Freddy Sez “I’m Not Wilting”

July 20th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Clearly, Garcia made a statement tonight at the Trop. He’s not ready to be tossed aside for Jimenez, Garza or anyone else, and judging by the way he pitched I don’t blame him. He was great. Not Roy Halladay great but great enough with all those swings and misses. If he keeps it up, we won’t need another arm. (But I won’t complain if we get one.)

What a night for poor Granderson. Not only did he have more trouble picking up the ball in center, forcing Cano to make one helluva catch, but he got drilled in the back. I hate not having his bat in the lineup, but I think he deserves tomorrow night off. Let Gardner deal with the catwalk.

Good for Boone Logan for bouncing back. Another machine-like job by D-Rob. And Mo was Mo.

I’d love to see us take the finale tomorrow night, obviously. But I’d especially love it if we scored early and often. Tonight was a nail-biter with those two runs having to carry us until Nunez (yup, he made another error and has a new nickname, NunEEEEEE) knocked in a couple more. I’m up for something more relaxing.


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7 Responses to “Freddy Sez “I’m Not Wilting””

  1. Audrey says:

    Grandy’s been giving his all – certainly he deserves a break tonight. He is this year’s Yankee MVP, in my mind, no contest.

    The encouraging thing about the last two games is that both Colon and Garcia still have it. It was a shame Colon lost a game he should have won but he proved his point. We still have pitching. We started off the second half of the season in frightening fashion but seemed to have pulled ourselves together. The Rays are fading and it’s Boston and us (of course). Gotta make these next few weeks count, especially the Boston series. Time to own them in August and September, as usual.

  2. Vicky says:

    Eric Chavez can’t get back to the team fast enough for me. I don’t care how good a hitter Nunez is (as the Yankee broadcasters continually love to tell us), I hold my breath every time the ball is hit towards him.

  3. Audrey says:

    Correction – CC is also an MVP candidate. Where would we be without either of them?

  4. Jeff says:

    Granderson ALSO deserves a medal of bravery for that catch that had him flat against the wall. Wow!

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Grandy and CC are both our MVPs for sure, Audrey. I wouldn’t mind if somebody else had an amazing second half and challenged them for the honor though. The more, the merrier. Boston doesn’t lose very often so we really need to keep up and not allow a slide. I want the division title!

    Chavez had 5 hits in yesterday’s rehab game, Vicky, or so I think I read. I guess the question now is whether he can play all out at third and, occasionally, first. Still, we’ll need Nunez to give Jeter a rest every now and then so we’re kind of stuck with him and his errors. But I’m with you on the breath holding. :)

    Granderson does deserve a medal for bravery, Jeff. He banged into that wall pretty hard AND got hit in the back by that Price pitch. I’m sure his body is feeling it today.

  6. Bob Cerv says:

    To my view, there are few things more satisfying in team sports than a determined, gutty, gritty victory, esp. on the road, extra esp. against a determined and good opponent.
    As much as those Bronx Zoo Yanks teams of the late ’70s would fuss and fight with each other, when they turned that aggression out toward the opponents, the results were…memorable…
    Youse guys have seen and opined on the details of last night. So encouraging (well, mostly). And, in The Chamber of Horrors, too, of all places! I will take another two ounces of Gutty & Gritty, if you please, match it up against “Rays In The Chamber” one more day, then use it again against a pound of Bosox Lumber and Hurling (that word has multiple meanings), and take my chances as a fan, any ol’ day…

  7. Jane Heller says:

    It was a gutty, gritty win, Dave. Good way of describing it. Freddy doesn’t have a zippy fastball like Price but he has guile and knows how to pitch. And Grandy was dandy, if a little battered and bruised for his efforts.