Is This A Beautiful Sight Or What?

February 25th, 2011 by Jane Heller

Live Spring Training games on MLB Network

Game Date    Time (ET)***    Away Team    Home Team

Sat., Feb. 26    1:00 p.m.    Philadelphia Phillies    New York Yankees
Sat., Feb. 26    11:00 p.m. (s)*    Colorado Rockies    Arizona D-backs
Sun., Feb. 27    3:00 p.m.    L.A. Angels of Anaheim    Los Angeles Dodgers
Sun., Feb. 27    8:00 p.m. (s)    New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies
Mon., Feb. 28    3:00 p.m.    Chicago White Sox    Los Angeles Dodgers
Mon., Feb. 28    9:30 p.m. (s)    Washington Nationals    New York Mets
Tues., Mar. 1    3:00 p.m.    Cincinnati Reds (ss)**    L.A. Angels of Anaheim
Tues., Mar. 1    8:00 p.m. (s)    Detroit Tigers (ss)    Philadelphia Phillies
Wed., Mar. 2    1 p.m.    Houston Astros (ss)    New York Yankees
Wed., Mar. 2    9:00 p.m. (s)    Kansas City Royals    Los Angeles Dodgers
Thurs., Mar. 3    4:00 p.m. (s)    St. Louis Cardinals (ss)    New York Mets
Thurs., Mar. 3    9:00 p.m. (s)    Kansas City Royals    L.A. Angels of Anaheim
Fri., Mar. 4    3:00 p.m.    Chicago White Sox    L.A. Angels of Anaheim
Fri., Mar. 4    7:00 p.m.    Boston Red Sox    New York Yankees
Sat., Mar. 5    5:00 p.m.    Florida Marlins    Boston Red Sox (ss)
Sun., Mar. 6    1:00 p.m.    Atlanta Braves    Washington Nationals
Sun., Mar. 6    7:00 p.m. (s)    Arizona D-backs    L.A. Angels of Anaheim
Sun., Mar. 6    11:00 p.m. (s)    Toronto Blue Jays    Pittsburgh Pirates
Mon., Mar. 7    1:00 p.m.    Detroit Tigers    New York Mets
Mon., Mar. 7    9:30 p.m. (s)    Milwaukee Brewers    Cincinnati Reds
Tues., Mar. 8    3:00 p.m.    Arizona D-backs    Cleveland Indians
Tues., Mar. 8    7:00 p.m. (s)    New York Yankees Atlanta Braves
Tues., Mar. 8    11:00 p.m. (s)    Texas Rangers    L.A. Angels of Anaheim
Wed., Mar. 9    3:00 p.m.    Seattle Mariners    Los Angeles Dodgers
Wed., Mar. 9    7:00 p.m.    Baltimore Orioles (ss)    Boston Red Sox
Wed., Mar. 9    11:00 p.m. (s)    Houston Astros    New York Mets
Thurs., Mar. 10    1:00 p.m.    Boston Red Sox    Tampa Bay Rays
Thurs., Mar. 10    7:00 p.m.    Baltimore Orioles    Pittsburgh Pirates
Thurs., Mar. 10    11:00 p.m. (s)    San Diego Padres    Los Angeles Dodgers
Fri., Mar. 11    3:00 p.m.    Chicago Cubs    Chicago White Sox
Fri., Mar. 11    9:00 p.m.    San Francisco Giants    San Diego Padres
Sat., Mar. 12    1:00 p.m.    Florida Marlins    Boston Red Sox
Sat., Mar. 12    7:00 p.m. (s)    New York Yankees Washington Nationals
Sat., Mar. 12    11:00 p.m. (s)    L.A. Dodgers (ss)    San Francisco Giants
Sun., Mar. 13    1:00 p.m.    Tampa Bay Rays    Toronto Blue Jays
Sun., Mar. 13    5:00 p.m. (s)    Colorado Rockies    Oakland Athletics
Sun., Mar. 13    9:00 p.m. (s)    San Francisco Giants    Texas Rangers
Mon., Mar. 14    1:00 p.m.    Florida Marlins    Minnesota Twins
Mon., Mar. 14    4:00 p.m.    Oakland Athletics    Cleveland Indians
Mon., Mar. 14    10:30 p.m. (s)    San Diego Padres    Chicago White Sox
Tues., Mar. 15    1:00 p.m.    Houston Astros    Baltimore Orioles
