“You Just Can’t Predict Baseball”

March 25th, 2011 by Jane Heller

I know. That’s John Sterling’s favorite line. But as I was reading about the latest developments in Yankeeville, I couldn’t help utter the same words myself.

By the time I wake up tomorrow morning, Girardi will have already announced his roster for breaking camp, or so I assume. Judging by the buzz among the beat writers, it sounds like:

  • Nova is our #4 pitcher.
  • Garcia slots in at #5.
  • Colon goes to the pen in long relief.
  • Nunez gets the reserve job instead of Pena.
  • Gustavo Molina is the backup catcher, not Jesus Montero.

Could anybody have predicted the above? Well, except for Nova? Seriously, didn’t Ramiro Pena have the infield job locked up before Nunez beat him out? Wasn’t Montero the second coming of Joe Mauer while Molina was the so-so, non-Molina-brother catcher? Wasn’t Garcia supposed to be a long shot to make the rotation? And how about Eric Chavez? I remember writing on this very blog that I was excited about him coming off the bench, and lots of people said, “Forget it. He’s always injured. He won’t give you anything.”And yet look at the spring training he’s had, including his first ST homer in tonight’s game. Yes, I like Jorge Vazquez and I hope we’ll see him in the Bronx one of these days, but Chavez has such a good glove.

It’s all coming together. I’m still not crazy about Andruw Jones and I honestly don’t know what his contribution will be, but things could look a lot different in another month or two.

Meanwhile, the rehearsals are winding down and the show is about to start….Any day now.


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9 Responses to ““You Just Can’t Predict Baseball””

  1. Antonella says:

    The show is indeed about to start, Jane! I’m excitedddd :)
    I originally thought it was going to be Nova/Garcia or actually Garcia/Nova but then Colon really shocked me. I hope he makes the club because he’s definitely worked his butt off, no pun. lol.

    I like Nunez, but I’m going to have a heard time seeing Pena go. He was always one of those guys I rooted for. The Gustavo Molina news hit like a bucket of ice water today, to be honest, I didn’t even know we had him [eek]. LOL!

    Everyone was so “excited” when Cervelli got hurt because Jesus Montero would get his shot & well, it wasn’t meant to be. I haven’t joined the Jesus Montero fan club yet, I probably won’t until I see him in the bigs making me a believer. I hope when Cervelli comes back, he also brings his hot bat. He was on his way to having an amazing ST.

    Andruw Jones.. I just don’t know. I’m glad they’ve been testing Nunez in the outfield. Jones needs to spend a lot of quality time w Dr. Long if he plans on impressing me. LOL.

    Eric Chavez, I hope he can stay healthy. He’s had an amazing ST as well and as the Astros announcers said today “No ARod today, but that was ARod like..” after he hit the HR. lol.

  2. Paul says:

    They’re going to miss Sergio Mitre.
    Yes. I said that.
    And yes, I’m serious.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    You got your wish, Antonella. Colon is the long man, as expected, with Garcia getting the #5 job. I guess we still have to wait to hear about Nunez/Pena and Montero/Molina, but I think those races are over. I’d be sad to see Pena go too, but nothing’s forever and he’ll be back. They don’t call it the Scranton Shuttle for nothing. Poor Cervelli. I kind of forgot about him once he got hurt. I hope he works his way back into the mix. Did the Astros announcers really say that about Chavez yesterday? Love it.

    No, nobody’s going to miss Meat Tray, Paul. You can’t miss someone you hardly ever saw. He was used so sparingly it made perfect sense to send him to Milwaukee.

  4. John says:

    There is certain to be MANY changes before the 1st of May. Count on it!

    I have informed all my Sox adversaries that have these big attitudes and visions of grandure right now that they are expected to clinch the east by June 1st. Anything less than that should result in firing of Theo and Tito and the release of Papi. I have begun to prepare myself for another season of evangilisation. Oh yee of little faith beware I seek to spread the word, “the Empire lives”!

  5. Jane Heller says:

    The Empire definitely lives, John! Spread the word up there in New England. Nobody’s won anything yet!

  6. Jane,
    Still think Garcia is on a short leash considering Millwood has made 20+ starts since 1998 and has been a consistent inninfgs eater. His name not in the equation might simply be that the Yankees brass want to be sure he is physically ready and able to take the fifth spot without problems.
    Of course a stumble by Garcia will make this an easier transition.
    Even though Gustavo is not one of the catching Molina clan, he seems to have done the job this Spring to vault his name past high prospect Montero and secure a roster spot. Still think this is a flexible decision by the Yankees brass with more transitions before the first pitch is thrown in April.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, a short leash for sure, Renegade. Millwood is insurance – if he can still pitch, that is. And yes, everything is flexible right now or, as they say on the news, “the situation is fluid.” Lots of changes to come.

  8. Virginia says:

    Jane: I’m loving Eric Chavez. I think he’s embraced his new role, and will be very successful. Congrats to Nova and Garcia! And Colon too…at least he’s on the team. A bullpen role might be good for him. His large size makes me think he can’t pitch too well for too long.

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I’m loving him too, Virginia. I hope we feel the same way about month into the season. I like Colon for the bullpen, based on what I’ve seen so far. He throws strikes and could work as our long man. Just not too long, as you said.