At Least The Yankees Aren’t For Sale

January 30th, 2011 by Jane Heller


I’ve decided I’m going to stop thinking about the Yankees’ questionable starting rotation. Things could be worse. Much worse. We could be the Dodgers, whose owners are suing each other, or the Mets, whose owners are being sued. A potential buyer who wants to talk to the Wilpons has already emerged, as reported in today’s  New York Times. But who knows if a guy who owns Pirate’s Booty will end up with a 25% stake in the team. Not that I have anything against Pirates Booty. They sell it at my local Trader Joe’s and it’s good stuff.


Actually, shouldn’t the owner of a snack food called Pirate’s Booty buy the Pirates instead? Just asking.

When I look back at the crazy days in Yankeeville, when Steinbrenner was committing all sorts of crookedness and the Tampa contingent didn’t get along with the New York contingent and it seemed as if the organization might implode, it amazes me how stable things have become. Sure, Cashman didn’t agree with Hal/Hank about Rafael Soriano. Big deal. There’s been an orderly transition of power since George left the scene, and we don’t have to worry about the business side of our team. That’s a comfort. Of course, I hope I didn’t just jinx us. For all I know, that Greenberg guy from the Rangers took exception to being called “delusional” by Randy Levine and now Levine is in Witness Protection.

Photo: NY Daily News


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9 Responses to “At Least The Yankees Aren’t For Sale”

  1. Antonella says:

    I’m glad you’re looking at the positive side of this Jane! LOL. I honestly laughed SO HARD when I heard the Levine comments.. Of course, the world took Greenberg’s side because the Yankees are evil and blah blah blah.. But I’m definitely glad that someone FINALLY said something. Our friend Chuck must have got denied by the Yankees once upon a time because this infatuation that he has with bashing the organization is a bit alarming.

    Someone on twitter said that Greenberg was too busy polishing the AL Championship trophy to reply to Levine.. Maybe I’m crazy here but last time I checked the AL Championship trophy was not the WS.. They weren’t the best team last year.. The Giants have those bragging rights all year long.. Yet these asshats from around the corner [I’m still in Houston] are always the ones talking.

    Anyways, right.. At least the Yankees aren’t for sale OR on “welfare”. LOL

  2. Bob Cerv says:

    Don’t know what all the blah-blah-blather is about, since I ain’t livin’ in Noo Yawk and don’t get all that inside funky stuff…but I do love Antonella’s comment about the Ranger brass…anything or anybody that dumps on Anything Dallas is GREAT by me!! One of my fave sports cartoons is a drawing of a big ol’ ten-gallon hat over top of two big boots…the caption?…”A Dallas Cowboy with the s**t kicked out of him!” That was a special comment just for Super Bowl week…hope they enjoy sitttin’ on the couch and watching with the rest of us…(again)…
    Back to beisbol. Wonder what Paul thinx about the Mets’ angst. Jane, you actually eat such sugary and fatty snax? I’m shocked…shocked!! What will they call it now…Mets Munch? Ahh, who cares…it’s the Mets…but maybe the Yanks could offer $24 and a few zillion bags o’Munch (okay, and throw in Meat Tray) for, say, Santana…anything to improve the pitching…

  3. Paul says:

    I find this off-field stuff entertaining; when I say they should shut up or settle their differences, it’s clinical and in the best interests of the organizations; in a purely entertainment sense? It’s fascinating to watch.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I think our friend Chuck has been told to muzzle it, Antonella. The last time he opened his trap about Yankee fans and poor Mrs. Lee, Bud Selig’s office stepped in. It’s not cool for the heads of teams to bash each other, although it’s certainly entertaining. Your probably right and Chuckie once tried to buy the Yankees and was rebuffed. He’s like a woman scorned.

    Bob Cerv. Hm. Is that your new pen name, Dave? To fill you in, Chuck Greenberg of the Texas Rangers, mouthed off again about how the Yankees lost Cliff Lee because they opened the door for the Phillies. Or something. And Randy Levine countered that he was delusional and should get his team off welfare. A war of words. Sweet! Pirate’s Booty is actually a healthy snack (sort of). It doesn’t have any trans fats and other garbage,

    I’m glad you find the Mets’ situation entertaining, Paul. There’s nothing about the Madoff scandal that’s entertaining to me, including the fact that the Wilpons are embroiled in it. I take no pleasure in seeing the team have more problems. I’m just glad it’s not happening to the Yankees.

  5. Jeff says:

    Nice new digs, Jane! Lookin’ swell! And yeah, I’m finding this war of words to be quite laughable really. Who woulda thunk the Rangers would be involved in anything like this? Certainly is entertaining though!

  6. Jeff says:

    Hmmm. I thought I left a comment here. Must not have taken. Those darn interwebs! Can’t remember what I wrote, but I did write that I like your new design! Very flashy!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Welcome, Jeff. I’m finding that in a few cases the first comment has gone into spam for some reason. Once you’re in, you’re in though. It’s like an exclusive club. LOL. Anyhow, you shouldn’t have trouble posting in the future. Glad you like the new design/digs!

  8. mike fierman says:

    why couldn’t john henry have invested with madoff? or maybe he could be exposed in his own ponzi? hey remember those huge pyramid game crazes in NYC in the mid 80’s?

  9. Jane Heller says:

    You’re funny, Mike. John Henry and Chuck Greenberg too. I do remember all the schemes in the ’80s. And how about Michael Milken, the insider trader/jailbird who now works with Bud Selig to promote prostate cancer awareness?