up so much since his little stint last year when he had trouble facing the same lineup a second and third in the game. It’s great that the baseball world is starting to see who this kid is.

    I feel good about the offense against Fister. They know his tricks this time around and won’t waste time trying to figure him out. If we could score four on Verlander, then we should be able to get to Fister a second time around. He mixes speeds, sure, but they should be able to wait for something straight. And mistakes have a tendency of going a long way in Yankee Stadium. Let’s go do this!

    Still looking to use my tickets for Game 2, ALCS…

  2. John says:

    Mudville lives on!

    I have tickets for Oct. 15th it must live “on and on and on” as Steve Perry sings.

  3. barbara says:

    Dear AJ,
    I apologize. I should have trusted you. I was wrong. I will try in the future to trust you again. I hope you understand why I doubted you. First off, I am just a nervous fan who often fears the worst–it’s my dad’s fault, he raised me that way. Second, I don’t get how you can pitch poorly when everyone says you have the best stuff so I freaked out and thought you’d send us to a dark, cold winter. Thank you for making the season continue. Thank you for responding when your pitching coach came out to calm you down/scold you (i don’t know which) in the first. Thank you for making us all happy. I hope you have more chances this post season to show us what we saw yesterday. Sorry again,
    Nervous fan in Boston

  4. Audrey says:

    Boy, I thought AJ was going to blow my prediction during that first inning but no, he hung tight, pitched a great 5-2/3 innings and earned his pinstripes. Certainly he received great help from Granderson, who must enjoy performing some kind of awesome back in his old stomping grounds. And that fact that Comerica Field is his old stomping grounds sure has been helpful because that outfield looks massive!

    Even if I didn’t already love the Grandyman I would be indebted to him because he has turned my son into a true Yankee fan. My son Dan was always lukewarm about baseball as a kid and as a teen and young adult he got into football and basketball. He still loves those sports but now he is a huge Yankee fan – we texted back and forth during the game and he can hardly wait to wear his Granderson shirt to work today. He can definitely wear it with pride!

    A-Rod’s two hits were very encouraging – he’s looking like he’s starting to find his rhythm. And Tex looked good too – that massive flyball in the eighth would have been out at Yankee Stadium. And the TBS announcers gave Swisher the kiss of luck when they talked about his inability to hit with risp during the post season – bam, single to left field, two runs score! And how about Gardner? And Jeter? And Martin? And Posada – I didn’t leave anyone out, did I?

    The television announcers seemed to show a little more enthusiasm for the Yankees as the game wore on. Gee, maybe they’re not dead after all! And I love that Valverde’s snarky remark about this series being over and not going back to NY is looking pretty premature and obnoxiously cocky. Let’s make sure there are no more happy dances for him in 2011 – GO YANKEES!!!!!

  5. Harold says:

    Good morning,
    I watched most of the game in disbelief. Was this really AJ? Would he implode at any minute or would he do the unexpected? He finally looked like the pitcher he was supposed to be, the bullpen was stellar and what an 8th inning! As my mother (Barbara’s grandmother) used to say whenever the Yankees had a blowout – “Save some runs for tomorrow”. How I wish we could.
    Let’s go Nova!

  6. margaret says:

    Happy Anniversary!!
    What a nice gift Michael bought you – did he have a talking to with AJ?

    Rick has always called Granderson “superman” And last night he was.
    Flying without the cape to save Soriano’s arse.

    loved every minute of this game….okay the first inning was stressful and I was pacing and muttering like an old fool. But Rick made me a martini and I settled in nicely. :-)

  7. Jeff says:

    I feel like Granderson should be numbers one through five. Yes. All of them. He misses that catch in center in the first and the game is blown open, AJ loses it and the Yankees are done. I’ve been saying it all year, Granderson is my MVP. What doesn’t that man do?!? Congrats!

  8. Melissa says:

    Happy Anniversary to Michael and Jane!

