April 3rd, 2011 by Jane Heller


Not such great pitching performances by the Yankees in today’s loss to the Tigers in the series finale.

I know it’s only the beginning of the season, but Hughes is reminding me of the Bad Phil of the past. Remember that version? The one without much velocity who threw 50 pitches in two innings and never seemed to get through five without giving up a bunch of runs? Yeah, that guy. Calling Larry Rothschild.

Colon? So far this new arrangement isn’t working out. A “long man” is supposed to eat innings while keeping the opposing team from scoring more runs. Mission not accomplished.

Joba looked like he was getting squeezed a bit by the ump, but still. The Yankees offense had a chance to get back into the game and he didn’t help matters.

On the positive side, who isn’t loving our bats?  I mean, Tex. Seriously. Russell Martin, clap clap clap. Swisher, way to join the party. Cano too. And great job adapting to the DH, JoPo.

It would be nice to see Brett Gardner not strike out at the top of the order, but maybe Girardi will move him back to the #9 spot and slide Martin up.

Meanwhile, Jeter’s hit total remains at #2928 – just 72 away from 3,000. So let’s talk about the Derek Jeter Countdown Contest, the winner of which will receive a copy of Derek Jeter: From the Pages of The New York Times.

As I wrote here the other day…

Culled from the pages of The New York Times, the book draws upon more than 5,000 news articles and features from the paper’s superb sports reporters, columnists, and photographers, past and present, including Dave Anderson, Fred R. Conrad, Jack Curry, Chang Lee, Buster Olney, Barton Silverman, and George Vecsey, as well as Tyler Kepner, who has written the introduction. The pages are filled with entertaining stories, penetrating insights, and the voices of not only Jeter, but also George Steinbrenner, Joe Torre, Alex Rodriguez, and a host of players. In lively words and action-packed photographs, the volume covers Jeter’s rise, his playing style, his best moments on (and off) the field, his character as a teammate and a leader, and his place in Yankee history.

The book is a really great keepsake item, in other words, and it’s all yours, courtesy of the publisher, if you answer this one tiny question correctly. Ready?

Here it is: When Will Jeter hit #2938?

That’s 10 more hits than he has right now.

I’ll need the following in your answer: the Day and Date he gets #2938 as well as the Opponent (the team, not the pitcher).

Got it? Leave your answer here in a comment by the end of the day on Tuesday. Who knows? If he goes 5-for-5 tomorrow and Tuesday, he could reach the goal before the deadline. So don’t wait if you want this book, people!

One more thing. Has everyone read about Bill White’s new book? Nice piece about it in the NYT.

White had a signing yesterday at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ, and Friend of the Blog, Roseann, was there with her sister.

You know who else was there? Joe Pepitone. Roseann said he was his old flirty self.

She also said White spent a lot of time talking about the book during a Q&A with the crowd and remarked that his years in the broadcast booth with Rizzuto were “probably the happiest of my life.”

Thanks for the pics, Roseann. I would loved to have been there too.


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59 Responses to “Pee-Euww”

  1. greg says:

    tuesday april 12th, vs. baltimore orioles. this book looks really great…fingers crossed hoping i win!

  2. Roseann says:

    You’re very welcome Jane! It was a blast. Would love to see you there some time (If I don’t see you at Yankee Stadium first)

  3. Antonella says:

    *sigh* I’m definitely not good at this guessing game, Jane.. BUT I’m gonna assume he’ll get 10 hits next week.. (He has to hit vs the Red Sox).. This is probably wishful thinking but I’ll go with Sunday April10 vs the Red Sox.

    Oh, the pitching today. Let’s not go there. Let’s just talk abt the hot bats instead. LOL

  4. Morgan Hodge says:

    Derek Jeter will hit #2938 on Thursday April 14th against the Orioles!!

