I Saw History! (With a P.S.)

August 25th, 2011 by Jane Heller

I also bought a poncho for ten bucks. It was like wearing the kind of plastic bags you get at the dry cleaner, but it did keep me from getting totally soaked.

When Michael and I arrived at the Stadium at noon, it was raining and I never thought they’d play a complete game, given the forecast. The tarp was on the field, so we hung around the great hall and looked for Audrey and her friend. After texting each other, we met up in front of the Hard Rock Cafe. She came all the way from Vermont and I was thrilled to meet her.

Next, we went in search of food. We figured we had plenty of time to kill, so Michael had his Lobel’s sandwich and I opted for a Boar’s Head sub and eventually we went to our seats. We’d heard the game would start at 2:30 and we wanted to be ready.

As soon as we sat down in section 104, along came YankeeCase. It’s hard to see him because the background was so dark (the rain was picking up again and my She-Fan Cam was getting wet), but here he is in the flesh. Such a hunk, right?

Michael and I sat under our hoods and umbrella as the game started and the rain continued to fall. Hughes was just awful. I know he struck out batters, but he took forever to throw the damn ball and he couldn’t get Matsui out and we looked at each other and said, “It’s gonna be a loooong day.”

When the score was 7-1, we thought about bolting. We were wet and depressed and wondering why we’d bothered. And then YankeeCase texted me that the boys would be making a comeback. I wrote back, “You promise?” He said yes.

So we stayed. And I’m I glad I did. Wow. What a great, crazy, incredible game. Cano’s slam landed two rows in front of us. Martin had a career-type day. Granderson amazed everybody. Even Andruw Jones got in on the homer act. And it was so much fun sitting right behind Swisher and watching him play with the crowd throughout the game.

It never occurred to me that no team in major league history had ever had three grand slams in a game, so when the scoreboard posted the fact we were doubly happy we’d stayed.

I’m still shaking my head and we’ve been home for a couple of hours. Long day but an unforgettable one.

(I’m too euphoric to dwell about the state of our pitching except to say that Hughes really disappointed me. And I think the Cory Wade experiment needs to end.)

P.S. YankeeCase just sent me a pic that his cousin took of him after he went back to his seat. He’s wearing the “she-fan” button that Melissa (it WAS Melissa, right?) made last year. It says, “I confess. I read the she-fan blog.” Pretty great, huh?


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25 Responses to “I Saw History! (With a P.S.)”

  1. Leo says:

    It’s real late but I’m still so buzzed with excitement about the win. I really wish I could’ve gone and met all of you along with just enjoying a fun game that turned out to be historic but it is what it is. I’m glad everything turned out well with the weather clearing up later and you all unexpectedly got to watch a great historic game (plus some hysterics near the end with the final out being made by Posada at second! That throw was a fitting end.) Only sour note of the game was Hughes. He wasn’t effective but at least it didn’t lead to a loss so hoping for a better pitching performance his next game. Jane, we’ve got to plan in advance to do this another time and maybe the whole gang can join up this time. YankeeCase, as you asked in a previous entry, I will be heading to the Stadium next Saturday 9/3 against the Blue Jays. Anyone here that could go to that game, we should all definitely meet up. Good night all. I’m sure we’ll all sleep well after a good win like that.

  2. Kaiser The Great says:

    I happened to tune in to the 6 run inning and was just amazed. I then had to come here and see what my favorite Yankee fan had to say about it. AND YOU WERE THERE! Man, everything just fell into place tonight!

  3. Jessica says:

    Jane, what an extraordinary game you guys saw in person! I was hoping so hard for all of you that your day wouldn’t be ruined and that the game wouldn’t be canceled because of the rain. When Hughes was pulled out and we were down 7 – 1, I thought “After waiting all that time in the rain Jane must be livid!” But sometimes the games with the rockiest starts end up being some of the greatest. Not only did we come back to take the lead, but we crushed the A’s with a ridiculous amount of runs and made history in the process! I think that was worth the drenched and dreary start!