    Okay Yankee fans, who would you rather have? Phil Coke and Austin Jackson or Curtis Granderson?? (Well, it might be nice to still have Ian Kennedy – if he could really pitch in the AL East.)

    That first inning was nerve wracking. After that, Rothchild put a spell on AJ and he did really well. And then the bats awoke, that 8th inning has been a good inning for the Yankees lately.

    Raise your hand if you though AJ would have a better game than CC. Guess mother nature is on the Yankees side, giving us that rain on the first day. Forecast for the Thursday is clear and sunny with an amazing super Nova, an Abomb from ARod and many Yankee hits.

  9. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Of course we are all happy that AJ pitched well. But there are two heroes in this game. Hero number one is Curtis Granderson. His two catches (you know the ones I’m talking about) and his RBI double both saved and won the game. But the young man from Montreal, Canada, whose career was thought to be over when the Dodgers let him go, showed us that he knows how to play the game…the WHOLE game. He not only hits with power,he not only handles the pitchers well, he not only blocks the wildest of efforts from AJ, Nova and all others, but he also knows how to run the bases. His slide at home in the third inning, to deliver what proved to be the winning run was perfect. Russell Martin was the other hero in yesterday’s game and I believe he was the greatest pickup in the off season last year. Young Mr. Montero may have to learn to play another position to make the team. Third base maybe?????

  10. Leo says:

    I slept like a baby last night and I’m sure the rest of you did. Jane, congrats on your anniversary with Michael. Thankfully the Yankees gave you a great gift in that win. I don’t have much else to add except just to reemphasize how much Granderson saved the game for us with his great catches. I was also very happy to see AJ pull it together after that first inning which wasn’t pretty but the end results are what matter. And the offense. I hope this was the beginning of A-Rod and Teixeira finally starting to contribute the rest of the way as we will need them. A well deserved off day for our guys today so they can rest up and pull out all the stops at Game 5.

  11. Melissa says:

    yankeefansince1941 – you are so right about Russell Martin. What a slide! Had he slid any other way, he would have been out and who knows what would have happened. He was an unsung hero of last night. I love how he almost ran over Posada.

  12. Audrey says:

    Yes, Jane and Michael, Happy Anniversary to you both! How many years?

  13. Ruth says:


    I had to get a piece of stress cake before the game. I caught myself at one point in the early innings, realizing I was shoving the bites into my mouth. I snapped out of the emotional eating, laughed, and said ‘this will be funny if we actually win the game.’

    WOW! I can’t believe what I felt would happen (AJ doing well, and a big win) came true. What a relief! Watching the Rays dispatched earlier shook me (could the AL East be totally extinguished by the end of the night?) Of course not!

    Kudos to Allan James, but I don’t ever want to be in that situation again. I don’t like tightropes, close games, and certainly not elimination games. Please let tomorrow be the last e-game we see and let’s finish this thing.

    Grandyman – MVP! MVP! MVP!

  14. Jane Heller says:

    YankeeCase, I, too, thought Girardi might have let AJ stay out there longer, but I think it was that hard-hit ball off him in the inning (was it Avila?) that was the deciding factor. You have a good point about Nova; it’ll be the second time the Tigers will be facing him in a few days and I hope their familiarity with him didn’t cause problems. But the same can be said of Fister and our hitters, so it should be even up. I really, really, really hope you get to use those tickets.

    I hope you get to use those tickets too, John. I thought of you after the game and said, “All is well in Mudville for now.”

    Dear Nervous Fan in Boston, I can relate to your letter to AJ. I think we all doubted him – and with good reason. But our collective hope that he would succeed helped carry him to victory (well, our collective will and whatever Larry Rothschild said to him), so don’t feel guilty. The nerves will be back on Thursday night so we’d better enjoy our night off to avoid a total mental collapse. Signed, A Nervous Fan in Santa Barbara.

