The Yanks Stooge Out Again

June 8th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Let’s see. I think AJ was playing the role of Moe, starting all the trouble by giving up three runs in the first and going downhill from there. Cervelli, despite his prowess at the plate, looked very Curly-ish on those two errors. And Gardner stepped right into the Larry persona by standing dumbstruck at third base while Jeter was waving him home, essentially killing a potential rally.

But hey. At least Tex was back! And Jorge Junior came through his surgery successfully! Those are bright spots, right?

Getting back to the humiliation of being on the wrong end of another beat down in the Bronx at the hands of the Red Sox, I don’t know what to say about the Yankees and their on-again/off-again season. It’s been weird.

Granderson is now officially in a slump.

Martin was out with a stiff back.

Joba is on the DL. (Why he was pitching if he had an injury I couldn’t begin to explain.)

Jeff Marquez is not the answer to our prayers.

CC usually bails us out after a slide and I hope he’ll do it again tomorrow. But he’ll need help. Somebody – several somebodies – need to step up to the plate, literally.


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18 Responses to “The Yanks Stooge Out Again”

  1. new yawk lover says:

    I got so disgusted when it got to 7-0 I actually headed out to the grocery to get the necessary ingredients for Linguine Bartolo. Surrendering so many runs so early yet again was too much to bear watching. Why why why lob a cantaloupe down Broadway to Ortiz again tonight? Better one of his patented wild pitches.

    The Sox flat own the Yanks this year. This is what I was concerned about last week. Maybe better things tomorrow, eh

    Way to cowboy up, Tex

  2. YankeeCase says:


    This team needs to start playing like the Yankees already!! The starting pitching has definitely done their job, keeping us afloat, but we can’t depend on the starters forever. Look at what happened last year. First half they were awesome, and then they started to fall apart. And now our bullpen will be very suspect for the foreseeable future.

    Feliciano? Gone. Soriano? Gone. Chamberlain? Gone! Marte?! He was holding a bat in his hand today!! You’re a pitcher! Get back in there soon!!

    For now, these kids will have to step up: Marquez, Pendleton, Noesi when he comes back up (and we all know he will come back), Sanit, and Ayala (actually scratch the ‘kids’ label from those last two. they’re older than me…). I have faith in Houdini and Mo, but a bullpen can’t be about two pitchers. Makes you really miss Ace, doesn’t it?

    Cashman is going to need to step up his search for a solid lefty for the bullpen, and a more than capable starter for the rotation (who knows what Hughes will be like when he comes back). Another Ace type pitcher? Unfortunately the one thing he can’t do anything about is the offense. That’s what’s really holding us back. We can’t have one or two guys that are hot at a time. Everyone needs to step up, from Jeter all the way down to Gardner. They need to be more consistent and focused. The whole RISP thing needs to be addressed. Actually maybe Cashman can do something about it and yell and scream at the players like he did in Atlanta in 2009. It sure seemed to work, didn’t it?

    And for the love of God, let’s stop taking all this abuse and stand up like New Yorkers do! Reach your fist down Boston’s throat and rip out their hearts! Why are we always the ones getting plunked? And then not doing anything about it?! Maybe AJ didn’t feel it was time to do it since they were down 3-0 pretty quick today, but I think CC will do the right thing and get someone square in the back (and not in the dome). Preferably Big Papo (not a miss-type). I don’t like that part of the game, but enough is enough! Time to stop being punks!


  3. Audrey says:

    Missed most of the game but that’s just as well. Watching the ninth inning was depressing enough.

  4. Melissa says:

    Ugh. Blah. Yuck. Ack.
    I think the worst aspect of this game for me was that the Yankees kept giving me hope and then snatching it away. The whole season has been like that. This team hasn’t jelled, there isn’t a rhythm to their play or to the season. BUT, there is time still for that to happen.
    As for Teixiera, I forgot to post yesterday that once again, when I watched the replay, it made me think that if I ever got hurt, I would want Gene Monahan there to take care of me. He is so calm, gentle and reassuring.