    Swisher is a lot of fun at the games! My family and I sat in the first row of the right field section when the Yankees came to Anaheim this June. When the Angel’s fans started to get rowdy, they started shouting “Swisher you SUCK!” and my 16 year old sister, who’s the ultimate She-Fan, hollered back “Swisher you don’t suck WE LOVE YOU!” In return, Swisher turned around and saluted her. We a had a great time that day, but today you guys caught the most dramatic game of the year! I’m so glad everyone had an unforgettable time! Take care and talk to you soon!

  4. YankeeCase says:

    Wow, Jane…! Always great to witness history, huh? lol!

    So I saw my little video there… Oh, God! I look like such a DoofusCase! Chewing gum like some empty minded cow! So embarrassed! lol. I forgot to show off the ‘She-Fan’ button from last year. You caught me completely off guard with your She-Fan cam! Geesh!

    There’s so much to say, that I don’t think I could possibly fit it all here right now. Not like I’d remember it all either! It’s currently 5:09 am here. After the game I hung out a bit with my cousin, hit the gym, met up with some other cousins, and now finally getting down to commenting here. Mind you, I have to get up for work in about five hours! Ack!!

    Anyways, before someone kills my psychic prowess, remember Jane I did say off-camera that I probably jinxed Phil Hughes and he would go 2 2/3 innings with 7 earned runs. Well he actually went 2 2/3 innings with 6 earned runs… Wow, way to go DoofusCase, huh? But I did notice I said there would be eight solid innings, and the Yankees only gave up more than one run in an inning once (the third), so technically I was right. Right…? O_o

    I had such a good feeling about coming back though. This team was not about to be swept. After meeting up my cuz, and seeing the score go up to 7-1 A’s, we decided to find a better spot to watch the game. We ended up behind home plate, standing behind the last row. What a great view! From here we saw Martin’s first home run. And then I saw Harden losing the zone with his fastball and the only pitch that seemed to work for him was the splitter. If I could pick that up, I knew our boys would too. So I was confident in a comeback. I felt it deep inside! Sure enough Robbie hit that first grand slam and we were back in it.

    When the next bases loaded situation came up, I was sure to start recording on my camera. And I caught Martin’s grand slam! And we took the lead! And then I caught all those walks and hits. Did you notice Jeter got all the way up to .300? :D And then I recorded Martin hitting his double and we all gave him a standing ovation. Well, I was already standing, but you know what I mean. And then I caught Granderson’s grand slam on video too! Ahh, history on video… And I even caught Jones’ monster shot afterward. On camera, I didn’t actually catch it in my hand. Ouch!

    I really hoped you would have caught that one home run in your section! What a prize that would’ve been. I was misinformed about the two grand slams. It was the fourth time the Yankees had done it, but the first time at home. I saw that this was the first 22-9 game since 1902. And the first time three Yankees had 5 or more RBI’s. What a crazy game. I’ll be sure to post these videos, but they’re probably not She-Fan friendly, what with the rowdiness and all. :P Remember my Jorge HR video? These are sooooo much better!

    Leo, I’ll probably end up going Sept 4th, so I guess our paths won’t be crossing then either. I say probably because there are two tickets for four or five cousins to try and split! There will either be some bloody lips, or extra tickets purchased, lol!

    Sorry I missed out on meeting Audrey. Sorry Melissa couldn’t make it out again. Hope your knee is feeling better. Glad I got to meet you and Michael, Jane. Lol, and I’ll stop texting you now! Glad you stuck around, and glad at least some of my predictions came true.

    We didn’t get to see the Sandman, but he’s calling right now. I talk/write too much. Off to NeverNeverLand…


    (oh! and posada at second?! awesome! a return to his roots! and i caught that too! lol)

  5. Bob Cerv says:

    No time today…but I was SO glad to see all the hi-lites, knowing (hoping) you were there, with as many Fellow Bloggers as possible! The headline of your posting, and your picture…says it all. CONGRATS!!