    How great that your son has been totally converted, Audrey, thanks to Granderson. Grandy sure does seem to love playing at his old ballpark. If I had a shirt of his I’d be wearing it proudly today too. Did you really think the announcers showed more enthusiasm for the Yankees last night? We all laughed on twitter that they sounded so sad when the Yankees blew it open in the eighth. I do love that we proved that jackass Valverde wrong.

    Good morning, Harold. I had the same thought you did – “Save some runs for the next game!” – but I love that our cold hitters turned it on and got their swings/timing/mojo back. Maybe it’ll help them go into Thursday night with more confidence at the plate.

    Thanks, Peg. Michael did say after the final out, “Well, that was a happy anniversary,” and I had to agree. Nice job by Rick making you that martini. :)

    Granderson has been doing it all year, Jeff, and he’s my MVP (well, Cano too). When he first came to the Yankees, he was supposed to be a so-so center fielder. I think not! He was also supposed to strike out too much. I think not! And he was supposed to be awful against lefties. I think not! He’s proven to be so much better all around than anybody ever thought. What an asset.

    Thanks, Melissa. And no, I wouldn’t rather have Coke and Jackson and Kennedy! I think the Yankees did quite alright with that trade. And no, I would never have thought AJ would pitch better than CC. (Insert John Sterling’s quote here.) Nice forecast for Thursday. I think people should bring an umbrella just in case. LOL.

    Yankeefansince1941, you are so right about Martin. I should have put him on my list. That slide at home was pure gold, and his two hits were big too. And then there’s the way he blocks the plate, as you said. Catching AJ, Nova and Garcia with all those balls in the dirt can’t be a picnic. My Dodger fan friends used to rave about him so I was thrilled when the Yankees signed him. Clap clap clap for him.

    I agree, Leo, that it would be so nice if our 4-5 hitters got hot for Game 5 and the rest of the postseason. What a difference it would make!

    Thanks, Audrey. Yesterday was #19.

    I can just picture you stuffing that cake into your mouth during the game, Ruth. HAHA. I don’t like tightropes either, so I was really relieved when we broke it open in the eighth. Surprising to see the Rays lose yesterday, but I didn’t expect the Rangers’ bats to stay dormant forever.

  15. Bob Cerv says:

    “The zombies were having fun…the party had just begun…!” — Bobby (Boris) Pickett, 1962
    “I put a spell on you…because you’re mine…
    You better stop that thing you do…I said, WATCH OUT!…I ain’t lyin’…” — Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

    Ghosts. Spirits. They were on my mind last night, and OH how they were in effect…
    Watching A.J. — thinking about him before the game, and all our team’s legends and spirits — I kept wanting to hark back to Don Larsen, and that immortal comment: “The imperfect man pitched the perfect game.” And no, it was hardly that — but I think that he’s our modern-day Larsen, and that’s just fine.

    Watching Grandy — as a former outfielder for many decades, I can tell you that the first catch was not only a game/season-saver — it’s DAMN hard. The TOUGHEST ball to catch is that medium-high line drive right at you, because you have hardly any depth perception. Both catches were great, but that first one…
    Then I read this terrific article by Ian O’Conner on; evidently, Grandy didn’t know much about the legacy of playing CF for the Yanks ’til he got there, bcs. they were a bad team when he was growing up. But Bernie knew. And Bernie taught him. And Bernie was VERY aware of Mickey’s and Joe D.’s spirits roaming those vast areas with him…

    And guess what else? Turns out that Grandy’s dad was a BIG fan of Mantle. His prize possession was a Mickey Mantle Triple Crown baseball card that he lost in a house fire. Speak to me, spirits…

    And a very Happy Anniversary to you — 10/4, good buddy…!

  16. Ruth says:

    Forgot to extend Anniversary wishes to you, Jane. What a great way to celebrate! So a ‘big day’ of yours coincides with the playoffs usually, too. My birthday is Saturday, and too many of my ‘big days’ have been ruined by the Yankees’ performance in the playoffs. Not this year, though! Does the ALCS start Saturday?

