Of Course It Was A One-Run Loss

August 17th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Seriously. Was there any doubt after the umps decided that Butler’s double homer was legit that the Yanks would lose by that run? I was out for dinner, but got home just in time to see the hubbub. Is Kaufman Stadium the new Trop? There seem to be crazy rules about paddings and railings and walls and what constitutes a home run. All we needed was a catwalk. How about Mo? Was he angry or what? I’m no lip reader but I think he said a naughty word.

But disputed call or not, this game was lost because Colon hasn’t been the same since the first half – since he injured his hammy, really – and because the offense didn’t capitalize early against Chen.

Great job by Noesi, giving the Yanks a chance to mount a comeback against Soria in the ninth, but it was a frustrating inning. Posada (Happy 40th Birthday) had a shot to be a hero. Instead, he didn’t get the bat off his shoulder.

The Red Sox lost. We had a chance to gain more ground. We blew it.


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12 Responses to “Of Course It Was A One-Run Loss”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    Yeah. Of course it would come down to that one run… The umps explanation to Girardi just seems dumb. It clearly hit the padding and bounced back against the fence. Supposedly there was some ‘gap’ that it crossed as it hit the fence. I think the ump screwed up because there’s a second blue railing behind the green fence the ball bounced off of. There’s where the gap is. The Royals’ announcers explained it pretty clearly because they had just seen something similar earlier in the season. Girardi should be pissed, but even if he played under protest, I doubt MLB would somehow grant a ‘do-over’ later on in the season with Billy Butler on second. I mean these are the same people who wouldn’t grant Armando Galarraga that 27th out for that perfect game last year when the baserunner was clearly out, and the umpire admitted his error. It is what is is…

    But kind of curious that the Royals’ webpage explaining Kauffman Stadium’s ground rules is mysteriously ‘offline’ somehow now… Or maybe it’s been down for a while? And that’s why the umps didn’t know any better? O_o


  2. Jane Heller says:

    Girardi did seem pissed in the post game show, YankeeCase. He kept saying, “I figured the umpires knew the rules.” But as you said, even if he’d played the game under protest, those things never go anywhere and I really think it’s up to a team to win in spite of bad calls that go against them. The Yankees did have their chances. Funny about the Royals’ web page though.

  3. John says:

    Girardi should have had a tantrum. Mo told him what the replay showed and his own first base coach told him what the ground rule explanation was the first game of the series. Joe could have maybe sparked his team with some true show of emotion. I am sure he doesn’t get any bonus for NOT getting thrown out of a game.

    Sorry, but your bad Joe.

    To bad you won’t qualify for the beaniee baby promo on Aug. 25th!

  4. Nadine says:

    Oh my god, what was that last night and why did I stay awake? The game before I couldn’t stay awake, I was just too tired. The games are at 2 a.m. so it’s really hard for me. I know (unfortunately) they can’t win every time but the hr call from the umpires really pissed me off. I probably woke all my neighbors. Ups. A very weird situation. I was instantly sure that it’s wasn’t a hr. The ball bounced off that wall and back into play. Couldn’t believe the umps saw it differently. I liked Mo’s reaction ’cause he was so right. I really thought he would run on the field to talk to to umpires. But well, let’s get this behind and concentrate on beating the Twins. :)

  5. Jeff says:

    I was watching the MLBN coverage and they were adamant about that blown HR call. How do you have 8 eyes blow that call?? I feel for ya. As for Colon, well, it’s all been borrowed time up to this point.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Joe’s sparking the team wouldn’t have done anything except cost him players, John, and we don’t need any ejections or suspensions right now. The way Mo was reacting he could have gotten thrown out. The umps are pretty touchy on plays where you’re not allowed to argue a call once they’ve done their review. There’s a beanie baby promo on the 25th? Do I have to be age 10 and under? Maybe I could fake it? LOL.

    A very weird game, Nadine. I can’t get over how you stay up. I can hardly keep my eyes open on Eastern Time. Mo really surprised me. He’s usually so zen about everything but not this time. You’re right – now let’s beat the Twins. I wish A-Rod could be activated because he usually hits well against them, but it’s not happening.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    I don’t know how they blow that call either, Jeff. I have a feeling the umps will get a lecture from MLB. It’s not as if they weren’t familiar with the rules of that stadium, as peculiar as they may be. And yeah, we’ve been lucky with Big Bart.

  8. Bob Cerv says:

    Borrowed time. That seems to be the secondary theme today (the bad call being #1, of course). After just two nites of radio broadcasts, I’m getting stupid-sticious. Tuned in Wed. nite just in time to hear John praising Nova, what a great full year, he’s on such a streak…and then, boom. Last nite, tuned in as the Yanks held a 2-0 lead, this Royal rookie is batting about a buck and a quarter, and then boom-boom-boom. Next time I hear John launching into some happytalk, I’m switching stations…but it’s been a treat, nonetheless…

    Speaking of borrowed time — Nadine, how DO you do it?? “You go, girl…!!”

    Jeff is likely right. Any day, now, Lola (or maybe Lolita?) will come calling for Bartolo’s soul, and like the mythical Joe Hardy, he’ll turn into the old fat guy he really is, and disappear behind the bullpen. Oh…wait…maybe that’s already happened? “Damn Yankees” of real life are really Yankees!?!

    My borrowed time is almost up. One more Big Dinner 2nite with Ma & cousins, and then it’s back on the Fla Tpk to Orlando to fly home. Short but sweet — maybe I’ll eat lite, grab a late nite snack & brew like on Tuesday, and Our Boyz’ll get the mojo back!

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Ah, so you’re the reason that Nova and Colon tanked, Dave? If so, then don’t listen to the game tonight. Haha! Have a good flight back tomorrow.

  10. Nadine says:

    Ha, that’s a good question. Right now I don’t work (still waiting for a new teaching position…), otherwise I couldn’t do this at all. Then I sometimes sleep 1 or 2 hours before the game starts. During the game I actually don’t realize how late it is…I eat or drink something, reading and commenting Jane’s tweets (lol) and all of a sudden it’s 6.00 a.m., the sun is coming up and I go to bed and sleep until 12. I just love watching the Yankees, can’t live without it. ;). A friend of mine came over today and when she stepped into my living room, she said: I don’t believe you bought a Yankees blanket and brought it all the way to Germany! Me: Sure I did! ;) So, it’s 12.30 am here…1 1/2 h of sleep and then it’s Yankees time. :D Let’s go CC!

  11. Jane Heller says:

    I love that you bought a Yankees blanket while you were here, Nadine. You’re such a fantastic fan. I’d be walking into walls if I kept the hours you do. I hope you took your nap before tonight’s game.

  12. Nadine says:

    Yes, I guess I spent all my savings at Yankees stores. I bought tons of stuff, even a watch! I had to buy a 2nd bag to get everything home. It was good to get 10% off as a Universe member. ;) When I was in one store with Peggy, she wanted to tell the guy there that I’m from Germany, but he already recognized me and she couldn’t believe it. ;) Gosh, I had fun! Alright, I had my nap, game is on, Go Yankees!