  6. Christiaan says:

    Nice that you got to see history! About Wade though, he hasnt been bad, his ERA is still about 2.5 ish… I’ll take that over Soriano… haha

  7. Margaret says:

    I saw nothing but checked the score a few times through the day and I stopped at 7-2.
    I remembered you were there and thought about all the bad weather you’ve had and now this.
    I actually felt badly for you. Hah! no need.
    Then after work I turned on ESPN and saw it was 22-9!! I am so happy you got to witness this.
    I am green with envy. And how cute was Yankeecase? I love his positive attitude when he texted you.

    The “boys” are in my neck of the woods all weekend however with the rain that is predicted I don’t foresee me seeing much baseball. Tonight may be the only night I can see them and tonight we have guests coming for dinner and drinks. So I will record the game and be a rude host from time to time to check in.

  8. Audrey says:

    History! We were there for history! I can’t stop smiling about that game either!

    It was great to meet Jane and Michael – such nice people! Of course, when we met things were looking pretty dismal for the game but I’m so glad we came. I have to thank my friend Donna for that. If I hadn’t promised to bring her down I very well may have opted out. My daughter is returning to college Sunday and there is so much to do for that and so little time, and then of course the weather . . . but I had to go for Donna’s sake and I am so glad we did!

    I have a very sad confession to make, though – we did not see Grandy’s homerun. We had to catch a train up north and then drive home and with the delay it was getting pretty late so we left the stadium just after Gardner’s at bat in the eighth. We stopped at a hot dog cart just across the street and were walking away with our dinners, keeping an eye on the scoreboard, when we heard a roar go up from the crowd and watch the score change from 17 to 18, 19, 20, 21! That was fun but how we regretted not being able to watch it ourselves. We wondered if we really counted as having been there for history under those circumstances but it sounds like enough history was made that we qualified for some of it! As it is we didn’t get home until after midnight and I was really fighting to stay awake for those last few miles of driving so we probably were right to leave when we did, but how I wish we had stayed five more minutes!

    Donna had the time of her life – she just couldn’t stop saying what a wonderful day it had been. She works in an office full of Red Sox fans and after the third inning was dreading going into work this morning. But now we know she can go in with her head held very high! Those jerks probably won’t even acknowledge what happened yesterday, though – that was how they behaved after the 2009 World Series.

    Yankeecase, I am really sorry I was not able to meet you. I loved your video and your telling of your time at the game. Please do post those videos – I’ve yet to see either Grandy’s HR or Posada’s play (I’ll scoot on over to the Yanks’ website after this – knowing I could watch Grandy’s GS on the computer was the only thing that stopped me from screaming when I heard about it). Next time Jane’s in town we should get a suite for all the Shefan fans to come and mingle in!

    Thanks for deciding to attend yesterday’s game, Jane, and thanks for the Confessions blog. This is the first place I come every morning to celebrate or commiserate with my fellow Yankee lovers. Now I gotta go call my dad and tell him about amazing yesterday. I LOVE THE YANKEES!!!!

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I did sleep well after that game, Leo. Of course, part of it was that I was so tired after sitting at the Stadium for hours and then driving back for hours and then being too excited to get to sleep! Sorry we didn’t meet this trip. Maybe next year.

    Everything did fall into place, Kaiser. And after a rocky start too. Really glad you decided to turn on the game and watch some Yankees baseball.

    Thanks for thinking of us in the rain, Jessica. Sweet of you. I wasn’t livid in the beginning but I was definitely wondering if we should stay. Hughes and the weather put a literal damper on things! We did crush the A’s, poor things. And after they beat us in the first two games. All’s fair. And they did help us out with all those walks. I swear I couldn’t believe how many times we had the bases loaded! I love how your sister yelled support at Swisher at the Angels game. He really is great to watch the way he interacts with the crowd. One of these days we’ll have to meet at Angels Stadium when the Yanks come to town. I wish I could go in a couple of weeks when they’re in Anaheim, but it’ll be right after I get back from here.

