Walks and Errors and Lightning, Oh My

July 18th, 2011 by Jane Heller

What a weird win, but I loved it. Well, I loved everything except A.J.’s wildness (six walks and a throwing error – ugh). If I read tomorrow that he smashed his hand into a glass door after the game, I won’t be surprised. He looked kind of snarly in the dugout.

Anyhow, it was a nice comeback for the Yanks. For most of the game, the offense was half dead against yet another pitcher they’d never faced. But then came the Rays’ exhausted bullpen, plus a kid they’d called up from the minors, and the Yankees pounced. It didn’t hurt that Noesi had a huge strikeout with bases loaded, that D-Rob was a strikeout machine and that Mo did his usual save thing. Good job, boys.

I wasn’t sure the game would be finished, given the delay because of the lightning-induced power outage at the Trop. Not only did that bank of lights go out, but so did my YES feed. Doesn’t it seem as if something spooky always happens there? It’s like that dome is haunted or something.

I know I said this in last night’s post, but how hot is Brett Gardner right now? And, conversely, how cold is Mark Teixeira? This cold?

For the uninitiated, the above is a box of It’s-It ice cream sandwiches and I had one (a sandwich, not the whole box) during the game. It’s-It is a San Francisco-based ice cream producer and there’s nothing – I mean nothing – like their ice cream. The original ice cream sandwich has vanilla surrounded by a chocolate shell with an oatmeal cookie on the top and bottom. It’s to die for.

Sorry. Back to business. With game 1 of this series in the books, we turn to Colon tomorrow night. I say if he falters again, a trade is imperative – as in Make It Happen, Cashman.


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14 Responses to “Walks and Errors and Lightning, Oh My”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    Mmmmm…. Ice cream sandwich…!!

    Wow, that really seemed like a game we were destined to lose, didn’t it? Even though it was only a two run deficit in the eighth, it took what felt like a monumental comeback to win. And when that ball landed in Tex’s glove at the end, I really felt we cheated the Rays out of a win there. Not that I feel bad about it… ha!

    From the broken glass on Sunday, to the lights going out tonight, and the overall poor attendance, I feel bad for the Rays and their stadium. Is there any way we can all chip in a few bucks and buy them a decent ballpark? For the kids! Please….?


  2. new yawk lover says:

    I was hoping for a negative knock on effect of that long Boston game last night, and it happened. Shame that kid they just called up had to endure that, but they didn’t seem to have anyone left in the pen, so that’s the breaks, and our good fortune. What a lineup to have to face in that situation, though. It was an entertaining game to watch, I just hope Bartolo can suck it up and revert to form tomorrow, then I’ll be really happy.

  3. Audrey says:

    Crazy game, crazy win but we’ll take ’em any way we can get ’em. It was actually nice to see they Yanks scratch and kick their way to a win. We’ve gone four games without a homerun and still managed to win three of them.

    But Tex – what are we going to do with him? You can even hear the announcers starting to hesitate to group him with our scary offense – strikeouts and pop-ups are not too scary. I hope he breaks out of this soon. In the meantime, at least, my husband has nothing to be jealous of anymore. Boyish good looks and sweet demeanor only get you so far with me – to really win my heart you have to get lots of hits, preferably in clutch situations!

  4. Melissa says:

    Ironic that the only time I’ve seen a lightening strike impact a game, it was an indoor stadium! If Scooter had been there, he wouldn’t have been there any more. He would have scurried to safety.

    Ha ha Eddie, wonder how many people would contribute a few bucks for the kids. Are there kids in Florida?

  5. Jeff says:

    That ice cream looks delicious. Send some out to the Chi whenever you feel like it. As for the game last night, I understand a lot of Yankees fans have connections to St. Pete, but it’s real depressing to see a pretty good team get outdrawn by its opponent… while at HOME! When the Yanks play at the Trop it’s just like a home game for them.

  6. Definitely one of my very favorite wins of the season Jane, especially given Burnett’s struggles. Gardner has been outstanding, really turning it on the last few weeks. I cannot imagine where the Yanks would be without Grandy, who has really been a monster.

    I too would love to see the Yanks trade for a guy like Jiminez, but do not want it to come at the expense of all their young talent.

  7. Cat says:

    Now that’s really cold!!

  8. Juan says:

    Mmm, I’d love to have one of those ice cream sandwiches! Anyway, big win for the Yanks to get the series opener (which they never do), and also it was a night game (which they should win more often). It’s kinda weird but we gotta give thanks to the Red Sox! If they hadn’t gone to 16 innings, then Tampa’s bullpen could’ve been better and the Yankees might never have won…

  9. Jane Heller says:

    It did seem like a game we were destined to lose, YankeeCase. I was frustrated that we weren’t hitting their starter and that, while A.J. wasn’t great, he only gave up four runs, which shouldn’t be an insurmountable hill to climb. But we did it and I’ll take it. You can chip in to buy the Rays a nice stadium. I’m too busy trying to help the Dodgers out of their mess. They’re my neighbors.

