A Game Of Two Emoticons

May 22nd, 2011 by Jane Heller

For the first six innings of today’s Yankees-Mets finale, I was wearing this face.

Nova was pitching in and out of trouble and, aside from Granderson’s latest display of brute force, the offense was in sleep mode. I feared another sloppy game.

But then came the seventh inning and this face emerged.

Oh, boy. Who says all the Yankees can do is swat homers? A bunch of dunkers, rollers, nubbers, plus a walk here and a hit batsman there, and suddenly we had sent Pelfrey to the showers and blown the thing open.

Maybe I need to revisit my initial opinion of Ayala, by the way. He has quietly gotten the job done lately. And look at Jeter inching closer to the magic #3,000. Good to see.

On the negative side (well, I don’t need to dwell on this, but I do need to mention it), Posada has the base-running instincts of, say, a crocodile.

Why did Girardi have Granderson, our hottest hitter, bunt? Oh, who knows. Maybe his binder told him it was the way to go.

The important thing is the Evil Homer Syndrome was replaced by the Small Ball Phenomenon, and the Yankees won the game.

And now a word about our next opponent, the Jays, and this person.

(courtesy: torontosportsauthority.com)

Bautista will require special handling. So I ask our pitchers to watch video of him, study Joe’s charts and graphs and whatever else he’s got, or just keep the ball away from him. But do not let him beat us. Please and thank you.


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21 Responses to “A Game Of Two Emoticons”

  1. Juan says:

    That’s true, Jane. If the Yankees want to win the series vs. the Jays, they’re gonna need to watch Bautista. VERY carefully. I live in Canada, and nobody will shut up about how good Bautista is. Hopefully, the Yankees will give it to em, so that I can enjoy some bragging rights!

  2. Uncle Mike says:

    Russell Martin grew up in Montreal. Let’s hope that translates into a healthy hate of Toronto and about a dozen hits in the series.

    As for Bautista, it’s time for the Yankees to show some balls (or so to speak) and do to him what they’ve never had the nerve to do with David (Big Roidi) Ortiz: Plunk him. Doesn’t have to be hard, doesn’t have to be in a spot that will injure him. Just hit him, or even come real close, in a way that will show him that we’re not going to take any of his crap.

  3. yankeefansince1941 says:

    someone must have outfitted the balls used in today’s game with spectacles because it sure looked like they had eyes going through the infield…and wasn’t it wonderful! I was able to watch the game on TBS and, like you, Jane, I was pretty low in the early going, but brightened up in the seventh.
    I thought Nova did a good job even getting himself out of a couple of jams.
    Granderson bunting? Why not? It proves that he has the skill and someday when a bunt is called for and the infield is pulled in, he just might slam one past a diving third baseman who was expecting a bunt.
    I was pleased to see Pendleton back. I think he will be useful in the future.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I bet you’re hearing it about Bautista, Juan. I think everybody wrote him off last year as a fluke, but he’s obviously here to stay and a very dangerous hitter. I hope we shut him down and beat the Jays so you can hold your head up!

    HAHA, Uncle Mike. Maybe Martin will have a special incentive to do well against Toronto. As for plunking Bautista, remember Nova’s first game last year? They had a bit of a confrontation on that front. I’m not advocating a plunking, because that usually leads to a plunking of one of our guys, but making sure he’s not hanging over the plate is a good idea. Either that or walking him!

    You’re so right, yankeefansince1941. Those were seeing eye hits, although A-Rod’s was a “swinging bunt” that he had to smile about. Nova does have a way of keeping the scoring to a minimum despite a lack of control. I kept thinking he’d give up a bunch more runs but he didn’t, so good for him. Ah, the Granderson bunt. I agree it’s nice to see somebody on this team execute it well. It’s just that Grandy is second in the majors in homers and taking the bat out of his hands made me groan. Yes, nice to see Lance back. I think both he and Noesi will contribute.

  5. Antonella says:

    This picture of Bautista is just…… YEAH! haha.
    Like I just told you on Twitter, I’d give this guy the 4 fingers every time he comes up. Okay, maybe not EVERY TIME but in critical situations.. Don’t pitch to him.

    Funny I was reading up about his the numbers he’s putting up & thought to myself.. “I hope the Yankees don’t face him anytime soon..” -_- There goes that idea.

