Yet Another Bi-Polar Game, This Time With An Unhappy Ending

May 23rd, 2011 by Jane Heller


Bart was brilliant….until he wasn’t. I don’t remember seeing such a head-spinning turnabout in a long time. Aside from the homer to Bautista (sigh), he was cruising. And then he took the mound for the sixth and the wheels came off.

I honestly think the intentional walks to Bautista and Rivera upset his rhythm. No excuses, but he’d had such great control up to that point that it seemed odd for him to lose it so suddenly.

But the damage was done, and the Yankees offense had no answer. Not against the Blue Jays’ starter. Not against their relievers either. Just nothing.

The only good thing about tonight’s game was that it didn’t take long. Now I can watch the 9 o’clock airing of the HBO movie “Too Big To Fail” – an apt title for the Yankees, don’t you think?


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16 Responses to “Yet Another Bi-Polar Game, This Time With An Unhappy Ending”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    Well it figures Big Bart would have his worst outing since his first appearance of the season. I just picked him up in my fantasy baseball league, and he does this. To me!! lol (btw, i also have Jeter on my team, in case that means anything…)

    And it looked like a good close game until things went awry. Just bad, so bad…

    But we got to see Yogi on YES, so that’s a positive! Right…? And new benches with an outfield view in the bullpen?

  2. Kristen says:

    I hate those about face games. “Guys, guys, we were winning just an inning ago. What the heck happened?” That kind of game? Yeah, no fun.

    You’ll have to tell us if Too Big to Fail is good. I’m torn. It sounds fantastic but I had more of a ring side seat for the mortgage meltdown than I cared to have and usually when the media starts talking about it, I get frustrated and pissed off at how badly they fail to grasp certain key concepts when they seem to be able to understand others.

  3. John says:

    Its really sad watching Jorge’s downward spiral. I believe a decision is coming very soon. I only hope he handles it with class. I really think Montero is ready and will be on the roster by the time Yankees return from upcoming western swing.

    Yankee roster will look different by second week of June.

    I believe Jays will be around and significant all season.

  4. Melissa says:

    The weather in NY is gray and rainy, just like my mood after that game. Perhaps Tex isn’t hitting because his body thinks it’s April.
    Here’s a song for the Yankees:

    Here we go again
    The bullpen phone will ring again
    I’ll be their fool again
    one more time

    I’ve been there before
    And I’ll try it again
    But any fool knows
    That there’s no way to win
    Here we go again

    They’ll break my heart again
    I’ll play the part again
    One more time

    Okay, enough whining from me. It’s early in the season, we have 4 months to go. We just need a hot streak. But honestly, doesn’t this team seem uninspired?

  5. Jeff says:

    I was waiting for that Colon to show up. Still, his body of work this year still outweighs the potential disaster down the line so one’s gotta tip his/her hat.

  6. Bob Cerv says:

    Melissa…GREAT job on that song…paraphrasing an old Ray Charles chestnut, methinx?
    Sadly, it wasn’t to celebrate a win, ’cause there’s lotsa “go” tunes we could choose from then..your last line reminds me of the title to an old tune by Stevie Winwood from his Traffic daze: “(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired.” But you’ve already been there, let’s not go back…
    Maybe they do still need That Spark. I’m hoping that L’affaire de HorHay is not weighing down the entire team. One never knows about these things. Mostly I think it’s just that the Jays always seem to match up well against Our Boyz…and they seem to LOOVE getting into slugfeasts at the Stadium. Didn’t get to “enjoy” last night’s debacle, but when it was already 1-0 early on via a Bautista HR, I just sighed and asked myself, “What’s WRONG here? Don’t they read Miz Jane?? Her words of worldly wisdom are falling on deafened Yankee ears???” Ah well…’tis how young men can be…(and old men too, n’est-ce pas?)…

  7. Jane Heller says:

    It was a weird outing for Bart, YankeeCase. He looked unhittable for the first five innings (not counting Bautista) and I couldn’t wrap my head around how fast it all went downhill. I was really scratching my head over the intentional walk to Rivera, but Bart did cause his own trouble too. Sigh.

    I remember you were involved in the mortgage biz, Kristen, so maybe you shouldn’t watch the movie for fear of flashbacks! It was really well done though. Great acting all around by Bill Hurt, Paul Giamatti, James Woods and others. They managed to make a story about a bunch of white guys in fancy suits seem suspenseful.

    John, what point would bringing up Montero serve? We already have a first-string catcher. What we need is a DH, if Jorge doesn’t emerge from his funk, and Jorge Vazquez could do that job. I agree about the Jays though. They’ll be hanging around for a while, beating teams we didn’t expect them to beat.