    As I was typing the above, it suddenly struck me that none of that really matters. What was really important about yesterday that Jorge Jr. had a successful surgery. That family has been through so much. I think we tend to gloss over the fact that this kid has had 11 surgeries on his SKULL. Pretty intense stuff.

  5. Margaret says:

    Went to the chiropractor last night after work.
    My Dr. went to the 1st game of the Boston series. They lost.
    I told him to stay away since every time he heads up to NY they lose.
    But he stayed home last night and they still lost.
    So now I am running out of excuses.
    Last night I was screaming at my TV and hubby suggested I take it down a notch. :-)
    So I had another glass of wine and whined instead.

  6. seindsfeld says:

    I always thought Jeter and Arod would make a good Abbott and Costello. Seeing Teix back was a huge sigh of relief… which of course meant 5 other Yankees had to raise their hands saying they’re injured. What happened to the fired up Girardi, yet again no retaliation for Teix getting hit, Ortiz flipping the bat; are they so embarrassed they can’t even clunk someone in the back? I feel like Torre never left. How is Boston doing everything right? Hitters and Pitchers, Bruins in the Stanley Cup, Patriots have Tom Brady, Celtics still have big three. Now Arod might be going back with his wife, who made him such a jerk in the first place (according to him). Did the Yankees really win a World Series, or did we go back in time? If that’s the case I’d really like to see O’Neill throw something, like a water cooler, or… maybe AJ? Btw Jane, is there anywhere I can email you for a non-related baseball question, if not its okay. :)

  7. Jeff says:

    Tonight’s game should be a showstopper. I’m looking forward to it. CC v. Beckett is always good… and I expect a good four-hour contest.

  8. ladyjane303 says:

    YankeeCase says it all. I just hope we won’t have to distract ourselves again tonight playing “cast the Yankees movie” on twitter. It’s fun, but lots of Yankees runs and some Red Sox humiliation would be, in the immortal word of Elle Woods, “funner”.

  9. Leo says:

    I was looking forward to a great matchup between CC vs Beckett last month when I took my mom to the Stadium and we all know how that turned out. But hopefully tonight the Yanks could finally figure him out and pound him. Ortiz needs to be plunked (I usually never condone this but they can’t get away with hitting Teixeira and Martin seriously injuring the former without any type of retaliation). But most of all, they need to win please. I’m tired of losing to the Red Sox at home. The pitching needs to be consistent and the offense needs to click and carry Granderson who’s done his part in carrying the offense through his own hot streak that I can forgive his little slump. Hopefully it doesn’t last much longer.

  10. John says:


    Enough said.

  11. John says:


    Enough said.

  12. Uncle Mike says:

    If Billy Martin were the manager, there’d be a lot of red-socked MF’ers in the hospital this morning.

    But no, Neville Chamberlain is the Yankee manager. All Girardi needs now is an umbrella and a piece of paper to wave in front of the media.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Sounds like Linguine Bartolo is delicious but not very lucky anymore, NYL. Maybe you need to find a new dish to make so the Yankees will stop playing like stooges. You’re so right about that pitch to Ortiz. We just can’t throw him one like that!!!!

    YankeeCase, you certainly summed up the relief pitching situation. We’re left with Robertson and Mo right now. Logan had a rough time but then straightened out. I don’t know what to make of him this year. And Ayala has done much better than I expected, but how much do we really want to rely on him? Pendleton is doing his best but isn’t seasoned. And Sanit was horrible his last time out. I’m concerned, let’s put it that way. I know nothing about Jeff Marquez, but I’m sure we’ll see him soon enough. But no. I don’t miss Ace. Well, let me amend. I miss the great season he had for the Yankees. I don’t miss the guy with the bad back who – mark my words – will miss time for the Red Sox too. As for plunking batters last night, there was no way that was going to happen. We were short some players. When Cervelli went down, for example, we would have had to scramble to find somebody to catch. We had no Posada. No Joba. No Martin. We can’t risk any ejections.

