Just Not A Night Owl

August 16th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Tonight’s game could have been Yankees-Red Sox, given that it took what seemed like three hours to play three innings. They’re in the bottom of the eighth as I type this, with the Yanks over the Royals 9-7, but I’m not sticking around for the ninth. Call me a wuss, but I’m tired. Let me know what I missed.

Here’s what I do know about the game.

Nova was a total Jekyll and Hyde. He was off to a great start, then couldn’t hold a couple of leads, then pulled it together before Joe pulled him – and not a moment too soon. I guess he was due for a stinker.

Great job by Boone Logan to get us out of trouble and by Soriano, who is quickly becoming a pitcher I look forward to seeing when he takes his turn on the mound, and by Robertson. Our pen rocks.

Lots of offensive fun too. That at bat by Cano was amazing. Jeter keeps showing he’s still got it. I could watch Gardner run all day.

Martin was busy behind the plate. I love how excited he gets when he throws out a runner. He gave the Royals’ dugout the evil eye as if to say, “Don’t mess with me, people.”

BREAKING NEWS: I’m staying up after all.

Since the Yankees went down quickly in the top of the ninth and it’s still 9-7 – and since the Red Sox lost the second game of their doubleheader, putting us in a position to vault into first place – I’m hanging in for the bottom of the frame. Here we go with Mo on the hill.

Batter #1: Strikeout.

Batter #2: Groundout.

Batter #3: OMG! My9 just cut us off! I do not believe this! They totally screwed up their feed and went to some dumb game show, then to a LONG shot of the stupid fountain at Kauffman Stadium. How bush league can you get?

Well, I guess the Yankees won and Mo retired the side even though I didn’t actually see it. Clap clap clap, Yanks.


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12 Responses to “Just Not A Night Owl”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    Haha! My9 didn’t cut out for me. Must’ve been a CT regional thing? But at least you had the YES Post Game Show! If you stayed up that is… lol

    The important thing is that we’re back in first place, all alone!

    For now…. !O_o!


  2. Margaret says:

    I fell asleep again. These 5am alarms are killing my baseball watching.
    My hubby stayed awake and my9 didn’t cut out for us he said.
    He woke me to go to bed and said, “The Yankees won you can go to bed now”
    Which is pretty funny since I was asleep on the sofa anyway.
    But we were 8-5 when I fell asleep. I am a pitiful pitiful fan aren’t I?

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Must have been our local affiliate in CT, YankeeCase and Peg. Michael and I were watching it on two different TVs at that point (I really wanted to go to bed!) and we both yelled, “OH NO!” when our TVs suddenly left the game in the bottom of the ninth. So frustrating.

    No, you’re not a pitiful fan, Peg. I wish I hadn’t stayed up because my eyes won’t open this morning.

  4. Audrey says:

    I guess we were all taking naps during that game but what can you expect when it starts at 8 snd is only in the fourth at 10 p.m. Fortunately, the rest zipped by and when I saw the ninth inning was coming fairly quickly I decided to stay up and watch (though from a prone position). It was worth watching since Mo was sharp and the Royals were gone 1-2-3. The last out was also a strikeout, Jane.

    Nova concerned me, though, as you said, Jane, everyone is entitled to a bad outing and at least he timed it with their rookie pitcher’s bad outing. I just hoped he learned some things that will help him in the post-season. As for the rest of our boys – they were a joy to watch!

    I had been switching back and forth with the Red Sox game earlier to make sure they lost. When I started the score was 3-2 Rays so I was very happy when I went back and found the score was 6-2. Watched that till the final out. So glad to have first place all to ourselves. I say now that we’ve got it to keep it and not look back. I want homefield advantage!

  5. Barbara says:

    the benefit of still being on west coast time in my body is i got to listen to the end of the game that i never would have been able to stay up for. i usually start my day nervously checking the final score. i am glad to see offense and bullpen!
    one more nugget from my trip. we went to see the giants and phillies in san fran and that is an amazing ballpark. also i left my friend’s house with the yankees losing 2-0 to the red sox and walked in to the stadium to see the scoreboard saying yankees winning 3-2. so while my vacation was filled with hikes to amazing waterfalls, streams, lakes, seeing a bear and a rattle snake, the 3-2 yankees over the sox score was a highlight for me!
    i can’t believe we are in first place!

  6. Jeff says:

    That was one ugly way to notch a win for Nova… but hey, a win is a win is a win!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Nova concerned me for one reason, Audrey. I read on the LoHud Yankees blog this morning that it sounded like he credited the Royals for hitting good pitches when, in fact, Girardi pointed out that the pitches they hit were mistakes – up, in the zone, essentially ripe for being hit. I hope there’s no disconnect there and Nova gets that he did not pitch well!

    You saw a bear and a rattlesnake, Barbara? Sounds like life at my house. HAHA. Actually, I haven’t seen a bear at the house but bobcats are regular visitors and we once had a rattlesnake sitting just outside the front door. My cleaning lady spotted it and never came back to clean for us! I do want to go to AT&T Park in SF one of these days. Everyone says what a beautiful stadium it is.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Yeah, I’ll take the win, Jeff. It got us into first place for the time being.

  9. Ruth says:

    I enjoyed the little cat/mouse game going on between Cano and Melky. Cano wins!

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Me too, Ruth. Judging by Cano’s comments, they’re still best friends, but our guy won!

  11. Bob Cerv says:

    Long day. The seminar ‘officially’ ended at 4:30, but I made excuses & bolted out in time to catch the 4:25 Disney Bus shuttle back to MCO airport. Good thing, ’cause I was due to pick up the rent-a-car at 5:30, and reached the counter at 5:20. Got car by 5:45, and it was raining bobcats, dogs, frogs, & rattlers (with lotsa lightnin’). Loong drive south to Boca on Fla. Turnpike, hi-lited only by GREAT tunes (singin’ along to my own CD of rare Motown nuggets, natch), and then…OMG…at about 640 on the AM dial, a nice clear broadcast of the YANKEE game! What a treat. Well, sort of…it WAS entertaining, 4 sure. My college buddy Don is right…all those product placements are AGG-RA-VATING (“…and THAT groundball out was brought to you by…”). But to be fair, our NFL announcer/shills do the same thing, and Don does think that Susan is terrific.
    Anyway…got to Dear Old Mum’s Senior Center by 9:15 or so…dead quiet (so to speak)…she said she hadn’t had any dinner while waiting for me, but I found out she forgot that she had (at 93, this kinda thing happens a lot). We shared a little “sneak nightcap” of a rum mini & Diet Coke, likker being taboo (hey, it’s all I had in the travel bag). Got to my hotel by 10:30 — gratefully, they have a FINE sports bar/restaurant open ’til midnite — having REALLY had no dinner, what a joy to now WATCH the last 2 1/2 innings while scarfing down “the best hot roast beef sandwich in South Florida” with a couple o’cold ones, while the ‘pen takes care o’biz, and Mo’ closes out. Like I say, a long long day, but with a VERY happy ending!

  12. Jane Heller says:

    Long day is right, Dave. I’m surprised you have the energy to leave a comment. How nice that you found a good sports bar for food, spirits and Yankees baseball – an oasis in the midst of South Florida, I’m sure.