    Very poignant song, Melissa. Bravo. I can’t pinpoint the problem with the Yankees. They don’t look uninspired to me as much as they look tired. They all need a day off to recharge. It’s been a demanding schedule and it shows.

    I’m still impressed with Colon despite last night’s meltdown, Jeff. He just keeps showing he knows how to pitch. Even if he goes into a swoon for the rest of his starts, he’s still given the Yankees more than they could have hoped for.

    I don’t think the Yankees are bogged down by the Jorge situation, Dave. I really don’t. There are plenty of others who aren’t hitting with any consistency and last night was just another example. They were facing a pitcher they hadn’t seen before (or hadn’t seem much, not sure which) and we know how they are when a pitcher is new to them. So weird. As for Bautista, the right thing to do was walk him in the sixth. But Rivera? That one didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  8. dj says:

    I turned on John & Suzyn to listen while I cleaned up after supper; my 5-year-old son comes into the kitchen and asks the score. When I tell him it’s 1 to zero, BlueJays, he asked if Bautista had hit a home run. I didn’t know at that point, but of course a few minutes later they say it. I apparently say too often “Mommies know things” whenever they ask how I know they’re doing something naughty, even with my back turned to them or in the next room. So I got a kick outta it when I asked him how he knows about Bautista, and he just replied “I know things!”

    I must thank the MLB Network and it’s show Quick Pitch for keepin’ my boy in the know about teams other than the Twins and Yankees. =)

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Wow. Your five-year-old is pretty baseball savvy, DJ. He’s also very funny to deliver that comeback to you. LOL.

  10. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Oh joy …..I was at the game last night. Two losses and only one win for me since Friday. I was 6-1 at one point in games attended now it’s 7-5…still over .500 but I’d like a lot more wins when I go to the Stadium. Losses are just so depressing.

    As for the walk to Rivera…I’m guessing he was setting up a force at any base or hoping for a dp. They did hit a ground ball but unfortunately it went for a hit. As Jane stated …it really did go downhill fast. I was at Sunday’s game when the Yankees scored the 8 in the inning. How different it is when it isn’t your team piling up the runs… :o( . The Yankees had opportunities but didn’t do it …AGAIN. What a difference from 2009 when it was walk off after walk off. I feel for Po but how long can it go on having a DH hitting under .200?? Everytime Jorgie came to the plate I had a sinking feeling nothing was going to come of it and unfortunately that feeling was justified. Alex seems to be back. Gardy & Grandy have been doing great. DJ hit the ball hard a few times (that ALMOST homerun…so close yet so far). Martin’s been ok. Tex, Cano and especially Swisher have to improve. It’s still early and I have faith in the guys …I always do even if I do get annoyed at times. I’m there for them no matter what happens. I’m just waiting for that hot streak …hoping it begins tonight (especially with the West coast trip coming up…late night TV…yuck).

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!

  11. Jane Heller says:

    Your record needs to improve, Peggy! Are you taking that Met fan cousin of yours? You guys had a good streak going for awhile. I miss the walkoffs too. A lot. I can’t wait for the west coast trip so I can watch the games at a normal hour in my part of the world. The east coast games kill my work days.

  12. Peggy says:

    Jane …

    The West coast games kill my nights which kill my work days…LOL Hopefully they win a bunch in your honor because if they win …I don’t mind the LATE nights.

    My Met fan cousin actually came to the game on Friday against the Mets….WE LOST !!! I think the magic is wearing off …unfortunately.

    Have a great day …

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!

  13. Jane Heller says:

    It’s amazing how much easier it is to deal with late games when the Yanks win, isn’t it, Peggy? The losses just make life worse, period! Sorry to hear your cousin’s magic is wearing off. Maybe it’s time to take someone else. LOL.

  14. Peter says:

    Is it just me, or is Jose their only good player? I think if you take him out of the picture the Blue Jays are bad.

  15. Peggy says:


    We just wrote about walk offs earlier today ….it was GREAT seeing one tonight (even if I did have an
    ulcer attack leading up to it AJ needs to practice his pie throwing ….he hardly got Tex. I guess
    it’s been so long he’s rusty. Love how CC hung in there for the whole game…he didn’t let that 4th inning get to him and pitched lights out after that. I LOVE CC !!!! I was so happy to see Jorgie get that big hit ..he looked so happy when they won. I felt so happy for him. Maybe this is something he needed to get him on track …I sure hope so. What a game … I LOVE MY YANKS !!!!

    I’ll sleep good tonight … hope everyone else does too …. :o)

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!!

  16. Jane Heller says:

    I think the Blue Jays have a few good players, Peter, but Bautista is certainly their most feared hitter right now. He’s got a great arm in right field too.

    Yay is right, Peggy! What a great win for the boys. You’re so right about AJ. He only got Tex on the ear and definitely looks rusty. LOL. This will be a fun game to blog about.