  5. Roseann says:

    Oh I forgot my guess: #2938 on Tuesday April 12th vs. Baltimore.
    I’m also hoping for #3000 on June 11 (I have tickets to that game)

  6. Lisa says:

    I think it’ll be Wednesday, April 13th against the Orioles.

  7. Heidi says:

    Hit number 10?….. April 10 vs Red Sox….

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Good luck, Greg!

    My pleasure, Roseann. I hope we meet too – hopefully at Yankee Stadium, but maybe even at Bookends. Your Jeter entry is duly noted. I sure hope you’re in the Bronx for #3000.

    I’m not good at guessing either, Antonella. Numbers aren’t my thing at all. But you could be right. I’d love to see him get a hit against the Red Sox – several hits, in fact. And no, today’s pitching was not a pretty sight.

    Got it, Morgan!

    Well, Lisa, you’ve got company for that Orioles series. So far people seem to think it’ll happen then.

    So you’re going with 10/10, Heidi. Sounds reasonable to me!

  9. Janet says:

    Hit # 2938 for Jeter Sunday April 17 against the Rangers

  10. Molly says:

    I think Jeter will get hit #2938 on April 13 vs. Baltimore.

  11. Christiaan says:

    I am predicting 2938 to come on April 15, against the Rangers.

  12. Ruth says:

    “First time caller!” Tuesday, April 12, 2011 vs. the Orioles

  13. Sue says:

    4/10/11 vs Red Sox

  14. Juan says:

    Jeter will hit #2938 on Thursday, April 14, 2011 vs. the Baltimore Orioles. Hope I win!

  15. Juan says:

    Jeter will get #2938 on Thursday, April 14, 2011 vs. the Baltimore Orioles. Hope I win!

  16. Antonella says:

    Everyone is making me second guess my guess. LOL!
    Oh well. I’ll stick to my April 10th date.

    Now, for 3000.. Maybe he’ll get REAL hot in April & get the 3000th on May7th.. [too bad that would be vs the Rangers IN TEXAS] but I would definitely be a crying fool in the stands lol

  17. Jane Heller says:

    I hope somebody gets a hit against the Rangers, Janet, including Jeter! They’re looking awfully tough.

    More love for Jeter against the Orioles, Molly. Could happen.

    See above to Janet, Christiaan. I think that Rangers series will be a challenge!

    “First time caller.” LOL, Ruth. I sort of feel like a radio talk show host right now.

    You think it’ll happen against Boston too, Sue? We shall see!

    You hope you win so much, Juan, you said it twice! HAHA. Good luck.

    Stick to your original guess, Antonella. No going back now.

  18. YankeeCase says:

    Well, at least it was a nice day at the Stadium…. weather-wise.

    First Ayala cost us some runs on Saturday, and now Big Bart (i heard some people in the stands call him ‘Shrek’. seems to fit too…) let today’s game get out of hand. It’s early still, and one kid is a rookie while the other is trying to find his way back, so I’ll give them a little leeway. But let’s not get another Chan Ho Park situation again. Hopefully Cashman doesn’t wait until halfway through the season to finally make a move.

    But besides the shaky pitching, the Yanks were able to come back to tie and within one twice. So there is that. Seven runs just wasn’t good enough today. (wow! 23 runs in three games!) Can’t win ‘em all… I just hate seeing a loss in person. (and i totally thought Bucknor missed a strike on one of Joba’s pitches! the next pitch brings the 10th run home for the Tigers, and that sent alot of people home. mind you, i was in foul territory, left field, but you could see it was a strike from there! good to know i wasn’t crazy and people watching on tv thought so too!)

    Well, believe it or not Jane, I’ll be going to yet another Yankee game tomorrow against the Twins. Hopefully Nova shuts down the Twinkies and puts my personal Yankee game record over .500 for the season. I’ll bring some more home run magic to the ballpark for everyone.

    And I’ll go with April 9th for Jeter’s 2,938th hit.

