On The Edge Of My Seat

September 27th, 2011 by Jane Heller

No, I wasn’t sitting in front of the TV with cleavage showing, but that woman’s expression pretty much sums up how I was feeling tonight. Once again, our game against the Rays was more about the Rays than it was about the Yanks. I didn’t love that our offense was asleep for the second night in a row (A-Rod? Helloooo? Are you in there? ) or that Martin hit into the triple play or that Soriano coughed up the three-run homer, but I went with the old “Everybody’s just getting their work in” rationale and forced myself not to worry about any of it. Colon’s already proven his worth and he’s not anybody’s idea of a playoff starter, so whatever he can give us at this point is, well, you know.

More exciting was what was going on in Baltimore. Man, those Fighting Showalters were fun to watch. Just when I thought the Red Sox would coast to the win, they came back and nearly tied the score against Papelface.

So now the Rays and Sox remain tied going into the last game of the regular season. Will we see a one-game playoff on Thursday? That would mean either both the Rays and Sox win tomorrow night or they both lose.

Girardi hasn’t announced our starter as of this writing. For all I know, it could be Scott Proctor. The Rays, on the other hand, will be playing like it’s the seventh game of the World Series. I like their chances. I think the Red Sox will prevail too, and that’ll bring us to Thursday’s head-to-head.

One way or another, baseball wins.


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12 Responses to “On The Edge Of My Seat”

  1. Leo says:

    These WC races turned out to be very exciting, Jane. I love watching them especially when our team isn’t involved so we can kick back and relax and just enjoy. I know I said that as a baseball fan, I wanted to see a game 163rd and I certainly would love to see one. For the NL race that is. The Yankee fan in me wants to see the Red Sox playoff dreams die tomorrow with Lester not being effective in short rest and the already tired bullpen getting smacked around by the O’s, who’ve played very good spoiler. While the Rays will win against our AAA bullpen and lineup to get our starters and regular position players rest to be ready for the playoffs. Anyway, as for tonight’s game, the only thing that really pissed me off was Martin sliding head first in an attempt to avoid the triple play. He could’ve gotten injured and that would be disaterous. Colon wasn’t very effective today but overall, he’s been one of the best additions this offseason and really exceeded expectations. He also picked us up plenty of times over the course of the season and for that, I’m thankful. Tommorow will be a very fun day for all baseball fans.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m with you Leo!
    I thought Baltimore might just pull it off! It was exciting. And St. Louis came back from what, 5 runs?

    When Soriano walked the first batter, my husband and I looked at each other and said “Hmmm, he pitched for Tampa last year. Maybe he wants them to beat the Sox.” Pretty funny thought. Who knows? Maybe his subconscious controlled his arm. ; – )
    This is one weird week, because knowing Boston was winning, I did want the Rays to win.

    Nice moment for Damon when he passed Gehrig.

    I decided the reason the Rays fans need those cow bells is there just aren’t enough people in the stadium to make noise. I find it sad that in the midst of a very tight WC race, they only had 18,000 fans in attendance.

    Martin hitting into that triple play was so weird. It must feel like destiny to the Rays. How many other games would a ball hit into that spot end up in the corner and runs would score? And yes, Leo, for goodness sake Russell, no getting hurt!!!!!

    I think my eyes were spinning a little last night. Watching the Yankees, using the mlb app to switch between the animated version of the Sox/Os and Astros/Cards, and knitting all at the same time.

  3. John says:

    The stage is set. The actors (players) know their roles. I have new batteries in my remote. Let the games begin!

    I am talking about tonight not the beginning of the playoffs. Tonight, nothing could be sweeter than Red Sox elimination tonight. Call me obsessed, yes I am obsessed. “I Live For This”

  4. Freya says:

    Melissa – I think you are my baseball twin. I say ditto to all your comments. I also watch the game, use the mlb app and knit at the same time. I too wondered about Soriano’s subconscious, and it was very weird hoping the Rays would win, but hating that the Yankees had to lose for that to happen. It’s certainly been a wild race at the end.

  5. Ruth says:

    Hi All-I’m just lovin’ the playoff feel in Baltimore! Great for them to end the disappointing and tragic season on a high. Love their fight and determination. Hope they can wrap up with a big win tonight. I will be pulling for them big time. Would be happy with the Sox being eliminated tonight or a 163rd game tomorrow, which will be a big pain for whatever team that wins as they then have to start the ALDS on Friday. Brutal. Such a weird few days ‘ignoring’ the Yanks and not caring whether they win or not…I still feel like that two-face picture, Jane. Weird, just weird. Enjoy it all, everyone!!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    I agree on the Martin slide, Leo. No injuries!!! Yes, it’s all very exciting and intriguing. I’m pulling for the Cards in the NL after that win last night and the Rays and Red Sox will most likely go to a playoff game tomorrow, given that they’ll probably beat us tonight and the Sox will probably beat the O’s (Lester can’t be bad again, can he?)

    I was on Twitter during the game, Melissa, and after Soriano gave up the homer I tweeted, “Obviously, Soriano is in on The Plan.” Everybody knew what I meant and we all started joking about it. It’ll only be funny if he settles down when it counts on Friday! Actually, that 18,000 attendance number at the Trop was pretty good for the Rays. The snowbirds don’t show up in FL until October or November. As for watching all the games at once, I’m lucky. I didn’t have to use my app. My extra innings cable package gives me all the games, so I had Yankees-Rays and a three-way choice of Sox-O’s (it was on the O’s channel, NESN and MLB Network).