Tues., Mar. 15    4:00 p.m.    Texas Rangers    Los Angeles Dodgers
Tues., Mar. 15    10:00 p.m. (s)    Milwaukee Brewers    Cleveland Indians
Wed., Mar. 16    4:00 p.m.    San Francisco Giants    Chicago White Sox
Wed., Mar. 16    9:00 p.m.    Colorado Rockies    Texas Rangers
Thurs., Mar. 17    1:00 p.m.    Florida Marlins    St. Louis Cardinals
Thurs., Mar. 17    6:00 p.m.    Washington Nationals    Atlanta Braves
Thurs., Mar. 17    10:00 p.m.    Texas Rangers    San Diego Padres
Fri., Mar. 18    1:00 p.m.    Atlanta Braves    New York Mets
Fri., Mar. 18    4:00 p.m.    Arizona D-backs    Seattle Mariners
Fri., Mar. 18    10:00 p.m.    Texas Rangers    Cleveland Indians (ss)
Sat., Mar. 19    1:00 p.m.    Philadelphia Phillies    Baltimore Orioles
Sat., Mar. 19    5:00 p.m. (s)    Milwaukee Brewers    Los Angeles Dodgers
Sat., Mar. 19    9:00 p.m. (s)    Toronto Blue Jays    New York Yankees
Sun., Mar. 20    1:00 p.m.    St. Louis Cardinals    Boston Red Sox
Sun., Mar. 20    5:00 p.m. (s)    New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies
Sun., Mar. 20    11:00 p.m. (s)    Detroit Tigers    Washington Nationals
Mon., Mar. 21    4:00 p.m.    Chicago Cubs    L.A. Angels of Anaheim
Mon., Mar. 21    10:30 p.m. (s)    New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays
Tues., Mar. 22    4:00 p.m.    Chicago Cubs    Los Angeles Dodgers
Tues., Mar. 22    9:00 p.m. (s)    New York Mets    Detroit Tigers
Wed., Mar. 23    4:00 p.m. (s)    Philadelphia Phillies    Tampa Bay Rays
Wed., Mar. 23    7:00 p.m.    Toronto Blue Jays    New York Yankees
Wed., Mar. 23    12:00 a.m. (s)    San Francisco Giants    L.A. Angels of Anaheim
Thurs., Mar. 24    1:00 p.m.    St. Louis Cardinals    New York Mets
Thurs., Mar. 24    8:00 p.m. (s)    Washington Nationals    Detroit Tigers
Thurs., Mar. 24    11:00 p.m. (s)    Colorado Rockies    Los Angeles Dodgers
Fri., Mar. 25    4:00 p.m.    Seattle Mariners (ss)    Chicago Cubs
Fri., Mar. 25    9:00 p.m.    San Francisco Giants    Kansas City Royals
Sat., Mar. 26    1:00 p.m.    Toronto Blue Jays    Philadelphia Phillies (ss)
Sat., Mar. 26    7:00 p.m.    Minnesota Twins    Boston Red Sox
Sat., Mar. 26    11:00 p.m. (s)    Cincinnati Reds    San Francisco Giants (ss)
Sun., Mar. 27    1:00 p.m.    Philadelphia Phillies    Atlanta Braves
Sun., Mar. 27    5:00 p.m. (s)    Texas Rangers    Seattle Mariners
Sun., Mar. 27    11:00 p.m. (s)    Detroit Tigers    Houston Astros
Mon., Mar. 28    1:00 p.m.    Pittsburgh Pirates    Minnesota Twins
Mon., Mar. 28    4:00 p.m.    Cincinnati Reds    Chicago White Sox
Mon., Mar. 28    10:30 p.m. (s)    Oakland Athletics    San Francisco Giants
Tues., Mar. 29    7:00 p.m.    Minnesota Twins    Atlanta Braves
Tues., Mar. 29    11:00 p.m. (s)    Seattle Mariners    Colorado Rockies
Wed., Mar. 30    12:00 p.m.    Florida Marlins    New York Mets
Wed., Mar. 30    3:00 p.m. (s)    Minnesota Twins    Atlanta Braves
Wed., Mar. 30    8:00 p.m.    Boston Red Sox    Houston Astros


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20 Responses to “Is This A Beautiful Sight Or What?”

