“This Is F*@$ing Bull#*^t”

August 20th, 2011 by Jane Heller

You didn’t have to be a lip reader to make out what AJ said to Girardi after he was lifted in tonight’s game with the bases loaded in the second inning. What a “performance.” I’ve tried to hang in there with the guy (AJ, not Girardi), but tonight was pretty ugly. Not only couldn’t he get outs, but he acted surprised and insulted when his manager came out and took the ball.

I get being pissed at the manager if you’re a pitcher who wants to stay in the game. I get being pissed at yourself if you’re a pitcher who stinks it up – especially against a team that doesn’t hit a ton. I even get being pissed at the situation; would Joe have pulled CC in the second if he’d been the one to give up four runs?

But I don’t get turning to look back at the manager and mouthing off at him for everybody to see – and then trotting into the clubhouse instead of waiting for the end of the inning. I figured Girardi would follow him down the stairs and drag him back to the dugout. I’d give anything to have been a fly on the wall during that brief conversation.

Oh, wait. According to both Girardi and AJ, NOTHING – NOT A SINGLE HARSH WORD – happened between them. It was all about striking out Joe Mauer. If you believe that, I have this to sell you.

Bottom line? Ayala and new Yankee Laffey were unimpressive and the Yankees lost. Fortunately, so did the Red Sox.


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10 Responses to ““This Is F*@$ing Bull#*^t””

  1. Mihael says:

    I saw neither the game nor the post game. Thanks for the update. Sounded ugly and unprofessional.

    This could get very ugly. Maybe we could send AJ down when we activate A-Rod?

  2. Leo says:

    The postgame interview was an interesting one. I know Curry’s job as a media reporter and interviewer had him try to dig up info on the situation but he could’ve been a bit more subtle or discreet about the way he handled it. Clubhouse ethics imply that if team members and managers have problems with each other, they usually handle issues in private and never let the media know. We know what may have happened and it seemed both of them were lying to try to save face in front of the media but it’s none of our business to know. But it had to be frustrating for Girardi if AJ disrespected him but he handled it as best as he could when probed even though his anger will just cause more speculation. AJ is pitching his way out of the rotation by playoff time at the rate he’s going. Fine by me especially if Hughes and Nova continue to impress.

  3. Audrey says:

    Everyone has been patient with AJ for a very long time. I didn’t see last night’s game but the performance you described warrants some kind of action on the part of management. I think it’s a great excuse to relegate AJ to the pen (and I really don’t care about his big contract!). If he wants his way back into the starting rotation he should earn it – next year. Two disaster years in a row for him – enough is enough.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    It was a weird game, Mihael. After it became a blowout (Liriano was pitching really well), everybody on twitter just wanted to get to the postgame show so we could see what Joe and AJ would say. As you can tell, their answers weren’t very informative and Joe’s anger was explosive and unnecessary.

    I couldn’t disagree more, Leo. Jack Curry is a former New York Times journalist who never sensationalizes anything; he reports. He would not have been doing his job if he’d gone into the postgame interview with Joe and danced around what happened. As the YES reporter, his was the first question to be asked and he asked it. And then he followed up. That’s what good journalists do. Should he have asked about Lirano’s outing? About when A-Rod will be activated? About Jones’ home run? Of course not. What happened with AJ was the story of the night. It became our business when the TV audience saw Joe take the ball from AJ in the second inning, when AJ mouthed off, when AJ went into the dugout instead of sitting on the bench as is proper protocol, when Joe went down the stairs, When AJ came back, blah blah. Joe’s anger was over the top. While it’s true that the specifics of what happened should remain between player and manager, he should have acknowledged something about it. We’re not dummies.

    I don’t see any action taken on the part of management, Audrey. Cashman and Girardi have made it very clear that they consider AJ to be their guy and have staunchly defended him over and over. Nothing will change. What was really telling was when the reporters questioned AJ about his performance and he said something like, “I’m figuring it out.” He’s been saying that for years. Isn’t it getting late for him to “figure it out?”

  5. Leo says:

    Yeah I understand Jane. Curry is a media reporter and they have to report to sell those papers or get those hits on the Internet pages. For that they usually always look for controversial issues. It was a very sensititve subject and while Curry had the right to probe, he could’ve handled it better. But yeah rewatching it, Girardi also could’ve handled it better. He could’ve been honest instead of dodging the question while maintaining the mutual respect and intergrity of the clubhouse. But I still have to respectfully disagree with you about it being our buisness just because we saw it happen on the field. We can easily figure it out based on what happened and as fans, in my eyes, the only thing that should really matters to us and is our business is the on the field performances of these players as we support them with our money.

  6. Ruth says:

    Surely the richest team in baseball can afford a sports psychiatrist; AJ needs one badly. And on the heels of Hughes’ grand performance the night before, I think management at a minimum has to be rethinking their support of AJ in playoff rotation; then again, the playoffs are long way off. But it’s hard to imagine going into playoff battle with AJ as our #2. He’s playing like #2, but not the #2 that wins games. LOL!…..or else I’d cry…

  7. Melissa says:

    I thought your photo for today might have been this:

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Not to belabor it, Leo, but in my opinion Girardi made the situation more of an issue than it was by reacting with such anger. As Buster Olney pointed out today, Joe could easily have said, “Yes, AJ did get upset, but it was the heat of the moment and everything’s cool now.” He didn’t have to take off Curry’s head.

    They may have a sports psychologist, Ruth. I know A-Rod has seen one from time to time. But I’m afraid we’re dealing with a guy who doesn’t respond all that well to coaching of any kind. LOL on your #2 comment.

    I should have used that one, Melissa. It certainly applies!

  9. Jeff says:

    Yah. This would all be much more palatable had Girardi and Burnett not both lied to the press about what happened. Don’t they know we’re not stupid? Apparently not. Meh. It will blow over. It’s New York. Somewhere a Kardashian is doing something stupid, I’m sure.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    No, they don’t know we’re not stupid, Jeff. The fact that we saw what we saw with our own eyes doesn’t seem to have sunk in! And yes, there was Kardashian news. Kim (I guess it was Kim – I can’t tell those sisters apart) got married in Santa Barbara and I was here in CT. The nerve of her!