Hello From The East Coast

August 1st, 2011 by Jane Heller

Yes, it’s humid here. But I love the heat, so it doesn’t bother me.

And it doesn’t bother my mother, the Original She-Fan. She may be 94 and counting, but when I showed up at her house last night, she hadn’t aged a bit since the last time I visited.

One of the first things I did this morning was whip out the She-Fan Cam to get a few words of wisdom from her. We focused on the upcoming series with the Red Sox. Take a look.

Why didn’t I inherit her sane genes?

Aside from our reunion, the best thing about my trip east so far was the guy who picked us up at JFK last night. He was born and raised in the Bronx – a huge Yankee fan, needless to say – and his grandson is great friends with Mo’s oldest son so he’s been to Mo’s house. That’s right. He knows where God lives! And now so do I!

Anyhow, the Yankees just beat the White Sox, speaking of Mo. I’m too tired to recap but CC did what he had to do, Cano made some cool defensive plays and Grandy was Grandish. Very nice, tidy win to open the series.


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22 Responses to “Hello From The East Coast”

  1. She’s dahling! And she’s right!

  2. Roseann says:

    Ahhhhh … always love to hear Mom’s words of wisdom. Like a breath of fresh air.
    I so get what she means about the “blood relationship” — I’ve always felt that The Yankees are part of my DNA!
    Welcome back to the East Coast, Jane. I hope your trip stays this wonderful. :-)

  3. Jessica says:

    I love your mom’s attitude! That’s the outlook I’ve got to adopt going into this next series. We have to have faith in our Yankees! But I’m sure if the guys keep playing the way they’ve been playing these past few games, we should be good against the dreaded Boston. Enjoy your time on the east coast and tell your mom she’s got a 19 year old fan!

  4. John says:

    Fine wine Jane, just like fine wine is the Senior She Fan!

    I will be in Rhode Island on my annual evangilism into the heart of Sox country by the time the first pitch is thrown Friday. I am fairly well recovered from the knee replacement and the next phase of my recovery will involve my Yankee beach umbrella, Yankee beach towel, my Yankee tee shirts and my Jeter book to read on the beach with its cover clearly visable to all. The juices are flowing and I can’t wait to do my deeds.

  5. Audrey says:

    Hugs to Mama Shefan! She is wonderful and wonderfully sensible about this Boston series.

    One correction, Jane – we have beat the Red Sox once this year, way back in April at Fenway. Taking the series is definitely possible – after the way we began the 2009 season 0-8 we have proof of that. And didn’t God’s gift to baseball lose last night, after all? We can do this.

    Geesh, at the rate CC is going he’ll have 20 wins by the end of August!

  6. Freya says:

    Welcome back to Yankee territory Jane. I love the story about your driver. Your mom is the greatest, and you’re right, she looks as wonderful as she did last year. As for CC, I feel a lot less stress when he takes the mound. I’m expecting that we can maintain our winning momentum and we’ll emerge from the series with the Red Sox at the top of the AL East. GO YANKEES!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    I love when she calls me “dahling,” Pat. LOL.

    It’s exactly like a blood relationship, Roseann. We all feel as if the Yankees are part of our family and vice versa and that they will love us back! Good to be back here.

    I will tell her, Jessica. Thanks for the comment. I’m going to try to adopt her attitude too. Whenever we play Boston, I always want to hide my eyes.

    She’s totally like fine wine, John. Well put! Glad to hear your recovery is going so well and you’ll be able to travel to RI. I know you’re itching to score some conversions.

    We did beat the Red Sox once, Audrey? Now that I think about it, you must be right but I can’t remember the circumstances of how we won. Mostly, I remember that they’ve owned us this season…so far. I also know that we turned that around in ’09 and can do it again. CC’s been amazing.

    Thanks, Freya. Nice to be here. Isn’t it a relief when CC takes the mound? You almost know it’ll mean a win and what a luxury. And it sure would be great going into the weekend in first place. Love it.

  8. Audrey says:

    It was on April ninth, the score was 9-4, Robertson was the winner and Buchholz was the loser. The short version recap went like this: Russell Martin blasted two home runs over the Green Monster, Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano deposited balls into the right-field seats and Eric Chavez had three hits in his first start as the Yanks handed the Red Sox their seventh loss this year.

    I just love the Internet.

    Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there, at least versus the Sox.

  9. Rachel says:

    Glad to have you back in NY :) Are you going to get a chance to go to a game?

    Your mom is adorable! Can she come over to my apt and de-stress me during the weekend series? I’m already having a fit, especially after we got within 1 of the division last night. I want to take 2 out of 3, at least!

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Ah, April 9th it was. Thanks for finding the win for me, Audrey. I remember that Martin got off to a great start offensively but two homers? I’d like to see him do that again this weekend, along with the others. Too bad Buchholz won’t be pitching.

    I’m hoping to get to a game, Rachel. Just settling in first and then will figure out which game to go to. Maybe my mom will make a house call. LOL. We need her to de-stress us all.

  11. Melissa says:

    Your mom is the best! Please give her a hug from one of her fans – me!

    We finally watched the Jeter documentary on HBO. It was very cool to see all the behind the scenes stuff. Minka was not impressive, but I guess jocks like vacuous women. Dorothy Jeter’s face was much thinner. We didn’t see her last season at all and I was worried she was ill. Hope all is well with her. Maybe she just had some cosmetic surgery. My favorite part was when Dorothy said her mom was the one who got Derek so into baseball.

    The Alec Baldwin commercial in April has put it all into perspective for me and I will be okay throughout the series. I’ll just keep thinking of us dancing in October.