  17. Audrey says:

    Maybe “enthusiastic” was too strong a word. But I think they finally got the message that the Yankees were not just going to roll over and give it up to the Tigers, that this series ain’t over till it’s over. I think that surprised them so maybe that was the emotion I noted in their voices. And I noticed they finally started to include positive images of the Yankees in their video collages. Before that had been all Tigers.

  18. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane and Fellow Baseball Fans …

    First …Happy Anniversary Jane & Michael and many, many more. Wasn’t that nice of the Yankees to give you such a great gift …what a team … :o).

    I have always been an AJ fan even with all his ups and many downs. It’s not like he goes out purposely to lose a game. He did have a rough season but I had every bit of faith in him last night and I’m so happy he proved the many doubters wrong (not that he didn’t give them every reason to doubt). Grandy was absolutely fantastic last night …love the Superman reference because he truly did look like him flying through the air to make those catches. I have really loved Russell since the very first game. He’s a tough player who knows how to handle a pitching staff. His offense hasn’t always been there but behind the plate he’s been invaluable. Russell just like Tex (who did have over 100 RBI’s this season even with the low average)…their defense saves us plenty of runs and games. It’s great seeing Jorgie having a good playoffs as well as Gardner. Alex and Tex both looked so much better at the plate …as well as Swisher too. How about our baby bomber …two RBI…a run scored. To quote our buddy John S…Jesus is loose. Hopefully the offense will carry over tomorrow and for the rest of the post season. The defense was certainly on last night …besides Grandy, Jetes made some nice plays too. BP was fantastic…Sori through Boonie. The game last night was a true total TEAM effort. LOVED IT !!! I will be at the game tomorrow night …I’m so excited. I have a feeling the place will be rocking and VERY LOUD !!!! Here’s to a well pitched game by Super Nova and LOTS of runs by our guys.

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yankees 2011 !!!

  19. Jane Heller says:

    Funny that you mention Bernie Williams, Dave. Michael dug down into his dresser drawer before the game and pulled out the big guns: his Bernie T-shirt. He hadn’t worn it in a long time but he just knew it would be lucky and it was. Interesting about Grandy’s dad being a fan of The Mick. Thanks for the 10/4. That’s actually how I remember the date of my anniversary – from that line.

    I hope the Yanks will be in the ALCS for your birthday, Ruth. That would be a lovely way to celebrate.

    I noticed that too, Audrey. They’ll just have to take us seriously now, like it or not.

    A very nice gift the Yankees gave me, Peggy. Thanks. I’m glad you’ll be at the game. Make sure it’s LOUD and right from the get go. And whatever you do, bring us good luck!

  20. jane says:

    I’m not sure my husband would give the evening up on our anniversary for a Yankees game, even though he knows how much I love them. So Kudos to Michael and a very happy 19th for you both. After all, that’s what iit’s all about, right?
    What else is there to say about last night except that Hughes really impressed me also. His velocity was back to 95mph and the ball was moving. One comment to add about our Grandyman–we were lucky to have him there last night. Who else knows the vast expanse of center field of Comerica better than he?Good to see everyone getting into their own groove and that it’s coming at just the right time.
    Go Yankees!

  21. Jane Heller says:

    I’ll tell Michael, Jane. He loves compliments. :) Yes, Hughes looked good. I’d been hoping he’d contribute and I have a hunch we’ll see him tomorrow night too, given the “all hands on deck” approach needed for a Game 5. Very lucky that Grandy had so much experience at Comerica. He was just amazing the way he covered that vast outfield.

  22. Melissa says:

    Perhaps Thursday night we should all have martinis.

  23. YankeeCase says:

    Whoops! In my forgetful, foggy-minded, idiocy I forgot to wish you a Happy Anniversary! Congrats to you and Michael, Jane! :D What a way to celebrate!

  24. Jane Heller says:

    I love that idea, Melissa. Are you making them?

    No worries, YankeeCase. The Yankees come first. Haha.