A Very Workmanlike Win

August 5th, 2011 by Jane Heller

We beat the Red Sox tonight by waiting Lester out, then delivering when he was vulnerable. I’d call that workmanlike.

At first, I thought we’d never get on the board. Lester’s slider was nasty and he was striking everybody out (or so it seemed).

But along came Granderson to give us a run and, later, Swisher, to put us ahead (he also had an excellent night in the field).

Colon was fine, keeping the Red Sox at two runs, but he wasn’t efficient and it was clear he wouldn’t be hanging around for long. I was a nervous wreck when Girardi brought in Boone with the bases loaded. Talk about a big strikeout.

The entire bullpen was fabulous, with a special shout-out to Soriano. There was no attitude whatsoever when he took the mound in the 7th. He not only set the Sox down in order but had a spring in his step on his way to the dugout. Nicely done.

It was a tense contest but what other kind is there between these two teams? The big takeaway is that the Yankees secured sole possession of first place – for tonight anyway – and I’ll sleep better.



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12 Responses to “A Very Workmanlike Win”

  1. Leo says:

    Jane, I think we can all sleep better tonight. Lester is always tough so getting a win against him is huge. It all came down to timely hitting after wearing him out with his rising pitch count. The bullpen was fantastic as a whole tonight as you already said. I think you should’ve also given special mention to Logan. That was a giant strikeout to A-Gon to end that inning with the bases loaded jam that Colon left for him. I have the utmost confidence that we can extend our win streak even more with CC vs Lackey tomorrow. On paper the matchup is almost unfair for them but it’s the Sox so I don’t care.

  2. Jessica says:

    Jane, what a relief! I was looking forward to but at the same dreading this series! It was a tight game, but they worked it out. Although Colon was pitching up to 96 mph, he was not particularly sharp. Boone Logan was a lifesaver! Striking out Gonzalez with the bases loaded was quite a sight. Like you said, the bullpen was magnificent. I hope they continue being this effective throughout the rest of the season. What can we say about Mo? He knows how to close a game with style – just a beautiful strikeout to end it. With CC taking the mound tomorrow, we’ve got a good shot of extending our division lead. Your mom’s faith and optimism in our boys was not in vain! Take care and until next time!

  3. new yawk lover says:

    That game was everything that a Yankees-Red Sox game should be; taut and suspenseful, well managed, well pitched, and well played. Two talent laden, rival teams playing up to their potential, and a Yankees win….what could be better. To me, that’s what it’s all about. Very gratifying. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Lester is always masterful against us, Leo, so you’re right – getting a win against him was definitely an accomplishment. But did you read my post? I did give special mention to Logan; I said his strikeout with the bases loaded was huge.

    Colon’s outing was kind of a strange one for him, wasn’t it, Jessica? As you say, his velocity was really there but it always felt as if he might get into trouble at any point and I figured he’d be gone relatively early. How glad are we to have Soriano back now? At first I was kind of wondering if he’d mess up things when he came off the DL, but what a bonus. With him coming on in the 7th, Robertson in the 8th and Mo in the 9th, it’s an awfully short game. Fingers crossed for CC.

    Well said, NYL. It was typical Yankees-Red Sox. It took much longer than a low-scoring game should and it was tense all the way through. There were a few sloppy plays here and there, but it was certainly worthy of The Rivalry.

  5. John says:

    John Sterling and I did a classic “Yankees Win” call last night. I am sure cottages a block away heard us.

    At 6am this morning I hugged the waitress at the breakfast place I go to here. I discovered she is a Yankee fan. At 6:40 I squared up against my first Sox fan of the day. Clerk at gas station I went to to get a paper at had Sox hat on (of course I was fully decked in my Yankee gear). I felt a little, very little, bad. He worked all night and had to deal with me at the end of his shift. He will be miserable all day today.

    My wife suggested I try a little restraint today on the beach. I thought about it for a minute and decided it wasn’t in my nature. Pent up energy must be released.

    It’s 7:30, can’t wait till beach opens! “I Live For This”!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Your wife was right, John, but she also knows you. No restraint whatsoever! LOL. Don’t kick sand in anyone’s eyes.

  7. Audrey says:

    I’m loving hearing about John’s adventures in RI – so funny! I went to see my shefan friend in our local Sox fan-laden newspaper office a couple of days ago but we were very cautious and quiet. Of course, by Monday that could be different but I’m not saying anything to jinx our boys.

    Great game, enjoyed it immensly except that I had to watch it on NESN and that is pure torture. The announcers aren’t too awful – I expect them to be partial toward their team and they did say some nice things about the Yankees, including calling Mariano “The Greatest.” But it seems every show and commercial they run is about the Red Sox – Like an upcoming show about lifelong Sox fans and then another show to show how they made the first show! Is YES as bad as that? My husband says I just don’t notice because I agree with them but I don’t know. And bear in mind that YES is the Yankee network whereas NESN is supposed to be all New England sports. Anyway, I’m glad the game is on FOX today, as bad as that can be, and ESPN tomorrow night. Dang I wish I could get YES up here!

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Strange to say, Audrey, but on those unfortunate occasions when I’m stuck with NESN instead of YES, I don’t find their announcers hard to take at all. They’re remarkably even-handed about the Yankees, particularly in comparison to the broadcasters of other opposing teams (they don’t harp on our payroll, for one thing; how could they?). I’d rather listen to them than Buck and McCarver.

  9. Leo says:

    I’m sorry, Jane. I did read through your post but I somehow missed the part where you gave Logan his credit. Today should be a good game for us with the lopsided CC vs Lackey matchup in our favor.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    You’re forgiven, Leo! After I read your comment I had to re-read my post to make sure I had credited Logan, because you’re right – his K of Gonzalez was enormous.

  11. John says:

    Surprising number of Yankee fans on the beach. The few Sox regulars carefully avoided game talk. They went right to my knee replacement instead. One guy wished for a tidal wave to wash away my Yankee umbrella. Another just wanted to talk about NE Patriots.

    I actually wasn’t able to use my best stuff today. I saved it for another day. Nice beach day but rain forcast tonight and Sunday. Guess I’ll have to take my act indoors somewhere. Maybe Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun.

  12. Jane Heller says:

    A tidal wave, John? LOL. That RS fan had a sense of humor at least. The sky looks ominous down here in lower CT so I think you will have to take your act indoors. I just hope it’s clear up in Boston.