  1. Freya says:

    I am smiling as I read your post. WOW! Baseball is back!!!!!! – and it’s just beginning – spring is on it’s way and we have 8 months of baseball. The winter drought is over. I am so excited.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I smiled too when I saw the schedule, Freya. And now I’ve entered all the dates in my calendar for when the Yanks will be on MLBN. I don’t get YES so this is a big deal for me!

  3. Kristen says:

    That _is_ a beautiful sight – so many Angels games! ;)

    Actually the whole thing is beautiful, every last game of it! Here’s hoping this California winter downpour doesn’t travel east and dampen our enjoyment of Arizona’s spring. I read that might be a concern this weekend.

  4. john says:

    Life is good again! “I Live for This”!

  5. Melissa says:

    loHud pasted the Yanks starting line up and I got so happy just reading the names of the guys. It’s been a long cold lonely winter.

  6. Catherine says:

    It’s here! It’s really really here! It’ll be so nice to see a place where there is not last month’s snow still on the ground.

  7. Sarah says:

    Just saw the lineup for today, I am officially pumped! Can’t wait to watch our guys play.. it seems so unreal after all these months without baseball. (Am I being dramatic or what? :P)

  8. Jane Heller says:

    I don’t know about the weather in AZ, Kristen, but it’s freeeeezing here in Santa Barbara. We’re supposed to see some snow up here in the hills today. It would be the first time in 62 years and people are excited about it. Me? Not so much.

    HAHA, John. I know you live for this. Happy times are here again.

    I found myself dissecting that lineup, Melissa, just like the old days. I muttered, “Why is Swisher batting second?” And then I laughed at myself.

    It’s nice to see there’s baseball, period, Catherine. Enjoy the games.

    Very pumped, Sarah. You’re not being dramatic at all. We’re all crazy. LOL.

  9. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane and fellow baseball fans

    At Mickey’s watching with all my baseball buddies.

    Go Yankees 2011!!!

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Hey, Peggy. We just scored our first run! Yay.

  11. new yawk lover says:

    bless your heart, woman, I didn’t know about this, and I do get the MLB Network here in DC. There is one complication though….I sat down with a bowl of garlic butter popcorn to watch the St. John-Villanova basketball game, and now my remote control is being worked overtime between it and the Yankees game, and it’s getting very slippery. I had to resort to grating some parm reg cheese onto the popcorn to attain better traction on the damned thing. I will soldier press on through this wonderful quandry though….Michael

  12. Jane Heller says:

    Your poor remote, Michael! I hope you can wash it after the games. LOL. Great to see our boys, isn’t it?

  13. new yawk lover says:

    Indeed it is…seeing the Pin Stripes in the sun has also provided me with a eureka moment that this long winter is nearly over as well. Now if I could get the dog to stop licking the remote….

  14. Nadine says:

    *Yay* Finally Baseball is back! So happy I can see the game right now. A day game is always best for me, beause I’m 6 hours ahead of NY.

  15. Jane Heller says:

    I feel the opposite, Nadine. The game started at 10 am here and it’s wrecking my work day! But such is life. It’s great to see the Yankees any time.

  16. Roberta says:

    Tra la … tra la!!! It’s BASEBALL! Almost missed my 2:00 appointment watching Joba take the mound!
    Michael Kaye on YES … Suzan and John on 880 radio … I love it!

  17. Jane Heller says:

    Joba looked good today, Roberta. But more to the point, the Yankees were on TV! I think we should have declared a national holiday.

  18. Melissa says:

    the sun! The green grass! The people in SHORT SLEEVED SHIRTS!! The pinstripes! The thwack of the ball hitting the glove! The crack of the ball on the bat! The low murmur of the announcers!

    PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Virginia says:

    Jane: Once I heard Kenny and Mike’s voices, I knew I had made it. The offseason is OVER!

  20. Jane Heller says:

    It was soooo great to have all that back, Melissa. I must admit that I was really jealous of the sunshine and short sleeved shirts though. It’s so cold here that we’re supposed to have a little snow later. I know that won’t mean much to anybody in the NE, but for SoCal it’s just plain weird.

    Yup, Virginia. The long wait is over. Pretty exciting, right?