  19. Jane Heller says:

    Looked like you had really nice weather at the Stadium today, YankeeCase. I wish the outcome had been better though. So people were calling Colon “Shrek?” Ouch. So you’re going back again tomorrow? I want to know how you’re getting such great seats for all these games! I do hope Nova is “on,” and there won’t be any need for relievers other than Soriano and Mo. More home run magic would be lovely, as long as we’re the ones hitting them, not the Twinkies. As for your contest entry, you forgot to say the name of the team Jeter will be hitting #2938 against….Bad boy.

  20. Amanda says:

    If more than 1 person answers correctly, is it just the first person who gets the book or will all correct answers get the book?

  21. YankeeCase says:

    Ack!! I did forget…

    Jeter’s 2,938th hit will be April 9th against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park…. Actually, maybe I just didn’t want to write that team’s name. Ick! I don’t like having to write it or say it. It makes me feel… slimy and unclean! I’m not a fan of anything Boston. And I announce it quite loudly when my friends mention this to other people! (much to their enjoyment):

    “I won’t even eat Boston Market! Or Boston Baked Beans! Or Boston Creme pie or doughnuts! I even gave up New England Clam Chowder just because Boston lies in the New England region! I don’t listen to the band Boston! I don’t watch movies based in Boston! If I met the love of my life and she turned out to be a Boston fan, well… I’d say, ‘You have a nice life, lady’ and I’ll keep it moving.”

    Or something along those lines…. I’m paraphrasing myself.

    But, uhhh…. yeah. Ahem. April 9th. Against that team.

  22. Jane Heller says:

    The publisher will send a book to more than one winner if that happens, Amanda. Not to worry.

    You couldn’t type the words, YankeeCase? That’s funny. I don’t like that certain team any more than you do, but I love Boston Market chicken!

  23. Amanda says:

    Jeter will hit #2938 on April 13, 2011 vs the Baltimore Orioles.

  24. YankeeCase says:

    Heh… It’s More Than A Feeling, Jane… I definitely don’t like that team and would rather not have anything to do with that city. Including eating your favorite Boston Market chicken. The line was drawn long ago.

  25. Jane Heller says:

    Lucky 13, Amanda? Maybe so!

    But the chicken is good and so are the sides, YankeeCase – especially the roasted potatoes, my fave.

  26. Kristen says:

    Clearly the new batting coach is a gem – well, and the players put in a lot of work. Everyone’s hitting – no slowly warming up April bats this season.

  27. Bob Cerv says:

    Okay…foist tings foist…I’ll put in for #2938 coming on Sat. Apr. 16 vs. Los Rangeros de Tejas…of course, I’d also love to be wrong…VERY wrong…!
    Boyoboy, how I can relate to YankeeCase, and his Bahston-phobia. I was just thinkin’ back to the WORST sports year of my life…I’ve had two GREAT years…but 2004 was far & away the worst…and it all has to do with New England…the Pats won another Super Bowl…BOTH U-Conn teams won national hoops titles (but NOT this year, girls!!)…and…um…something really bad happened in beisbol. So I was (more) obnoxious (than usual) about how Bahston was now the Center Of The Universe in sports, making my wife an even bigger Red Sawx fan. But hey, Noo Yawk has already been there, done that.
    As for yesterday…ouch…knew that Phil was bad, but sorry it got so much worse. So ‘Shrek’ was drek. Hmmm. Well, it’s early. Since the Bahston GOATs (Greatest Of All Time) got swept, and the O’s are in 1st place and undefeated, one wonders what IS going on…but, like I said on Friday…just win every series…!

  28. Tom says:

    Saturday April 9, 2011 vs. the Boston Red Sox…

  29. John says:

    April 10th vs Red Sox.

    Sterling had a great home run call for A-Rod yesterday except the ball was caught! John seems to be having a difficut time judging shots in the new Stadium.

    Go Butler!!!