    You did not look like a doofus at all, YankeeCase! Your prediction that Hughes would go a strong eight innings was a little off, but it was your positive outlook about the game that rang true. Very cool that you shot video of all the big moments, including Posada’s throw. Haha. I hope you got at least a little sleep!!! Great to meet you at last. Thanks so much for finding us at our seats before the game. Thanks for the pic too.

    Thanks for checking in, Dave. I hope all goes well with you and the hurricane. Be safe.

    No, Wade hasn’t been that bad, Christiaan. He was off to a great start and has had some terrific games for us. But lately I’m getting the feeling that he’s not the guy I want standing on the mound in an important playoff game.

    Too bad you won’t be able to see the boys at Camden this weekend, Peg, but as you say it’ll be awful weather and even if you weren’t busy I have a feeling any games after tonight’s will be canceled, delayed, etc. On the other hand, having lived in FL for a long time I know how tricky these hurricanes can be to track. Just when you think you know where they’re headed they can fool you.

    It was great to meet you too, Audrey. So glad you came and that Donna enjoyed her experience at the Stadium. Of course you witnessed history and of course you had to leave when you did. You had an incredibly long trip back, so I applaud you for staying as long as you did. And your contribution to the blog is one of the reasons I keep it going. Your comments are always interesting and well thought out as well as entertaining.

  10. Melissa says:

    First of all, may I say this blog must have the best looking readers! Audrey, you are lovely and I knew Eddie was good looking after meeting him last year (and Peggy and ladyjane were also!)

    Eddie, I am so flattered that you still have the button I made!

    My former boss came into work yesterday afternoon and said “Things are not going well in the Bronx.” I asked if it was raining, and she said “Oh, it rained, and then things still weren’t going well.” Knowing I was going to watch Yankees encore, I changed the subject. But I felt so bad for all our blog group who were there.

    My husband went down to the TV at 7 to turn on encore and came back up and said it was the 9th inning, so we had to wait. I immediately thought of all you guys and how long a day it was for you.

    When we started watching and the score got to 7-1, I thought how glad I was I didn’t go. The rain and waiting would have made my knee ache (never fear fans it is improving!). But usually, when my husband knows we lost by a lot, he tells me we don’t want to watch the game. This time he said “I heard some crazy stuff happened in this game” and had a little smile on his face.

    WOW! What a game! Jane, I know you love blowouts and you love when they score 10 runs – you got more than double that! I’m so glad you were able to stay for the whole game. I kept looking for you when they hit the homers, especially near the end when the crowd had thinned out so much.

    Audrey, I agree with what you said about Jeter and about this blog. For women over a certain age, liking sports was seen as unladylike when we were growing up and it’s so great to connect with other women who care, and all the guys here who treat us with respect. Yea she-fan community! I’m sorry you missed the last grand slam, but I’m really happy you made it home safely.

    The encore was on late, so by the last inning it was almost 11 and my husband said we could probably go to bed, but I said “oh, let’s just see what happens.” I was glad I did because the Posada to Swisher play was priceless! When Posada fielded the ball at second, you could see a huge grin on Granderson’s face in the background.

  11. Ellen says:

    Thanks to you all for these great comments and reactions. I actually feel like I saw some of the game from the excitement that those of you who were there have generated here!

  12. Jeff says:

    AWESOME! Boy did you get YOUR money’s worth, Jane! I was thinking about you while I listened to the game at work (I’m surprised it wasn’t the longest game in history too, jeesh). I almost find Martin’s 5-5 performance more miraculous than the 3 grannies, but that’s subjective ;-) The poncho looks great on you too by the way.

  13. Audrey says:

    Thanks for your nice comments, Melissa.

