A Nice Tidy Win

May 10th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Photo: Crystal Cartier/Corbis

(Actually, it was Michael who was doing all the work, cooking dinner, while I was stretched out on the couch watching the game, but I was going for “tidy” in the headline and this pic got the job done.)

And tidy it was, beginning with the pitching.

  1. Very efficient stuff from Garcia.
  2. Another Houdini act by D-Rob after he got himself into trouble.
  3. Guns blazing from Joba, who’s reminding me of the ’07 model.
  4. Sick, just insane work by Mo to start that double play to end the game. THE MAN IS A DEITY.

(courtesy: Nippon Television Network/WSJ online)

Offensively, the Yanks didn’t exactly hit the tar off the ball (is there tar on a ball?), but thanks to Gardner’s triple, Jeter’s RBI single and A-Rod’s two-run single we had what we needed.

Three other points of note.

Melky. It was weird to see him at the Stadium. I was kind of glad he was back and kind of who cares at the same time. I didn’t love his homer, I know that much.

The Royals. They’re not a bad team and I wouldn’t take them for granted, not at all. They run the bases, those rascals.

And Soriano. I said, “Where is he?” when Joba came in to pitch the eighth. It turns out he has a sore arm and is getting a precautionary MRI tomorrow. Here’s what I don’t get. He said it’s been bothering him FOR AWHILE. Then why was he pitching in Arlington on Sunday, just for example?

Oh, well. I’ll butt out and hope it’s nothing serious.


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14 Responses to “A Nice Tidy Win”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    I guess I got used to seeing Melky in another uni, with the walk off highlights he had with the Braves last year… Definitely cool to see him back, he was one of my favorites, and nice to hear the roll call for him in the bottom of the first. Wished I heard a louder ovation. Well, not Matsui or Damon-like, but a very good cheer was certainly in order… He looks like he’s really serious about his career now, with a more slender look. I didn’t mind the home run. I’ll mind if he has any clutch hits late for KC this series…

    And what can be said about our pitching? Besides how great it was? Mo’s play at the end had me pumping my fist! Slick play!!


  2. Emma says:

    Hey Jane,
    Long time! but I do follow you on twitter. Been very busy. I don’t get it with these baseball players that they don’t say anything about their injuries and all of a sudden there it is, they’ve been playing injured. Just like Broxton. And you are right, Mo IS a deity.

  3. new yawk lover says:

    ah, yes, as it should be. The blogoddess of all Yankeedom lounging on the divan, as her manservant prepares her delicious things. Beats the hell out of hospital life, eh?

    Tidy, nice word use for a fairly nondescript Yankee win. The good thing is, it counts the same as the dramatic wins, and whats not to like about a game in which Rivera and Jeter both shine?

    My word of the day is “chicanery”, and I won’t rest till I use it.

    It will be discovered later today in MRI that Soriano actually has an oblique in his throwing elbow, and it has been strained since he was nine years old. This will not be revealed until the Cashman memoirs, which you have already been secretly contracted to ghost write, are published, and that’s why he didn’t want him in Pin Stripes.

    Such chicanery.

    I’m really glad you’re back.

  4. John says:

    What could be sweeter, Yanks win, Sox and Rays lose! Why can’t “Lack-of Flair- hity” just shut up? He is very unpleasant to listen to puting it kindly.

    Michael Kay noted that Melky and Cano are very close. Thats one of the main reasons he is no longer a Yankee. Melky was a bad influence on Robbie. We saw proof of that his last year with the Yanks at several Spring Training games. Lets just say Melky never saw a young blond he didn’t adore and he was giving pointers to Robbie everyday.

  5. dj says:

    Maybe you can send Michael or the Yankees over to my place to “tidy” up? My house could sure use it!

    Sterling was talking about Melky’s weight loss as well as two other Royals that at the moment I can’t remember. They had lost about 20 lbs. each. Apparently at Spring Training Ned Yost said his goal is to be the best base-running team this year. But of course, Mo and Robbie made that beautiful double play so I think the Royals may have a little ways to go.

    Thanks for the word of the day new yawk lover! I’m gonna have to try and use it today also. It would have been very appropriate to use yesterday when Jane blogged about Cashman speak =)

    Thanks for another great win Yanks!!

  6. Jeff says:

    The main difference between Mo and the other highly touted deities of history is that we can actually prove that Mo exists. I bow down.