  30. Melissa says:

    I’m going to be Little Miss Sunshine and assume Jeter has a great week, so I guess April 8 against the Red Sox.

    Our bats are hot, but the pitching . . .
    I was surprised at how sad I was at a loss this early in the season. But we won our first series, so that is good.

    the stuff about White surprised me. He always sounded so amiable in the broadcast booth, but I guess Scooter could make anyone chuckle. I still think White was one of the best broadcasters ever. I will definitely check out his book

  31. Jeff says:

    My pick would be Wednesday the 13 v. the Orioles. I see some others have said that, but that’s the day I think it’s gonna happen anyway. Can’t wait for that 3,000!

  32. Audrey says:

    Jeter will hit #2938 on Friday, April 8 against the Boston Red Sox, current record 0-3.

  33. Ruth says:

    Jane, glad I gave you a chuckle with my first time being ‘out there’ on someone’s blog. I thought ‘should it be “first-time writer?” but I decided to go with the classic. Have a great week!

  34. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Yeah, I’ve been a fan ever since Mickey Owens dropped a third strike by Tommy Henrich in the ’41 World Series, which the Yankees, of course, went on to win. We’ve had our ups and downs since then and I believe that this will be an up year. Hughes is going to be all right and I think this kid Nova will shine. As for Derek’s tenth his from now, I’m figuring on Saturday, April 16th versus the Rangers. If I’m wrong, I hope that I’m late.

    By the way, the first thing I do every morning is read your blog. You have a way of getting my day off to a good start. Thank you.

  35. Jojovanb says:

    I hope I’m at least two days late, but I’ll say Derek will get #2938 Saturday, April 10th against the Bosox. Good start winning the first series. I’m blaming Sunday’s loss on a couple of friends of mine, who were at the game. They’re banned from The Stadium for the rest of April.

  36. DJ says:

    I’ve gotta go with Friday April 15th vs. the Rangers. Not only is it my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary, but also my friend’s 34th birthday, and that is the first game at the new stadium for the Royals’ triple-A team with their new name: The Omaha Stormchasers. There is a billboard with a countdown to that game that my first son keeps track of EVERY day. You know my screen name DJ stands for Derek Jeter so I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope I’m right!! Isn’t it great to be back in baseball season?? YAY!!

  37. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    I was at the game yesterday …thankfully much better weather though still slightly chilly in my seats. Tough loss but at least the Yanks didn’t stop fighting the whole game. I was really hoping for the 162-0 season… :o). It’s still way too early to judge the players ..good or bad…but…I’m loving the GOOD parts and I really am loving Russell Martin and his aggressiveness. I hope he can stay healthy and keep it up for the season. If so …it will go down as a great move by Cash. I’m going tonight and hoping no rain (fingers crossed). I’m looking forward to seeing Nova too.

    As for the DJ countdown …I say 2938 comes on National TV, Sunday, April 10th when Jeter gets 3 hits in Beantown including the game winner. I was a little frustrated with him yesterday and all the ground ball outs but as I said’s way too early to start judging players.

    Have a good day all ….Sweep of the Twinkies (or at least 3 games)…

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!

  38. Leo says:

    Book looks great, Jane. I’m going to guess 2938 will come on April 10th. As for the game, well Hughes is really frustrating when he just can’t seem to put away an out easily when he has 2 strikes. The lack of velocity is really concerning as well so hopefully he will get it back as it’s still very early in the season. As you already said, let’s hope he gets some extensive work with Rothschild. The bats were great and even while going 1-8 with RISP, they still scored 7 runs. You would think that would be enough to win but it’s too bad the pitching was terrible. I hope that RISP number improves as I don’t want them to just keep relying on the long ball for their runs. Oh well, the first loss had to come sometime so at least it’s out of the way. Nice to see the Sox and Rays both get swept. That made me giddy especially watching Boston lose.