  12. Jane Heller says:

    I’ll give her a hug for you, Melissa. Of course! I thought Mrs. Jeter looked great. I think she’s just busy with their foundation and other family matters. The Alec Baldwin commercial is a good one to keep in mind, thanks for that.

  13. ladyjane303 says:

    I always love seeing your Mom, and this video was especially welcome on a work day that’s been stressful since I walked into the office. “I love the Yankees, and they love me – whether they know it or not.” That’s going to be my new motto. As for the Mo connection, it is indeed a small world and I somehow think this isn’t over yet – you’re going to meet him this time. Enjoy your stay. Give Mom a hug for me too. Hope to see you soon.

  14. Bob Cerv says:

    …and Hello Back from the ever-steamy “Middle” East Coast!
    Glad that your travel was safe and that you’re secure back in the ol’ home state. Your mom looks as perky and wonderful as ever…thanx again for fresh video…makes me look more forward to seeing me own 93-year-old mum down Boca way in two weeks…!
    She has the right attitude, as always. Just keep feeling that somehow, some way things’ll work out fine. Now, I wouldn’t exactly overlook the ChiSox…and we’re not exactly sending Reynolds, Raschi and Lopat out there on the mound against ’em (note to the kiddies — that was the Yanks’ “Big Three” hurlers in the glory daze of 5 straight WS champs — maybe Mama remembers?)…but at least Konerko’s hurt, and they’d BETTER not let Adam Dunn get so much as a single or two…!
    Other than crossing my fingers, and wishing the best for Big Brave John in the New England Wilderness, I’m not gonna worry about the Hoseheads. Remember, they’re SUPPOSED to win…they’re SUPPOSED to drub all visitors into submission in their bandbox of a softball field…and we got She-Fan and Mama She-Fan, back 2gether again, givin’ us all that Good Mojo…!!

  15. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Jane, welcome to the Big Apple (or should I say ..baked apple ..lol). I’m happy you had an uneventful flight and arrived safe and sound. How cool was it to get Mo’s driver …WOW !!!

    I hope when I’m your Mom’s age I can still remember who the players are…haha. She’s an amazing lady and a great Yankee fan …God Bless her. She does look terrific …good genes run in your family…lucky you !!

    Nice game by CC last night …I love the big guy. Even when he isn’t at his best he still figures out a way to get through it. As for Mo …nothing to say there. It’s MO !!!!

    I did get to meet up with Nadine at the game on Sunday. I also met her friend Sarah who is traveling with her. They were decked out in their Yankee gear and are very adorable. I can’t believe they went to 10 straight games. She said they will be enjoying the rest of NY this week. Hopefully I’m meeting up with Nadine on Thursday to get a bite to eat and watch the game at a sports bar. It all depends if she can change her theater tickets…keeping my fingers crossed.

    I can’t believe I won’t be watching the game on Friday …I have to attend a wedding. Hopefully they will have a bar area with the game turned on that I can sneak out and watch here and there. Of course..I’ll have my Iphone to keep track of the score. It’s time the Yankees turn the tables by socking it to the Sox.
    We know it can be done because it has been done.

    Have a great day all …hoping to get to see you at a game Jane.

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!!

  16. Jane Heller says:

    Sorry you’re having a stressful work day, ladyjane, (I’m having a stressful moving in day. Must be a full moon or something), but I’m glad my mom’s words helped. :) I hope I meet Mo – somehow, some way, some day!!!!

    Right you are about the White Sox, Dave. They’re no pushovers by any means. As for the Red Sox, I forgot – they’re supposed to win every game! No pressure whatsoever on us!

    LOL about remembering the players’ names, Peggy. I can hardly remember names myself these days, so it’s amazing that my mother even knows who CC Sabathia is. Very cool that you met Nadine. She really did throw herself into Yankeeville during her trip. I know you’ll have divided attention on Friday night. I’ll probably be the same for me on Saturday since we have dinner plans and the game has a late afternoon FOX start.

  17. new yawk lover says:

    Good to read of your safe arrival, Jane, and CC certainly put out the welcome mat for you, didn’t he. I do hope you enjoy your return to Gotham “City, and that you regale us with tales of Yankee games, and culinary adventures as well.

  18. Jane Heller says:

    I don’t know how many Yankee games I’ll be regaling you with, NYL, since we may only go to one. But I’ll regale you with something!

  19. YankeeCase says:

    Ha! So you know where Mariano lives?! You’re not going to start stalking him now, are you? lol…

    I love your mom’s confidence. She’s seen the Yankees repeatedly beat that team over and over for a looooong time now. All except for that one time in the year that will not be mentioned…

    Still have to catch that DJ3K doc. I have it recorded on my DVR but haven’t had the chance to watch it. ACK!


  20. Jane Heller says:

    YankeeCase, I was just saying this very minute to Michael that I think we should stalk Mo later this week. HAHA. Yeah, my mother does look on the positive side, which I try to emulate (sometimes successfully, sometimes not).

  21. Roseann says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that one of my daughter’s best friends will be starting college at the end of the month with Mo’s oldest son as one of her freshman classmates, so I know where God’s son is going to school! I told her Mom that I would gladly drop her off/pick her up anytime she needs it (parents weekend this semester is during the playoffs, so I don’t expect God/Dad to be there). My daughter will be going to Iona — about a mile from Mo’s Clubhouse Grill — it’s not on her meal plan but I think we will have to make it a point to stop in from time to time :)

    Love to you and Mom and the rest of our Yankee Family!

  22. Jane Heller says:

    Wow, Roseann! Your daughter and God’s son will be classmates? I would be such a helicopter mom if I were you, hovering every second! And yes, you need to make Mo’s restaurant your go-to pit stop. LOL. Thanks. xxoo