The Yankees Won (Yay) But I Lost (My Mind)

May 29th, 2011 by Jane Heller

I missed the game today.

I could lie and say it was because I had an extremely important social engagement.

I could make up an excuse about not feeling well.

I could pretend I was kidnapped and held captive in a room without a TV.

But I can’t do it. So I’ll tell the truth and admit that the reason I missed the game was because I’m a dumb blonde.


When I saw that the game was on at 4 pm, I thought that meant 4 pm PACIFIC TIME, because, after all, the games out here on the west coast have been later. So I sat around the house all day, waiting for 4 o’clock. About 3:59, I turned on the TV and gasped. They were in the 9th inning and the Yanks were about to win it 7-1!

Oh, well. It sounds like CC was fabulous, not only holding down the Mariners but giving the bullpen a breather.

And good for Swisher getting that homer. Nice day for Andruw Jones too, which probably spells the end for Jorge as a DH against lefties. Apparently, everybody in the starting lineup had a hit. I’m happy, obviously. I’m just sorry I didn’t see the fun, especially after suffering through the last couple of losses.

But enough whining. I now have a few unexpected hours to kill. I think I’ll go browsing on my On Demand cable channel and find a movie or two to watch. Could be worse.

Happy July 4th tomorrow.

Oh, wait. It’s Memorial Day.

(Just kidding. I’m not that bad.)

P.S. I went to see “Surf Dog” at his hot dog stand yesterday, and he gave me an earful about the Yankees. I’ll post the video tomorrow night.


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17 Responses to “The Yankees Won (Yay) But I Lost (My Mind)”

  1. Peter says:

    Yeah. It gets confusing after a while. It’s hard to tell if something is on at 6 your time or 6 another time.

  2. YankeeCase says:

    It was a very good dominating game all around, Jane. Swisher’s homer started it off, followed by a five run third. And what was great was that these runs in the third came with two outs. Tex grounded out to move Jeter and Grandy to third and second respectively. And then A-Rod grounded to third. Jeter tried to score but Gimenez blocked the plate and tagged him out. So it looked like it would be another wasted scoring opportunity…

    But then Robbie hit a sharp single to right and Alex ends up on third. So 2-0 Yankees. Swish walks and then Andruw Jones hits a two strike pitch deep into that corner in right field, clearing the bases! And then Nuñez tripled Andruw home and made a dive at third that will be played on blooper reels for years to come! His first career triple will never be forgotten! You have to see it, it’s hilarious! Tex singles in Grandy from second, and there’s all our offense.

    We finally capitalized on scoring chances today, and of course CC was a beast. The game was probably saved by CC in the fifth when Ichiro, of all people, hit into an inning ending, bases loaded double play! It was what Ken Singleton called a “Sesame Street” double play. 1-2-3 to end the inning! CC caught the the grounder, tossed to Cervelli, who then threw to Tex and just got Ichiro at first! It was cake for CC after that… He went eight solid innings, the only Mariners’ run from a home run by Smoak in the sixth.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I’m not making the same mistake tomorrow, Peter. I’ve learned my lesson!

    Great wrap-up. YankeeCase. After reading several articles about the game, I’d say your summary was right on the money. Sorry I missed Nunez’s dive into third. Sounds like it was not graceful. But at least he got there. CC is just amazing – a true ace. I wish we could clone him.

  4. seindsfeld says:

    I really wish these guys would show the same love to the other pitchers as they do to CC. It always seems like they decide to get 10 runs every time he pitches, but who cares? Woohoo yankees! I agree, they should play Andruw Jones more, sry Jorge, at least they’re having a special figurine night in your honor. :D Can you believe Jeter only needs 20 more hits? pretty crazy stuff.

  5. Antonella says:

    Well, I thought the game was at 2pm my time.. Then found out it was at 3pm.. I hate all the confusion that west coast games bring. HAHA. It was a nice game, though. CC was big, no pun here. You can always count on our Ace/Horse to get us through trouble. Hopefully Colon can keep it going tomorrow.