  39. Darren says:

    Hi Jane. Yesterday’s game was a bit disheartening. Hughes did not look good at the end of last season and was terrible in the playoffs. I have to say, I am worried.

    I am excited to see what Nova can do. Fingers crossed!

    My guess on Jeter’s hits is This Sunday April 10th vs. the Red Sox.

  40. Jane Heller says:

    Kristen, the batting coach isn’t new. Kevin Long’s been with the team for awhile. It’s Larry Rothschild, the pitching coach, who’s new this year and he’s got his work cut out for him!

    Got your contest entry, Dave. Thanks. So the O’s are in first. Is everybody in Maryland celebrating or do they realize it’s the first week of the season? I do expect them to be better this year – not champions but better.

    Wow. Tom. April 9th is right around the corner.

    I knew you’d pick a game against the Red Sox, John. Let’s see if you and others are right. I’ve noticed that Sterling is having a little trouble picking up calls. So is Michael Kay. I guess the broadcasters are still in spring training mode.

    I’m glad you’re back to being Little Miss Sunshine, Melissa, instead of the Queen of Darkness. April 8 is really around the corner. I think Roy White felt he might as well express his true feelings about life/baseball now that he’s out of the game. Things obviously weren’t as rosy as we thought.

    Yes, others have picked that date, Jeff, but there’s security in numbers. You could be a winner!

    Audrey, you and Melissa are optimistic and I love it!

    You did give me a chuckle, Ruth. You have a great week too.

    Yankeefansince1941 (now that’s a mouthful!), nice to have you aboard. You certainly trump most of us here in terms of fandom, so we’re honored to have you. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the blog and thanks for your entry in the contest. If you’re wrong, I hope you’re late too!

    Another vote for April 10th, jojovanb. By all means, let’s blame your friends for yesterday’s loss! LOL.

    All good reasons to pick the 15th, DJ. And yes, since your name stands for the Captain himself, you have good karma for winning the book. And even if you don’t, you should buy it and display it on your coffee table!

    Have fun at the game, Peggy. I do hope the weather holds for you, although I know you stick it out through rain and cold. I’d love to see Nova have a great first game of his season. That’s quite a prediction for Jeter – 3 hits on national TV against Boston on the 10th. Now that would be fun.

  41. Jane Heller says:

    Leo, I have your date for the contest but you were asked to state the name of the opposing team! (Yes, I know it’s the Red Sox but rules are rules, so come back and give me the full answer.) I do worry about Hughes’ velocity and ability to put hitters away. But I worried about him in spring training too so it’s carrying over. Maybe he just needs to build arm strength. Hope so.

    Hey, Darren. Yup, we’re worried about Hughes. But as long as the Yankees aren’t, I guess we shouldn’t be? Thanks for your contest entry.

  42. Leo says:

    Oh I’m sorry Jane. I missed that part. Yes it’s against the Red Sox at April 10th. So is a random person drawn if multiple people get the right answer?

  43. Jane Heller says:

    You’re forgiven, Leo. :) Let’s see how many winners we get. The publisher has agreed to ship books to multiple contestants, but I’m hoping I won’t have to ask for TOO many books.

  44. Wendy says:

    Friday the 8th against the Red Sox.

  45. Missy says:

    I am going to guess Sunday April 10 vs the Red Sox.

    Was at the Stadium yesterday.. there are only a few games every season where I am happy we have no breeze in the bleachers. This was one of them. Hubby and I both got sunburned! Was so nice to sit in the warm sun and watch the game. I only wish our bats had been enough to pull one out. Can’t win ‘em all, though!

    Peggy – (from the thread a few days ago) we only go to Sunday games (the season ticket package we bought). Yes, we paid a ridiculous $35 for parking. We will certainly be looking for alternatives for the rest of this season. Going to look into parking somewhere a little further out and taking the Subway. Or just leaving earlier and parking on the street somewhere. Hard, when the husband doesn’t get up in time as it is! We will be there again for the Sunday night game on 4/17 vs the Rangers and hope to get there earlier enough to scout out alternate parking.

