A.J.’s “Swinging Gate”

March 2nd, 2011 by Jane Heller

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That’s what he’s been working on with Larry Rothschild – trying to get rid of his “swinging gate” leg kick he used to do during his delivery. (It was more of a leg curl, if you ask me, and I kind of liked the way he wrapped the leg around his other leg; it made him look reptilian, but whatever works.) I watched his two innings today against the Astros and was heartened to see him stay focused instead of melting down after giving up a couple of hits. That’s progress, people!

But Cervelli fouled a ball off his foot and the MRI was “inconclusive?” That doesn’t thrill me. The poor guy seems to get hurt every spring training, and I’m beginning to think he should show up in Tampa encased in this.

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I’m amazed the Cubs had a fight in the dugout today, according to ESPN. I mean it’s only spring training! Are tensions really running that high when you play the Brewers on March 2nd? There’s plenty of time for fisticuffs but, as I said about Golson and Beckett getting head-beaned, shouldn’t teammates not be hurting each other?

Speaking of dumb, I pulled a totally lame move today. I needed to be at my computer while Yankees-Astros was on, so instead of watching the game on the MLB Network, I figured I’d get it on my laptop via MLB.TV. I’d ordered my 2011 subscription so why not?

Here’s why not. No matter how many times I tried to access the game, I kept getting an error message on my screen that said, “This game is temporarily unavailable. Try again in a few minutes.” I tried again in a few minutes. I tried again every six seconds. Nothing. No game. I was furious.

I called technical support at MLB’s 800 number, waited forever and finally got a human. I explained the situation and he said it must be my Safari browser.

“Fine, so I’ll use Firefox,” I said and switched over.

Same problem. No game.

“Let’s try restarting your computer,” said the tech support guy.

I restarted. No game.

“How about logging in and out and in again,” he suggested.

Surprise. No game.

“I have a Mac,” I said. “Could you put me on with somebody who knows about Macs? Maybe there’s an incompatibility.”

“No problem. Please hold.”

I held for what seemed like centuries.

The new guy came on the phone and put me through the same steps as the old guy. No game.

“Let me check your account,” he said finally. “Can I put you on hold again?”

“If you must.”

I waited. And waited. He came back and said, “You didn’t buy a subscription this year. Your old one was for 2010 and it expired.”

I was silent for a beat, then said, “Oh. Sorry.” I was humiliated. I could have sworn I’d re-upped, plus I thought I was on an auto-renewal plan. Apparently not.

I thanked him and buried my head in shame, then went back on the site, set up a new account and hit “purchase.” Guess what. The game came on. DUH.


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16 Responses to “A.J.’s “Swinging Gate””

  1. Antonella says:

    Oh Jane! LOL! Hilarious!
    I think the 2010 subscription ended on Monday, because my MLBtv stopped working yesterday.. I’m waiting on my new debt card though so I can’t buy the 2011 package yet. I’m not too sure if I want to get MLBtv OR MLB Extra Innings.. I get the Yankees games [Spring Training] on YES without a blackout.. So I’m thinking abt waiting til the beginning of the season.

    AJ was great. I’m glad he got himself in a jam.. & was able to get outta it. Tht hasn’t happened in awhile.. Rothschild is looking like a genius so far. LOL! I’m glad he had a good outing.
    PS- Don’t look now BUT Clifton Lee has a 9.00 ERA while AJ is at 0.00ERA. LOL!

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Your subscription ended on Monday, Antonella? That must be why I got the game on MLB.TV a few days ago. It worked perfectly and I kept telling the tech guy that. Little did I know it was a “leftover” game from last year’s subscription. LOL. I am an equally opportunity consumer and buy both MLB.TV and Extra Innings. Yes, it’s expensive, but I try to cover all my bases, so to speak. I like having the option of watching on TV or on the computer. A.J. did look more confident, if you can judge anything from two innings, and I’m cautiously optimistic. As he said before the game, “I can’t have a year as bad as last year.” Does Cliff Lee really have a 9 ERA? Yowza.

  3. Scott says:

    The miracles of modern technology! LOL! That’s a funny story. Actually, I am glad you reminded me. I need to go in and renew my subscription! I was glad to see the solid performance by A.J. Burnett today. C’mon, I want to pop that bubble wrap! Can I? Please? ;)

  4. Leo says:

    Jane, seeing that pic of that bubble wrap makes me wanna go buy something packaged in it just so I can pop all the bubbles. It always makes me feel like a kid again. I will finally be able to watch a Spring Training game this Friday and according to Kim, Manny Banuelos is pitching and is already getting in on the rivalry! I really hope that is still the case. The kid is fun to watch and he should be something special as he continues to improve and gain experience. Speaking of which, he can speak pretty good English as can Jesus Montero. It’s very nice to see that these 2 took the time to learn how to speak English and communicate unlike other Latino players who take the lazy route out and just get an interpretor. It sucks to hear that Cervelli is injuried. I hope it isn’t too serious. If it is, maybe this can present the opportunity for Montero to step in for a little while out of the gate as the backup catcher?

