I Know Everyone’s Seen This By Now But….

June 21st, 2011 by Jane Heller

It’s perfect for a night when the Yankees were rained out. It just is.


I’m trying to picture Cameron and Alex “going out on a regular date.”

Anyone willing to wager how long this romance of the century will last?


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8 Responses to “I Know Everyone’s Seen This By Now But….”

  1. mike fierman says:

    I hadn’t seen it…but watching it confirmed to me once again why i don’t watch chat shows :)

  2. Audrey says:

    I don’t follow celebrity culture much and that was a good reminder why.

  3. Melissa says:

    I feel the same way as Audrey and Mike. Bleh!

  4. Jeff says:

    Bleh. Cameron could use a little less plastic on her face. She used to be rockin’.

  5. Margaret says:

    I saw it. I do follow some of the culture especially when it involves a Yankee.

    My guess is until the end of the season. Isn’t that when he normally dumps them?
    Kate was after the world series.

    I find her blah. Don’t get the appeal….actually either way.
    He’s a Yank so I do like him but wouldn’t be a choice of boyfriend.
    But that body is sure rockin’.
    I can say that right? Okay so he’s tender fiddles to me.
    (i bet his mom is my age for heaven’s sake)

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Well, I guess it’s unanimous: the general reaction is BLEH. (Or, in Peg’s case, BLAH.) My position is that I love hearing about any Yankee in any context (almost) and that David Letterman can make me laugh no matter who the guest is. I like him even more because he’s a Yankee fan.

  7. Bob Cerv says:

    There’s something so very satisfying, albeit mystifying, about my enjoyment of being in a virtual Yankee Blackout. Had nothin’ to add or offer to the rainout/video, which was nicely summarized, thankyou…
    Since (as you know) I’m too cheap/wimpy/lazy/etc. to dare any attempts to subscribe to MLB or Yankee-anything, and half my family are Yankee-haters, my fandom (like “yankeefansince1941”) survives via commonly available tools, like espn.com or the occasional national game (or when they play local teams, like the O’s and Nats).
    Today has been a stimulating challenge. It figured that since this was interleague, and no return trips to Cincy made sense, that they’d play two today. As the eternal pessimist, I hate road doubleheaders, ’cause the odds of sweeping are (I think) between slim and none. But even a split means another series won.
    Thought that Brian (“Ben”) Gordon would pitch; wrong again. Freddy was ready. Great! And espn.com does have this live “gamecast” thing, whereby you can get the current score, inning, who’s up, who’s on base, who’s pitching…very cool, EXCEPT there’s NO sound and NO video. Really makes me relate back to our ’41 Yanks fan…so this is how it was, sorta…back in the day…and they give you the result of every pitch as it happens, in a deliciously, excruciatingly slow way.
    By the time I’d first “logged in” today, it was 2-1 Yanks, but oh-oh, two Reds on base…and I had to wait wait wait for some stupid commercial to run first…as I did, I could see the score change to 2-2…oh, DAMN — but at least it was a sac fly, no further damage…but wait…Nunez had TWO errors…in THAT inning?!? Boyoboy, can’t wait for Jane & Co. to opine on that tomorrow…
    Then I get superstitious (and busy too). Don’t watch anymore now, it’s bad luck. By the time I did dare to check back in — hey, it’s 4-2, Our Boyz! Don’t even know how. Okay, then, don’t watch ANY more today; don’t jinx ’em. And see what happened? It all worked out…at least for the first game.
    Time to sign off now, and here’s hoping I’m wrong again. I’m so good (and practiced) at being wrong…

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Dave, I think it’s time you pulled out your credit card and got MLB.TV. Just a suggestion. Garcia was fabulous today but you’ve got it wrong about Nunez. It was Pena who made the two errors in that inning and he made a third too. Not a good day for him at all.