    I believe most of the runs came with 2 outs, which was greattt. Andruw Jones’ bases clearing double definitely made me smile. LOL

    On to Oakland. I believe it’s an early game, Jane.. Don’t be late :D

  6. Audrey says:

    Sorry you picked such a good game to channel your inner dumb blonde, Jane. I was at least able to listen to this one – dh and kids went to see the latest Pirates movie, which they assure me was much better than the last of that series. After seeing the third Pirates movie I had absolutely no desire to watch another and was quite content to putter around my kitchen and listen to the Yankees play a nice one. Be sure to watch the highlights on the NYY webpage – the Nunez slide is a hoot!

  7. John says:

    I know how you feel. One day I thought I made a mistake and low and behold, I was wrong!

    Seeing runners actually score (with 2 outs) was something I could get used to.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    I wonder if the other pitchers are jealous of all the runs the Yankees score for CC, seindsfeld. It doesn’t seem fair. But I can understand what confidence they must play with knowing he’s on the mound. Yeah, those hits are piling up for Jeter. It won’t take long for him to reach the big 3,000 now. Very exciting.

    The one that really screws me up is Central Time, Antonella. My dumb blondeness comes out big time then! But I’ve got today’s correct time down in the calendar. I am NOT missing it.

    I’m glad your kids liked the latest Pirates movie, Audrey, because the reviews haven’t been kind. It’s not even #1 at the box office, thanks to Hangover 2, another one I’m skipping. (See Mainly Jane blog.) But I digress. That Nunez slide must have been quite entertaining. Really sorry I missed it.

    The two-out scoring was fantastic, John. If only they could keep it up.

  9. Jeff says:

    I’ve done that before myself, Jane. Just think about how much less stress you had to endure for the day because of it!

  10. Juan says:

    Hahaha!. That’s so funny, Jane. It happened to me once, too. It was a Yankees-Red Sox game on FOX, and I thought it was at 2 eastern time (like it always is). Instead, my brother told me it had started at 1, and I caught the game in the 4th inning.

  11. Melissa says:

    I missed the game for a great reason – a big BBQ at our house. Fun stuff and felt like summer, at last! However, if my husband had hair, he also would have had a dumb blonde moment. He told me the Yankees were playing at 10, so after a long, fun day I fell into bed expecting to listen to the game. I kept saying “Are you sure the Yankees are on tonight? These are not typical Yankee commercials.” Finally he remembered it was Sunday and they had been on earlier. So I checked the score and fell asleep happy.

    There is a video of Nuñez’s triple here

    I’m glad I didn’t watch it in real time because I would have been worried he was hurt. There is also a video of Jeter’s first hit (to left field!), which I’m sure we’ll be seeing many times in the next few weeks.

    I like Nuñez’s swing. It is quite graceful. Not as perfect as Cano’s but lovely.

  12. Barbara says:

    if you were still superstitious you’d say that you can’t watch anymore. i didn’t watch or listen friday or saturday but i did yesterday so perhaps i and the east coasters need to watch for them to win. i try not to be superstitious but i still have those thoughts. just like i try not to hate the red sox but i still have those thoughts. i have some clients today but am all done at four so maybe it will be good again. oakland’s pitching is good so i have reason to worry.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    You’re so right, Jeff. I said to Michael last night, “Just think how much more relaxed I’d be if I never watched another game.” I wasn’t kidding either.

    Ouch, Juan. I’d really be kicking myself if I missed a Yankees-Red Sox game. At least you got to see it from the 4th on.

    A BBQ is an excellent reason for missing the game, Melissa. Glad it was fun and there was summer in the air. So your husband messed up like I did? HAHA. Sometimes holiday weekends complicate things. Thanks for the link to the Nunez triple. That was some belly flop!

    I guess I’ll risk it and watch today, Barbara. I think the Yankees themselves have more to do with winning and losing than we do. Oakland does have good pitching and I worry about that too – especially if they’re rookies we haven’t seen that often, if at all.

  14. Antonella says:

    Haha. Well, I hope you’re watching.

    Of course, central time is MY time. HAHA.

  15. Uncle Mike says:

    A Yankee Fan and a Met fan are in a bar. The Yankee Fan tells a joke, and the Met fan says, “I don’t get it.” And the Met fan wasn’t even a blonde!

  16. Jane Heller says:

    I did watch, Antonella, but I appreciate your checking up on me in case I dumbed out again. lol

  17. Jane Heller says:

    Was that a Dumb Met Fan joke, Uncle Mike? Or did you just substitute Met Fan for Blonde? haha