  5. Antonella says:

    To me MLBtv is more convenient just because I’m often at school late & I can just play the game on my laptop [taking advantage of my education here] lol, but my Dad & brother can’t stand watching games on their laptops. I may have to sacrifice my MLBtv for MLB EI.
    I’m taking baby steps with AJ.. Any inning that he pitches with 0 runs is GOOD. FOR. ME.
    & Yes, our boy Cliffy gave up 2 runs in his last outing in the 1st inning. Hit a batter & then some kid hit a triple off of him. [After the 1st inning his ERA was 18.00.. I had to take a screen shot of that because I know that will never again happen] lol

  6. Emma says:

    HAHA Jane. I am glad it was only that and not your connection. An easier fix. One of my users asked to check why and employee is not getting vacation accrual. He said he checked everything. I checked and found he shows terminated. The guy (he is a Yankee fan) is still working here. It was just an inter-company transferred.
    I got back late from Spring Training last night but it was a great road trip

    I am too reminded that I need to renew my subscription.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    I’m glad I’ve reminded everybody to renew their subscriptions, Scott. Maybe I should ask MLB for a commission! I, too, was relieved that A.J. pitched well. And by all means, go pop some bubble wrap!

    You need to pop some bubble wrap too, Leo. (Funny, I never thought about doing that while I was inserting the pic.) Great that Banuelos will get an opportunity to pitch on Friday. He’s an exciting kid to watch so I’m looking forward to seeing him again. My impression is that the vast majority of the Latin players speak English nowadays. Older guys like Colon, on the other hand….I’d like to see Montero do well and get a shot at the job but not at the expense of Cervelli. Hopefully his foot isn’t broken.

    Gee, I’m so sorry to hear about Cliffy’s rough outing, Antonella – not. I think it’s hilarious that you took a screen shot of his temporary 18.00 ERA. You’re right. We’re not likely to see that again.

    Welcome home, Emma. Glad you had fun in Arizona at the Dodgers camp. No speeding tickets this year, right? And yes, renew your subscription!

  8. Jeff says:

    Weird. MLB didn’t hesitate in taking my money for MLB.tv this year, and they took $5 more than they used to. Oh well… thus is the price we pay for being crazy, Jane ;-) As for the sCrUBS’ fight… did you expect anything different?? LOL

  9. DJ says:

    That is a GREAT story Jane. Totally something that I would do. My co-worker got a kick outta it and said she’s glad to see that I am not the only “crazy” Yankees fan! =)
    Is the MLB.tv worth it? Could I get the games to play on my iphone with that? May be worth it then…
    We went one season without MLB Extra Innings and that will NEVER happen again. It’s a great way for me to get my toukis on the treadmill b/c I can’t usually just sit and watch a game. I am really happy that last season the MLB Network got close captioning on the games. Don’t have it for their other programs yet, but it’s really nice for the games, especially when they or EI are using the NESN feed. (or the Detroit Tigers announcers).
    SOOOO glald that it is once again Baseball time!! Especially since none of my basketball teams will be playing after this weekend. Have a great day baseball fans!!

  10. jane heller says:

    See, that’s what I figured would happen, Jeff – that I would have been on auto-renewal, but apparently not. Now watch. I’ll be charged twice for MLB.TV. You know it’ll happen and I’ll be back on the phone or, should I say, back on hold, for hours.

    So I’m not the only crazy one, DJ. Good to know. We can share a room in the nuthouse! If you want to get games on your iPhone, download the MLB At Bat 2011 app. I did that too and it’s the best. You can get scores, listen to the audio of games, watch the video of games (the Yankees feeds!), everything. It’s about 13 bucks, I think, and so worth it. You just reminded me I really want to buy a treadmill and be able to exercise while I watch the games. I do entirely too much sitting.

  11. Jane Heller says:

    Like he has anything to do with that, Paul. You’re baaad.

  12. Bob Cerv says:

    “This door swings both ways…
    Which one will it be…
    Will you live in happiness, or dwell in misery?”
    — Herman’s Hermits, 1967

    Great stories today, o She-Fan! All you needed at the end of your TV saga was to imitate Emily Latella(?) and say: “Nevermind!” I’m willing to betcha that we’ve ALL done sumthin like that…!
    Mostly it’s good news about Rocky Burnett. Time to ‘swing that door’ to the other side. Coming from the other end of the spectrum — I’m lucky if I see three total INNINGS of ST ball — it’s great to hear good news, AND bad news for the Phillies. Youse guys keep we cheapskate troglodytes very well informed, thankyou…
    It would be nice to $ub$cribe to that $tuff. But it would only be bait for my spouse to bite on…I can just hear it…”you want to buy an EXTRA channel, just to see the YANKEES? To give them MORE money??” Although untrue (I think?), it would be interpreted that way by someone who would be very happy with the likely upcoming Bahston-Philly Coronation Season. So I’ll just lie here in the weeds, and read da blog…

  13. Jane Heller says:

    I guess my tale of MLB did sound like Emily Latella, Dave. (Boy, do I miss Gilda Radner. She was the best.) So are you really a cheapskate or just henpecked? HAHA.

  14. Nadine says:

    Ha ha, great story, Jane. Could have been me. But I already bought MLB.tv I think like 3 weeks ago and I can be sure cause I know I paid for it. ;) I’m very happy MLB.tv is available worldwide, because there is nothing else here to watch Baseball.
    I am also very happy abou A.J., but I was sure he’ll improve from last year. Hope he can carry that through the season. But not happy about Cervy, hope he’s doing fine and can play again asap.

  15. Jane Heller says:

    MBL.TV must be a godsend for you, Nadine. How else would you be able to see the Yanks, right? I’m kind of worried about Cervelli. They haven’t said much about his test results. Hm.