    You picked a good one to miss, Audrey. It was over before it began, basically.

    No, this team hasn’t found its rhythm, Melissa. Grandy was hot and now he’s cold. Cano has never really gotten on a roll. A-Rod hits a homer and it doesn’t matter. Jeter’s racking up hits but they’re not winning games. Yes, very good news about Posada’s son. I hope this surgery will be the last one for him.

    HAHA, Peg. I can just picture that scene between you and hubby. When I start yelling, it makes Michael yell too, as if it’s contagious. Thank God for wine.

    See my comment to YankeeCase about retaliation, seindsfeld. You can’t risk losing a player when you’re short players to begin with. That said, I’d like to see CC pitch “with authority” tonight. If that means coming inside, so be it. A-Rod’s social life really isn’t the problem. You do know that, right? As for the Bruins, etc., I guess it’s just Boston’s time to have a good run, sports wise. But we’re far from over on the baseball side. Lots of games to play. (I got your email and will answer it shortly.)

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s game too, Jeff – I think. CC is usually the one who restores order, but Beckett was really tough the last time the Yankees faced him.

    You know the other person who says “funner,” ladyjane? AJ! Remember when he used the word in a post-game interview with Kim Jones? It cracked me up. (Actually, I think he said “funnest.” Close enough.) Yes, I hope we don’t have to play “Cast the Movie” again on twitter, but it does provide entertainment when we don’t want to face what’s going on during the game.

    Again, see my comment above about the plunking, Leo. It’s trickier right now than it sounds, but we’ll see. More important is that CC pitches well and the bats come out against Beckett.

    I’m sure George would have some choice words for the team right now, John. I’m surprised Hank hasn’t uttered a few, since he piped up during the Tampa series.

    Neville Chamberlain. LOL, Uncle Mike. Your comment has me laughing out loud and I’ve read it twice.

  14. new yawk lover says:

    Actually, Jane, I hadn’t made the Linguine B for this series, as mealy tomatoes will ruin any masterpiece. I found a couple good ones last night during the second chapter of the Boston Inquisition, and will proceed forthwith. Truth be known, there’s not a superstitious bone in my body, but I am an inveterate and unrepentant pasta slut.

    Tonight’s game is an either/or broadcast on MLB Network for me, with the Phillies being their likely choice in my area. Oh well, perhaps this is a good thing.

    Mike Francesca opened his show with a classic tirade about the Yankees, funny enough to replay. His oil light was on, and the spit was flying. Funny stuff, and totally deserved. Anyone else enjoying the Avis commercials on YES featuring the Boston guy working in the NYC rental office? Hey, I need something to cheer my inner Yankee up in recent days.

    About the Posada child. Melissa couldn’t be more spot on. As someone who has endured four major orthopedic surgeries, two reconstructions each of the right knee and right shoulder ( gotta love motorcycle racing and heavy construction as career choices) and a father, I cannot begin to fathom what this child and his parents have endured, or the vast amounts of courage already spent, and still needed. Good luck, kid.

  15. Jane Heller says:

    I hate mealy tomatoes, NYL. Good call on the linguine last night. I’m supposed to get the game on MLBN and I sure hope I do, otherwise it’ll be NESN for me. Hopefully, Jorge Jr. has endured the last of his surgeries!

  16. Melissa says:

    Hey New Yawk lover, we have something in common! I’ve had both of my knees reconstructed (one when I was 12, one when I was 40). And yeah, surgery really stinks.

  17. new yawk lover says:

    Sweet, the game will commence around half past ten Eastern, and MLBN will show it here after all. Beckett vs Sabathia would be a shame to rain out.

    Hell of a thing to have in common, Melissa,but not the only thing, right? We’re both Yankee fans and SheFanatics too

  18. Jane Heller says:

    I bet you’re sorry you got the game, NYL. I am. (I have MLBN too.) Just painful to watch. I’m glad you’re a SheFanatic though. LOL.