    Today’s game almost drove me to the nut house. Glad we can laugh about it now.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Walking him in certain situations would make sense, Antonella – unless, of course, whoever’s pitching has a knack for getting him to strike out! I’m not looking forward to facing him, but I just heard that Cleveland won again and leads the majors. Really not looking forward to facing them down the road and who would have expected we’d ever say that.

  7. Bob Cerv says:

    Following last comment…yes…hard to believe it’s CLEVELAND…but they have a lot of injuries right now, so maybe it’ll be about when they come up (uh-oh…just saw the schedule…not till June 10 weekend…).
    Meanwhile, good to win that first annual crosstown faceoff. Looks like most of the AL fattened up on the NL, too…got (almost) no help…so now it’s 3-horse race, and maybe more. Oh, well.
    As tempting as it would be to plunk Bautista, I agree with you. Either Our Boyz get plunked back, or he gets really mad (which he does a lot, anyway) — and that could backfire, too. Maybe throw a lot of junk, and not near the strike zone…Monsieur Martin, best be on your toes!

  8. Melissa says:

    What a good day! Young pitcher doesn’t have his best stuff, but proves he can grind out a win. Small ball in the Bronx. Tied for first. Good stuff!

    I looked a the standings and was really surprised to see the Twins are 14 games out! Wow! Who’d a thunk it at the beginning of the season?

    We also watched the last game of the season of English Premier League soccer. The English soccer leagues (of which there are 23 levels) are set up in a rather interesting way. You earn 3 points for a win, and 1 for a tie. The number of points you have decides where you are in the standings. There are various tie breakers for teams with the same number of points, the first being goal difference (# against vs. # scored). The bottom three teams of each league are demoted to the league below, and the top three are promoted. The Premier League is the top level and has 20 teams in it. Yesterday was the final day of the season. The bottom team knew they were getting relegated, but there were 5 different teams that were battling to avoid those bottom two spots. They said there were 81 different ways it could play out based on scores.
    It was exciting because there were three or four games that were being played that each goal changed the standings. The announcers would give a score and then they’d have to do all kinds of calculations to see how that changed the standings.
    I know this is all confusing, but I just find it interesting because it really gives the fans something to care about during the season, even if their team isn’t at the top. Just a bit of sports trivia for you all.

  9. Jeff says:

    Glad to see you in a good mood after that one, Jane. Good luck with the Jays… they look pretty good (with beer goggles on… HA!).

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Cleveland has a lot of injuries, Dave? I thought they were healthy now, especially after getting Sizemore back. They keep winning in any case. Yeah, maybe Bautista doesn’t like junk stuff. Hopefully, Girardi’s little binder will have the intel.

    The poor Twins really went off the radar, Melissa. And you’re right – who would have predicted it. I still think they’ll find a way to compete at the end, but right now they’re in a sad state. So….your English Premier League Soccer…I swear I tried to follow that whole explanation, but my pea brain just kept shorting out. LOL. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    The Jays do look good, Jeff, and they always give the Yankees trouble, plus the games last forever. I can’t remember the last one that was under 4+ hours.

  11. dj says:

    Speaking of the Twins and the Jays….
    My husband and I were up at Target Field a week or so ago when the Jays were there. We sat through 7 1/2 innings of rain and cold, moved to the concourse to watch the duration, and finally left in the top of the 11th when the Jays got 3 or 4 runs (and those are just the ones BEFORE we left!). Then that Sunday I think Bautista had THREE homers; luckily we were not at that game. The Twins are pretty much playing with a Minor League roster. They have had so many injuries. ACK!!

    I think it worked out cosmically that they were in AZ to play the Diamondbacks that same day as Harmon Killebrew’s funeral. Several of them were pallbearers and the entire team attended. My husband and I got to meet him once and he even signed a baseball for the hubby’s dad “Happy Father’s Day Jim. Harmon Killebrew HOF ’84”. He was so nice and classy. He even asked if we were having a boy as I was pregnant with the first son at the time. I still say that’s the reason son #1 loves the Twins. (Yankees are a very close second fave, though; I am trying to raise him right!)

    on that note: GO YANKEES! Beat those Bluejays! (and if it takes pitching around Bautista, so be it!)