    I did feel sorry for that kid Torres, NYL. It was a tough situation for him, but I’m sure he’ll learn from it. Or not. Their problem. We have a few of our own. I hope Colon doesn’t turn out to be one of them tonight.

    Yeah, Audrey, where are our big bombs? No homers in awhile, not even from Grandy. And Tex is downright out of rhythm. He’s in April form right now and it’s not helping. At least his defense is still phenomenal.

    HAHA, Melissa. Poor Scooter would have fled that place! Yes, there are kids in Florida and they even go to the Trop. They just get drowned out by all the Yankee fans.

    I’ll send some ice cream sandwiches right out to you, Jeff. But in the meantime ask your supermarket to carry It’s-It. Mine just started to. (I used to have to buy it at specialty markets.) When the Yankees come to St. Pete, the Trop does look like Yankee Stadium South. But the same thing happens when the Red Sox are playing there. Just a lot of New Yorkers and New Englanders doing the snow bird thing.

    Gardner and Grandy have been so huge for us, Jason. Last year we were so worried about Grandy hitting lefties. Ha! And early this year we thought Gardner was useless. He couldn’t even steal, much less get on base. How things change. Jimenez is only 27 himself. Would you really mind giving up at least some of our unproven young talent for a proven young talent?

    Cat! Great to see you here. You must get It’s-It ice cream down in LA, right?

    Yes, it’s nice to win a series opener, Juan, since we seem to lose them a lot. Same with the night games. I’m sure the Rays’ bullpen was tired from the Red Sox game the night before, but I don’t think their pen is as good as it was before they lost Balfour and company.

  10. I sure wouldn’t mind giving up some of the young talent for Jimenez, Jane, for he is terrific. I just don’t want to sacrifice most or all the young pitching talent. It is a matter of the cost for me, not really whether or not to pursue him.

  11. Bob Cerv says:

    “If this is it…please, let me know…if this ain’t love…you better let me go…”
    — Huey Lewis & The News, 1984 (or thereabouts)
    Well, let’s all hope that it’s LOVE for Big Bart 2-nite. That old feeling that the pixie dust has worn off, and Scarecrow Phil, Tin Man Garcia, and the (Cowardly?) Lion Colon are back on the farm in Kansas with Dorothy Jane is creeping up on me again…
    Phew. Nice escape last nite. Went to bed b4 the games were over…it was 4-2 Rays after seven, and 7-7 O’s vs. Hose at the same time. Actually thought that those O’s had a better chance than we did. Ooops. Forgot that their pitching REALLY smells, while our boys are intermittently oderiforous by contrast. Must be hibernating, ’cause I don’t recall a ‘stache on Monsieur Martin…but if she works for you, mon ami, tant mieux (“so much the better” in Russell’s native tongue)!

    You know, I’d like to feel some empathy, sympathy, or something for Tampa. Really. After all, we still owe the Rays a little thanx for preventing Hosehead back-to-back WS titles in ’07 and ’08 (you think THEY’d have lost to the Phillies?)…but it’s personal…the Tampa area has been a Chamber of Horrors for me in ALL other major sports…went to Tampa to see my fave football team get massacred in a Super Bowl…had to endure two awful NCAA losses in That Dome by my school’s college hoops team (one in the finals)…and just this year, our local hockey boys, the Capitals, got SWEPT outa the playoffs by…the Tampa Bay LIGHTNING. So — beisbol is my Saving Grace in that corner of the world — mo’ Yankee fans, the merrier –thanx, Yanks, and as Huey sings it, “it’s all right…have a good time…’cause it’s all right…!”

  12. Jane Heller says:

    I agree, Jason. The trouble with any trade for a top starter is that it would hurt. How much it would hurt remains to be seen. We’d have to give up young pitchers, no doubt. The alternative is to stick with our own and see how it goes. But are we prepared to go down the stretch with the status quo? I’m not.

    Martin’s mustache is so 80s porn star, Dave. I’m not a fan of it, but if he plays well with it and it makes him happy, I’m happy too. You do have a bad history with Tampa teams, don’t you.

  13. YankeeCase says:

    Melissa, there is a grand total of seven kids in Florida! Ha…!! But those seven kids deserve a good place to see the Rays play without worrying about glass from exploding light bulbs up above falling down on them.

    Hey Jane, so are you still headed out here to catch a Yankee game? Have you decided which game you’ll go to? Your fans need to know!!

    Dave, so you’re a New York Football Giants fan too, huh? Let us never speak of Super Bowl XXXV again… !O_o! I un-heart Tampa Bay too. I saw my New York Rangers lose on New Year’s Day in Tampa this year, within the first few seconds of OT after trailing 1-0 most of the game… Heartbreak!!


  14. Jane Heller says:

    Yup, I’m still coming east, YankeeCase. And I still haven’t gotten tickets for a game. Shame on me, right? I figured I’d get there, settle in and then go Stub Hub shopping.