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to handle it, John, but I just don’t think the Sox will be eliminated tonight. I have this gnawing feeling that we should have snuffed them out on Sunday night when we had the chance, but we shall see.

    It was very weird hoping the Rays would win, Freya – probably the one and only time ever that it’ll be okay if the Yankees get swept.

    Hi, Ruth. The Fighting Showalters are amazing, aren’t they? After the awful season they had, it must be satisfying for them to play spoiler at the end. They certainly played us tough. And yes, maybe I need to bring back that two-faced picture. It’s so appropriate.

  7. Barbara says:

    i too was thinking that martin hitting into the triple play was about them being destined but really all i am thinking is thank goodness that the yankees are in. i would be insane if i was a rays fan and triple insane if i was a sox fan. ok i would be a basketcase. i am looking forward to watching the drama tonight but i don’t think my husband can handle it.

  8. Bob Cerv says:

    “Time it was, oh what a time it was, it was…
    A time of innocence…
    A time of consequences…”
    — Paul Simon, 1968

    Well, it’s been true before, and how gloriously true today. Who could possibly imagine that BOTH wild-cards would come down to the final day of the season…and now, the possibility of TWO one-game playoffs??
    It’s been such fascinating but unnerving fun watching all this unfold. Rooting hard for the O’s brings back all those years when THEY, not the Red Sox, were the Yanks’ Biggest Rivals in the AL East. For the decade of the ’70s (except, of course, in ’78), and into the early ’80s, that was absolutely true. And they seemed to have reawakened some of their echoes lately. How DID they come back and almost steal that game last nite? If not for a rookie Red Sox catcher, they would have. And I am still very worried about “What If” they survive this gauntlet of survival…like vampires, they’re still “undead”…
    Meanwhile, in Tampa. How terribly strange to not exactly root against Our Boys, but not really care if they win, either. Martin shouldn’t have slid, but he’s a professional athlete, and instinct took over. What was Tex doing NOT scoring on Swish’s double? Ah, but we don’t have to care. Not yet.
    And on the NL side…sorry, esp. to Faithful Blogger Jeff, but I am not, have not been, and can never be a Cardinal fan. I was in YS in ’64 when KEN Boyer hit the GS, and suffered thru it all. I really wanted to win the pennant in ’04, so Our Boyz could not just go to the WS, but exact some revenge on the Cards. And I’ve always had a soft spot for the Braves (’57 is just too long ago, and the Yanks got back in ’58). So, even tho’ Atlanta looks dead in the water…this is why baseball’s so great…you just…never…know…

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I guess this is where you have to be a supportive wife, Barbara, and act like you’re really sad about what’s happened to the Red Sox, even cheer for them tonight. You can do it. Just say, “Let’s go, Big Papi! Come on, Pedroia! Way to go, Lester!” There. Didn’t that sound convincing?

    Good point about Tex not scoring on Swisher’s double, Dave. I wondered about that myself. Cano didn’t exactly kill himself to get to a ball hit to his left at second either. But I suppose they were told not to get hurt? Who knows.

  10. Melissa says:

    I feel so glad that we don’t have to worry about the Yankees until Friday. If they were in this race, I don’t think I could sleep.

    What’s going on in baseball today could make a great infomercial – “But wait, there’s more!”
    We have the Braves and the Red Sox – both blew 8 1/2 game leads in the WC chase and now are tied.
    The Cardinals came from 5-0 and 6-5 down to win their game and stay alive.
    We all know about Rays/Red Sox.
    From MLB.com
    Since the two NL Wild Card contenders are from different divisions, all we know now is that the Phillies will host one of two NLDS games on Saturday. As it stands, with the Brewers ahead of the D-backs, the No. 1 Phillies would play the No. 3 D-backs and the No. 2 Brewers would play the Braves if they win the Wild Card. If the D-backs overtake the Brewers for No. 2 and it’s still the Braves, then it’d be Phillies vs. Brewers and D-backs vs. Braves. If the Cardinals take the Wild Card, it would be Phillies vs. Cardinals and Brewers vs. D-backs, with the home field in the latter going to the team that ultimately wins the No. 2 seed.

    So what happened last night? The Brewers were down and came back against the Pirates. The Diamondbacks were tied with the Dodgers 1-1 after 9 innings. In the top of the 10th, the Dodgers scored 5 runs, and were leading 6-1. So what happened? The Diamondbacks came back and the bottom of the 10th was capped by a walk off grand slam!!! 12 runs in the 10th inning. WOW!

    This is a fun week and I’m so glad I can just enjoy it.

  11. new yawk lover says:

    I’ve really been enjoying the playoffs to get to the Playoffs involving these other teams, and all the more because the Yankees aren’t embroiled in any of the madness. That will be coming soon enough, in only 52 hours from now. I’m particularly impressed with St. Louis. They played like they meant it last night.

  12. Jane Heller says:

    I love your “But Wait There’s More” campaign, Melissa. MLB should hire you as a marketing consultant! I’m glad our nerves can take a couple more days off too. There will be enough nail biting starting Friday night.

    The excitement going on with the other teams has been fantastic, NYL. I’m just grateful that I’m not a fan of any of them because I’d be a complete wreck.