What’s Left To Say About AJ?

August 26th, 2011 by Jane Heller

I missed tonight’s game. I went to a dinner party and only checked the score once between courses. When I saw that the O’s were beating up on AJ, I went back to the table and had more wine.

On the drive home, I heard a clip of Girardi’s post-game comments and he was rambling about his pitcher’s “mechanics.” Who cares about mechanics at this point? Just stick the guy in some back room and forget we ever signed him.

As for Hurricane Irene, I hope everyone stays safe and dry this weekend.


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14 Responses to “What’s Left To Say About AJ?”

  1. Leo says:

    Can management just hold AJ accountable for his horridness and not use the contract as an excuse? Sit him out not just for the playoffs but for the rest of the season. Let a couple of the kids in AAA have a spot start or 2 to give the regular rotation the rest they need for the upcoming brutal schedule and the playoffs. Honestly, can they be any worse than how AJ’s been? Noesi is the most notable one here. He’s barely been used in the pen and I would love to see him get a spot start and see what he’s capable of starting in the majors. Wishful thinking though. Judging from Girardi’s press conference, we have more automatic losses every 5th day coming.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I guess the problem now is the number of games they have to play, Leo. They need all six starters, and that includes AJ. Noesi would be my choice too to get a start, but is he stretched out to do that at this point? I don’t think so. With Colon shaky lately and Garcia coming off the finger injury and Hughes inconsistent and even CC a bit wobbly, our rotation is scaring me.

  3. Barbara says:

    so you went to the only decent game that will be played all week. once a week victory is not enough for me. i can’t imagine with the storm that the yankees are playing two tomorrow. they should have played two yesterday but the orioles wanted a big crowd and now the game may never be played if the sox and yankees both make the playoffs they won’t have to make up the games. aj needs to stop pitching until he can get his mechanics–aka his head–in working order. it’s sad because he seems like a decent guy but this isn’t the helping the team or him.

  4. Ruth says:

    AAaargg..I just lost my comment, which was probably too long and boring anyway, but I said I watched my DVR’d version of the Orioles feed, and Jim Palmer was saying something in the 2nd inning massacre about AJ being pissed about being pulled in the 2nd inning of the last game, and so now Girardi was going to leave him in and let him twist ‘no one in the bullpen.’ I know that sounds petty for the big leagues, but was there any talk on the Yankees feed about this? AJ’s got to be done, now, right? Hope he will not be allowed to start against the Red Sox this coming week. They will surely make it hurt. Northern Virginia weather report at 9:21 am: Light winds, light cloud cover, humid: nothing really happening yet. Stay safe, everyone!

  5. Jane Heller says:

    I agree so strongly, Barbara, that the Yanks should have played a doubleheader yesterday. What were the Orioles and MLB thinking? And what’s up with the game in September that the Yankees are fighting? Why are they making our schedule so onerous? And yes, AJ does seem to be liked in the clubhouse, although I’m sure his teammates are tired of the constant drama surrounding him.

    Ruth, with all due respect to Jim Palmer, Girardi left AJ in to pitch because he needed to give the bullpen a break, not to make him twist in the wind. Noesi, in particular, had been used a lot and he’s really been our long man. The bad news is that AJ is scheduled to pitch in the Boston series. I can’t even imagine it but I guess he could surprise us. Light rain is falling here in CT this morning with dark skies. Should be an interesting 24 hours.

  6. Melissa says:

    What does AJ stand for?
    Absolute Junk?

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Very apt, Melissa. What are we going to do about him??????????

  8. Melissa says:

    Perhaps we can give him a sharp kitchen knife and ask him to chop something a la Freddie Garcia. That might keep him off the mound for a few weeks at least.

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Good thinking. Or maybe he could develop a garden-variety blister that would last the rest of the season.

  10. Melissa says:

    At this point, I’d almost like him to play basketball with Aaron Boone.

  11. Harold says:

    Hi Jane,
    I am at a loss for words when it comes to AJ and Gerardi. How bad does a person have to pitch before you say it’s enough? Hasn’t AJ proven he simply doesn’t have it? Who cares what the reasons are – mechanics, arm, head, whatever; just keep him off the mound for anything except batting practice. As far as needing a 6 man rotation – try some of the relievers for an inning or two each or give some minor leaguer a chance. I think the only reason AJ is still playing is because he has a big contract. There is nothing that can be done about the contract so just let him sit on the bench and enjoy the game. He might be able to do that since he won’t be watching himself pitch.

  12. Jane Heller says:

    LOL, Melissa. Aaron Boone, btw, does a decent job in the broadcast booth, I think. Much better than his brother whose first name I can’t think of at the moment.

    Hi, Harold. I honestly don’t think it’s about the contract, although it probably was earlier on. I think management genuinely believes in his “stuff” and that they’ll find a way to fix him. They seem very resistant to bringing the kids up from the minors now and they may be right that the “killer B’s” need more seasoning. I just wish Cashman had been able to make a trade for an able-bodied starter at the deadline.

  13. Melissa says:

    I think he’s good as a broadcaster also. Wasn’t his brother Brett? And his dad Bob?

  14. Jane Heller says:

    Yup. I checked. I remember when Bret did a brief stint in the ESPN booth during postseason and was dreadful.