    Going to the stadium on a regular basis has become very expensive. We sit in the bleachers. Even those tickets had a 50% increase this year, from $10 to $15 per seat. Food can be very expensive. You just have to know what the best deals are at the Stadium. (Might be a good post for feedback Jane… best food/best deal on food at the stadium?) The husband thinks $15 for the Loebel’s Steak Sandwich isn’t outrageous, considering how much meat is on it and how good it is. My preference is the Nathans’ fries for $6. Really yummy!! But other than that, we bring food, water and all snacks with us. I can get a water at the stadium for $5, or one twice the size at the grocery store for $1.39. Go figure which one i buy!

    I do love going to see the games, but it is getting harder every year to maintain it. parking, ticket prices, food prices…. everything goes up, but my salary remains the same. Gonna have to find some wiggle room there!

  46. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks, Wendy! You have a good track record for winning this stuff as I remember.

  47. Harold says:

    Hi Jane,
    I’m prompted to write by the Yankee fan since 1941 and his reference to the famous Mickey Owens dropped third strike against Tommy Henrich. I remember the game vividly (remember, I’ve been a fan since 1936) and was at a picnic listening to the game on a portable radio. A stranger, quite a distance away, asked about the game and we told him the Dodgers won, Henrich having just struck out – so we thought. He was a Dodger fan and ran away delighted and I often wonder how he felt when he found out what happened after the “strike out”. To this day, I never shut a game off until several seconds after it ends to make sure it really is over, no surprises.

  48. jen parrish says:

    Hi jane. -
    I say derek will get hit 2938. on april 12 th vs orioles. . Love your blog. And the yankees. Jen

  49. Jane Heller says:

    Got your entry, Missy, and glad you had fun at the game out there in the bleachers. For tips on the best bargains on Stadium food, parking, etc. check out the Ballpark E-Guide to Yankee Stadium. It’s got tons of advice about that. I posted about it a couple of days ago, so just scroll back a few posts and look for the link.

  50. Jane Heller says:

    Great story, Harold. I’m with you on the “you never know what could happen” belief. I remember when the Mets’ Castillo dropped that ball and the Yankees ended up winning the game.

  51. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks for entering, Jen. Good luck to you!

  52. Peter says:

    He will hit it on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 against the Baltimore Orioles.

  53. YankeeCase says:

    I promised you some home runs, didn’t I Jane? Hopefully I can will another one for our guys! 4-3 Yanks! I filmed Posada’s at bat that ended in his two run shot on my phone! I’ll upload it to YouTube later. Maybe we’ll see another Tex message delivery into the stands! This is YankeeCase reporting live from the game!!!

  54. Jane Heller says:

    Got it, Peter. Thanks.

    Straight from the game, huh, YankeeCase? Cool! You’re seeing a good one all right. It’s now 4-3 in the bottom of the eighth. Nail biting time.

  55. Roberta says:

    Yankees win! Love the starter plus 1-2-3 punch (joba, Soriano, Mo)
    life IS great! It’s baseball season!

  56. Jane says:

    My vote for #2938 goes for April 12, 2011 against Baltimore.

    Another of your Jane She-Fans was storied on our local CBS affiliate last week. Jane Lang and her dog clipper were interviewed about “coming home” once again in 2011 to Yankee Stadium. Check her out at

  57. Jane Heller says:

    I love our trio of relievers too, Roberta. Wow. Life is great when the Yankees win, right?

    Thanks for your vote, Jane. As for Jane Lang, isn’t she a wonderful story? Clipper too. I’ll look for her on the web site.

  58. dp57 says:

    April 10th vs Boston. ESPN has scripted it already. Could you add me too your blogroll?

  59. Jane Heller says:

    Donna! Look at you showing up here for the contest. I’d be happy to add your blog once I locate the link.

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