  12. Audrey says:

    I’mm just glad I’ve retained Facebook Tweaking rights with my high school boyfriend. That was a fun bottom of the seventh.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Interesting about the injuries to the Twins, DJ. I thought Morneau, for example, was healthy again. Does Mauer still have back problems? (Haven’t kept up on them, sorry.) Really nice story about Killebrew and how he asked about your pregnancy. By all accounts, he was a gentleman, not to mention an amazing ballplayer.

    HAHA, Audrey. Glad you were able to keep the tweaking going on FB. The Yankees didn’t let you down!

  14. Nadine says:

    I just loved the game – ok, the 7th inning. ;) I mean I was very happy to be able to watch the game. And then such a great seventh inning. Yes, I was worried before but then…*yay*!
    Oh yes, Bautista needs to be studied. That guy is dangerous! I really hope our Yanks can beat them and especially Bautista. *crosses fingers*

  15. dj says:

    An article from 5/10 stated it like this, “With all the injuries to key players early this season, the Twins’ roster is filled with players that have been called up from Triple-A Rochester.
    While the difference in talent level is an obvious result, chemistry and experience bring other issues as well.”

    Tsuyoshi Nishioka, has a fractured left fibulaLeft-hander, Joe Mauer has been having strange bilateral leg soreness, Jose Mijares, is on the disabled list with a left elbow strain; Jim Thome has an oblique strain, (there’s that damn oblique again, it is just gettin’ everyone this year); Outfielder Jason Repko is recovering from a strained right quad; Delmon Young officially had a strained oblique muscle; and pitcher Kevin Slowey has shoulder problems.

    Major ACK!!

  16. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, the 7th inning was really fun, Nadine. The rest? Not so much. Maybe Bautista will be in a slump starting tonight. Stranger things have happened.

    Wow, DJ. I didn’t realize there were so many injuries to key players. No wonder the Twins are sinking. Major ACK is right!

  17. Melissa says:

    Ha Ha, Jane, I didn’t really expect anyone to understand the soccer stuff. I barely do now after 30 years! But think what it would be like if all of the American League was one league and the bottom 3 teams at the end of the season had to go down to triple A ball. That gives you an idea what the fans of the teams at the bottom of the league have to go through!

    Saw the commercial during the Fox game for the Champions League game of Manchester United vs. Barcelona. (It should be GREAT). I turned to my husband and said “Oh GOD, what if they let McCarver and Buck announce it?”
    They both got me using the f word a lot. (Mostly “shut the F#$* up Tim.”

  18. YankeeCase says:

    That certainly was an interesting seventh inning yesterday, wasn’t it? I’m sure even more interesting for a certain Mets fan at work who on Saturday dared scoff at Jeter’s nickname, “Captain Clutch”. (so yeah, he bangs into more double plays than we’d like. but you’ve always got that feeling he’s going to come through more often than not…) I love home runs because they’re instant offense (and it’s pretty damn impressive to see someone smack that ball over the fences), but wasn’t seeing those eight runs being scored all by base hits and bloopers just more fun to watch?

    I didn’t get to go, but saw most of the game. I didn’t get to see any of the Cubs and Fenway either, but that’s probably for the best. Again, the upchuck factor and all…

    There’s also been quite a few “Ack!”s going around lately! lol! It’s a great way to encapsulate all manner of frustration into one little word. Maybe I should copyright and trademark it! Like this :


    lol…. :P


    (and Jane, I’ve been letting my hair grow a bit and just noticed that I have the Jose Bautista look! Well, without that slight widow’s peak of course. I’m an early adopter to his trend apparently! I mean, we are both Dominican…)

  19. Jane Heller says:

    Oooh, Melissa. Sounds like Buck and McCarver really got to you. I must admit I didn’t miss them when I was blacked out on Saturday. For some reason Fox’s Spanish channel always shows the Yankees so I mute it and listen to John/Suzyn at the same time. There’s a delay but it beats not having any video at all.

    Yup, an interesting 7th inning, YankeeCase. I’ve noticed all the “Acks!” You started a trend here and you should definitely copyright the word and trademark it. I think of you whenever I see it! As for your appearance, you’re allowed to have Bautista’s hair but you absolutely cannot have his snarl.

  20. Peter says:

    I don’t know about Jose. His stats jumped way too high for just a batting stance tweak, especially in the Steroid Era.

  21. Jane Heller says:

    There’s been suspicion about him for awhile now, Peter, but until there’s a positive drug test I think we have to give him the benefit of the doubt.