  7. Paul says:

    Ah, Soriano.
    Soriano, Soriano, Soriano.
    The blueprint goes awry.

  8. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Since it did not affect the outcome of the game I was actually happy about the Melkman’s home run. He earned my respect when he came up and continues to hold it.

    As for the Bombers, I agree with everything that has been said thus far, especially about you well being and the fact that Michael is taking care of you. Good work, Michael.

    I was also pleased with A-Rod, Gardy, and Jeet….and especially Mo.

    Love my Yankees and don’t have too many fellow fans here in Arkansas.

  9. Mihael says:

    Nice piece. The Robertson inning was quite intense. I thought for sure he wasn’t going to pull it off, but he did. He and Joba must have kissed Mariano’s rings before coming out of the bullpen.

    Soriano is not taking to the Yankees very well. Initially, he reminds me of Weaver when he came from Detroit and to a certain extent, Johnson when he came from AZ. They both have flashes, but never quite got in a groove. I hear that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, but not everyone can make it with the Yankees. Hope that he finds it by June. Don’t embarass the owners, Dude.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Melky was fun for awhile, YankeeCase, but he wore out his welcome with his less-than-stellar work ethic. I wasn’t sorry when he left town. Mo’s play had me pumping my fist too. He just whirled around and threw – perfectly and effortlessly. When I think of all the pitchers who haven’t made that play this season, his agility astounds me.

    Hey, Emma. Nice to see you on Twitter. I’ve been staying on top of the situation with your Dodgers. It’s been a challenging season for your guys so far, I know. But I also know you’re keeping the faith.

    HAHAHA, Michael. That first line cracked me right up – me as the blogodess on my divan with my manservant catering to me. Too funny. I’m glad you mentioned “chicanery.” I love that word. In fact, I think we should pick a new word every day to throw around, just because we feel like it. As for Soriano and that sore oblique in his elbow (LOL), I’d put some BenGay on it.

    Didn’t know the Rays and Sox both lost, John, so thanks for that news. Always makes our wins sweeter when the competition doesn’t keep up. As for Melky and Robbie, I have no doubt they went clubbing after the game in Washington Heights.

    I’d send Michael right over, DJ, but I need him here right now. Maybe when I’m feeling better. LOL. Yes, the Royals do seem intent on using their speed to make things happen on the bases. It just didn’t work for them last night, which is what excellent pitching does – stymie the running game!

    That’s right, Jeff. We’ve witnessed Mo. We don’t have to rely on hearsay!

    I’m not giving up on the blueprint just yet, Paul. But the guy is more maintenance than I expected, even with the advance stories about him.

    Thanks for the sweet thoughts, yankeefansince1941. Michael is indeed taking good care of me to the point where he’s now come down with a cold. I think he’s exhausted. So you’re in Arkansas? AJ territory? What’s the closest ballpark to you? The Rangers’ stadium in Arlington?

    The Robertson inning was very intense, Mihael. I was yelling at him but he sure did come through. I don’t think Soriano will be in the same category as Weaver and Johnson, I really don’t. Weaver never really panned out for the Dodgers either and Johnson was just old and ornery.

  11. Melissa says:

    I did like Melky, but his leaving sure made an impact on Cano. And just think, we got Javy Vasquez for him! (excuse me, I’m feeling a bit nauseous.)

    Robertson was wonderful. Why? Because he got himself in a jam, but then put on his big boy pants and got himself out of it! Good for you David!

    And what a play by Mo – and how cute he was after it, you could see he was proud.

    Thank you to Michael for taking care of our she fan. We are all too far away to help and we appreciate him!

  12. Jane Heller says:

    Javy Vazquez! That’s right, we did get him for Melky, Melissa. I must have blocked it out. I agree about Robertson. He made his inning an adventure but he found a way out of trouble. Bravo. And Mo. Too wonderful. I’ll tell Michael what you said. He’ll be very appreciative, I promise you.

  13. Jen says:

    I thought for sure Jeff (Red State/Blue State) would compliment you on your choice of artwork for this post. haha! We are getting ready to migrate to WordPress over on MLBlogs. Can’t wait. It might actually making blogging fun again…

    Just checking in… I miss our banter!


  14. Jane Heller says:

    I read about the changeover to WordPress, Jen. I’m sure you’ll be so much happier with it for blogging. I miss our banter too, so don’t be a stranger! Come visit anytime.