I Did Say The Trop Was Haunted

July 19th, 2011 by Jane Heller

It was right there in last night’s post. I was writing about the lightning strike, remember? Tonight’s evidence? How else to explain that strange seventh inning?

Colon had been coasting along (welcome back, Bart) when he was pulled for Boone. Suddenly, the craziness started – from the ball Granderson lost in the CATwalk to Boone’s error off his glove to Grandy’s error. And that, basically, was that. No late inning heroics. No comeback. No nothing.

I hated losing that game, I really did, especially since the Red Sox lost.

Plus, we have two new injuries to talk about. Meat Tray is on the DL with a shoulder problem and Nova did something to his leg while he was on the mound for Scranton. So much for our depth.

I’ll say it again: we need pitching.

But I’ll end with a positive: Nunez didn’t make an error. Almost, but not quite.


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15 Responses to “I Did Say The Trop Was Haunted”

  1. Antonella says:

    Hi Jane!

    That game literally made me sick, not the whole game.. Just the last couple of innings. I’m OFFICIALLY on the “Rays need a new ballpark” bandwagon. Grandy said after the game that he pretty much lost the ball from the jump & Boone looked like he was beating himself up abt his error.

    I’m a quiet Boone Logan supporter [lol] he’s been pretty good ever since he had the talk with Alex.. Maybe if Alex would’ve been there, he wouldn’t have made the error ;) I don’t know, hopefully tomorrow they can get to Price early & put it on cruise control.

    If we get our lucky 10 runs tomorrow, I’ll forget abt this game. LOL

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Jane. Last night’s loss was every bit as repulsive as Monday’s was satisfying. The Trop should go the way of The Kingdome, the sooner the better.

  3. Melissa says:

    When Eddie (aka Yankeecase) starts his fund to get the Rays a new stadium, I will contribute. It really stinks when a team loses a game because of the facility. And yes, they may have lost the game anyway, but it made me really angry. It is the worst stadium.

    Big Bart looked great though. So glad he is back. And I finally figured out who he reminds me of (just a little).


  4. Jane Heller says:

    You’re a quiet Boone Logan supporter, Antonella? LOL. You’re not so quiet on Twitter. I know your faves. He has been doing much better lately. That error last night was part of the haunting, so I don’t fault him. Speaking of Alex, he would never have caught that pop up in foul territory that Nunez ran after. He just wouldn’t have. Ten runs tonight? Well, I’d like nothing better, and if it happens I’ll be dancing. That picture is crazy! I kept looking at it and trying to figure out its message. Help me.

    Yes, repulsive, Jason. No one likes the Trop, and I’m sure the Rays themselves would love a new stadium. But it’s such a political thing in the Tampa/St. Pete area and it takes money. I don’t see the situation getting resolved any time soon, given the economy there. Plus, there’s the fact that the summer population isn’t what it is elsewhere, because of all the snowbirds in FL.

    HAHAHA, Melissa. That’s exactly who Bart looks like! He’s a Dominican Marx Brother!

  5. Uncle Mike says:

    Tropicana Field is a joke. And the reason Rays fans don’t know it is that not enough of them show up to see it. 22,700 last night — half of them rooting for the Yankees. And I don’t want to hear about how bad the economy is because Detroit has it harder than anyone, and they’re averaging 29,000. Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Toronto, these teams are all doing better than the Rays — at the box office, but not on the field (not even with the Pirates’ apparent revival).

    Move the Rays, and detonate that stadium. It’s every bit as bad as the Metrodome was.

    That the Yankees lost a game they should have won a night after they won a game they should have lost doesn’t matter: They should win them all. Which means… Boone Logan, you’re in a gots-to-go situation.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Detroit does have a tough economy, Uncle Mike, but it also has people living there. Try going to St. Pete in the summer and count how many people you see. Pittsburgh and KC have year-round populations.

  7. Bob Cerv says:

    Vewy scwewy…that’s how Elmer Fudd woulda described last nite, I do believe…
    First apology of the day goes out to the Sports Godz. Should NOT have awakened their ire by complaining about that Chamber of Horrors called Tampa…they realized that I haven’t had ENOUGH beisbol suffering in that ghastly venue, so “have some now!” Hopefully, that’s enuf…?
    Nice to see that “Chico” was at least “The Man” again last night! What a GREAT comparison, Melissa!! Now, may that “Night At The Opera” become “Duck Soup” today…esp. with the pitching corps becoming a wormy apple core yet again, even in the minors (sheesh!), and we canNOT expect another O’s victory tonite (one per summer against the Hoseheads is about all they ever average)…
    Also glad to see Tex get a couple of hits. He was starting to resemble Jayson Werth, the 2011 Nats model (not one to emulate, trust me)…
    And apologies to the beisbol godz for being such a hypocrite. Outa one side of my mouth, I empathize with Son #1, who HATES IT when the Sawx come to Bal’mer and the stadium is 2/3 Hosehead fans, and I agree that it’s Just Not Right. Because of course I’m enjoying seeing the same thing in Tampa for the Yanks…but still…it’s “The Chamber”…

  8. Jane Heller says:

    So the loss was your fault, Dave???? Atone! Yes, nice to see Tex hit but I’m waiting for the evil homers to come back. At least we have Mr. Home Run Derby. And we’re all hypocrites when it comes to seeing fans wearing the interlocking N-Y.

  9. Nadine says:

    I wasn’t able to watch those games but finally my NYC vacation is here. My flight is tomorrow and my first game out of 9 at Yankee Stadium on Friday. I’m going to meet Steve Melia, the 162 guy and I really can’t wait! :D

  10. Jane Heller says:

    So exciting that your trip is coming right up, Nadine. I hope you’ll report in after your first game at YS on Friday. Wow. Can’t believe you’ll be going to nine of them!

  11. Corinne says:

    With regards to conditions at the Trop, does anyone know what that stuff is that pops up when a ball bounces on the turf? If it were an open air stadium and it had rained, I would say it was water, but since it isn’t and it didn’t, I can’t figure out what it is. Look at the photo of the ball bouncing in front of Curtis. Is that dust? If so, yuk!!!

  12. Jane Heller says:

    Corinne, the Trop uses some sort of pellets in their turf. What comes up when the ball bounces is actually a sandy substance, not water, which is what it looks like. As we’ve all said, the Rays really do need a new stadium.

  13. Christiaan says:

    you know, phil hughes insists the hotel the yanks stay at in tampa is haunted… for whatever that is worth haha

  14. Jane Heller says:

    I’ve stayed at that hotel several times, Christiaan. A lot of people say it’s haunted. All I know is I loved it. Great service, accommodations and food!