Maybe The “Brew Crew” Had Too Much Brew

June 28th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Oh, my. What a mess of a game for the Brewers. They may be formidable in the NL Central, but they looked more like the Little Rascals at the Stadium tonight. Greinke’s defense clearly did him no favors, but when you walk a batter and hit another, then give up Swisher’s three-run bomb and your manager has a reliever warming in the second inning, you’re toast.

I’ve said many times how much I love blowouts, so this was a very relaxing evening for me. I just sat back, watched the onslaught and enjoyed dinner without heartburn for a change.

Garcia continues to amaze. He looked shaky at first, but once he was pitching with that big lead he had the Milwaukee hitters swinging away like a bunch of Vlad Guerreros.

And now Colon’s coming back, possibly to pitch in this weekend’s series against the Mets (who had TWO grand slams after not having any in, like, a million years)? I hope he’s really okay and not being rushed.

But here’s what I really hope – that all the talk about bringing Meat Tray back is just that: talk.

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The fact that Cliff Lee and the Phillies took care of Josh Beckett and the Sox didn’t exactly ruin my night either.


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9 Responses to “Maybe The “Brew Crew” Had Too Much Brew”

  1. Leo says:

    Sorry for my short absence, Jane and fellow baseball fans. Life has just been pretty crazy for me that I just didn’t have much time to post but I will post again more frequently now. Anyway, while I had to work but I got to follow most of the game through Gameday and got to catch the last few innings of it. Certainly very easy to relax when a lead is that big that a win is almost immenient. As for Philly, glad they took care of the Sox but they are looking very scary indeed with that pitching staff. Halladay, Lee, and Hamels have some incredible numbers. I really hope come postseason time, should the Yanks be blessed enough to make it to the World Series that they can avoid having to face the Phillies. And finally as for Meat Tray, they don’t need him. While the bullpen is riddled with injuries, they’ve gotten the job done for the most part just fine and there are options to plug rotation holes with the kids from the system so no need for them to have a knee jerk reaction to resign him.

  2. new yawk lover says:

    sounds as if the Brewers could have used some help from the ever smooth “Keith Stone” tonight. Well done Yanks

  3. Margaret says:

    I Love games like this! Relaxing is the key word here! Can’t we have oh say 70 more of them?

    But what made me laugh most Jane was the reference to the Little Rascals.
    I said the exact thing a couple of days ago – oh not about the NYY but I made a reference to The Little Rascals and I got the head tilt like the RCA dog. The woman said, “who? what?”
    So thank you for reference! It made me feel a little less old and that is never a bad thing! :-)

  4. Jeff says:

    The Cardinals thank you for helping towards our cause! Looks like Greinke has plenty to be depressed about, still.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Always nice to see your comments, Leo, whenever you have time. I agree about Meat Tray. He wasn’t a thrill the last time around and Joe hardly ever used him, so I can’t see why we’d need him this time. With Hughes coming back soon (hopefully) and Colon coming back sooner (hopefully), we’ll muddle through. Yes, the Phillies have the best staff bar none, but you just never know about baseball. :)

    The Yanks benefited from the Brew Crew’s sloppiness, NYL, but they took advantage and then made their own luck – always a winning combo.

    LOL, Peg. I love using references from our generation, and the Little Rascals (along with the Three Stooges and I Love Lucy) were big favorites growing up. Don’t feel old. Just feel good that you got to experience so many laughs watching the great shows. Do they even compare with what’s on TV now? No.

    You owe us, Jeff. So if the Cardinals play the Red Sox at some point, you know what you have to do. Yeah, Greinke did not look happy last night. His eyebrows went weird.

  6. Bob Cerv says:

    Dear Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, and the rest of Our Gang…
    Welcome back, Leo! Your postings are enjoyable, no matter when. Work & family come 1-2, how well I (we) know. At least we know that Jane’s always here for us…(right, She-Fan??)…!!
    Got a little extra kick from last nite, because my ol’ college pal Milwaukee Don was undoubtedly watching and “Groanin’ with Greinke.” He knows the Brew Crew’s window is v-e-r-y small, with Prince looking for big buck$ (and remember how we “$tole” C.C. from them?…he forgives me, but barely). They’ve signed Braun, The “Hebrew Hammer” (no joke…his actual nickname up in Miller-ville) to a long-term contract, but that’s it. Back to Our Gang…really glad to see Swish heating up like he has…and yes, it’s nice for Freddy to be unsteady on a nite when the other guys were “unsteadier.”
    And as for that “World Series Preview” up the road…I went into my co-worker (Philly Karl)’s office this morning, thanked him for a good game last nite, and gave him a “Phillies” ice cream cup/batting helmet. Anybody remember them? They were popular in many ballparks a few years ago. The Wife, in her cleaning frenzy during X-treme Home Makeover, insists on evermore cleanup of “junque.” Anyway, I promised Philly Karl that for each “W” his boys can deliver this week, he’ll get another cup (yeah, we have that many…). Soo…here’s hoping my Phils inventory is fully depleted by Friday!!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Yup, Dave. Really great to see Swisher heating up. He and Tex have certainly rebounded from their slow starts. Posada too. I hate to root for the Phillies, so I’ll let you do it for me during their series with Boston. May your inventory of ice cream helmets be all gone very soon!

  8. Melissa says:

    Ha ha Dave! I went to exactly ONE Phillies game at the old Veteran’s Stadium on a school trip and came home with . . . a Phillies ice cream cup/batting helmet. I have no idea what happened to it though.
    The poor Brewers did not look very good last night. Those games happen.

    Blah-erty kept saying Garcia wasn’t pitching well. I wondered what game he was watching because I thought Freddie did a good job.

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Blah-erty! Good one, Melissa. I know John will love that. I thought last night was a typical Garcia outing since he joined the Yankees (except for the one against Boston) – he got in a little trouble and got himself out of it. I continued to be impressed by how wily he is.