    I have a “shrine” in my dining room. It’s a cabinet on which sits stuffed animnals, figurines and pictures of things that are important to me. A Yankee beanie baby represents that particular obsession. In the middle of all my things is a chalk/white board easel on which I write quotes about those important things. I thought I would share with you all the quote I just put up:

    “The Yankees have twenty-five heroes.” Derek Jeter

    Can’t argue with that!

  14. Jen says:

    Jane – How awesome for you! I could not believe it when I got home and saw the score. Now you can hunker down and ride out the hurricane. And what’s this news I hear about Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly splitting? Say it ain’t so. I thought they made a really sweet couple… rats. JunoJen.

  15. Terri says:

    Since my Red Sox also won, I have no qualms saying CONGRATS to the Yankees for making history in such a fashion (and I’m so happy they had a blowout for you, Jane! It just took them awhile, haha!).

    Sounds like a great time was had by all!

  16. Ruth says:

    Thought about you guys all day, especially hoping you stuck it out for the historic outcome. Glad you enjoyed the day. That last out had me cracking up all night. Hopefully we’ll get in a game tonight, but tomorrow probably not. Have a great weekend and be safe, wherever you are!

  17. John says:

    Congrats on seeing history! Glad you stuck it out.

    Hughes is very difficult to watch even the few times he has been good.

    Last but not least, how was the sandwich Michael? I’ll be having one on Labor Day.

  18. Jane Heller says:

    I do love blowouts, Melissa. So yesterday was a blowout times two and made me a very happy fan. I’m sure the TV camera was in our vicinity several times as our section turned out to be home run alley. The Cano grand slam was caught by the guy two rows in front of us and he happily passed the ball around to show everybody.

    Glad to have provided some “you had to be there” moments, Ellen. I wish everybody could have been at the game with us!

    The game felt like it would be the longest in history, Jeff. At one point, I said, “Let this be over already. We have to go home!” Martin’s performance was totally awe-inspiring, you’re right. Others seem tired but he looks refreshed. Glad you liked me in the poncho. :)

    I have a Yankee beanie baby too, Audrey. No shrine though. Well, maybe a small one.

    Jen, the game turned out alright after all! And yeah, I read about Jeter and Minka. I guess we won’t be going to that wedding. Oh, well.

    Thanks, Terri. Your Red Sox really had their way with the Rangers, didn’t they.

    The game tonight sounds like it’ll be okay, Ruth, although I guess there could be rain ahead of Irene. The rest of the weekend not so much. You stay safe down there.

    Michael loved his sandwich, John. He still says it’s the best thing he’s ever eaten at a ballpark.

  19. Barbara says:

    i’m still smiling over the grand slams and i wasn’t even there. i wish i could have met you all. you all seems so great! i love that yankeecase texted that we would come back. i often panic early and need someone to give me hope. as my grandma used to say, too bad we couldn’t save some of those runs for tonight. i fear aj may need them.

  20. Barbara says:

    by the way, i don’t know how you do it but you look great in your new raincoat!

  21. Jane Heller says:

    Haha, thanks Barbara. I looked a mess though. It was a really bad hair day! YankeeCase really stayed positive and his texts were a lift – and very accurate. Next year you’ll have to come down and join us.

  22. Melissa says:

    It was very close to being the longest 9 inning game. I think it missed by 12 minutes or so.

  23. Jane Heller says:

    It missed being the longest 9-inning game ever, Melissa? Well, it may not have made the record books but it sure felt like the longest game ever – plus the rain delay!

  24. Melissa says:

    They mentioned it on YES and loHud says:
    The game lasted 4:31 — only 14-minutes shorter than the longest nine-inning game in MLB history.

    The longest game was, of course, a Yankees/Red Sox game.

    They don’t count rain delays, so I don’t know if you counted it, if this game would be longest, because there have been some long rain delays.

  25. Jane Heller says:

    Of course the longest was a Yankees-Red Sox game. How could it not be? This was just a measly Yankees-A’s game but I could tell from the first few innings it would be a long one, just from the way Hughes was pitching. Who knew what would follow!